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  1. Servus Ssnake, Sorry that I speak to your royal highness of eSim as a nonprofit customer. A lot of people wait for another statement, and here I am. I promise you, it will be my last here on the official steelbeasts “fansite”. This is my private opinion, you will get an official PzBtl911(v) statement later. Your post, Mr. Ssnake, is a shame, not only for Eisen and Thodt. It`s a hit in the face of all 911 members, but thank you for the clear words. I have to apologize me, that we have our own website with an open forum for german speaking players. I have to apologize for making 1st line suppor
  2. Hey Hedge, which UK IFV do you want to take for modern settings. I think the technology of the warrior is from the napoleonic time period. cheers Duke
  3. Hi deja, maybe there is no better model in an other sim. This is not the point in my opinion. For me the model is good, but I´m not a former Leo1 nerd. Eisenschwein found 46 mistakes in the Leo1 model, so why are you not writing: "Hey Eisen dude, where are these mistakes? and let`s us make the model better and better." I think to write: "you're welcome to go and play some other sim that simulates the leopard 1.", is a little bit childish. But hopefully I translated your post wrong, or interpret to much. best regards Duke
  4. Servus Mark, I don`t have to book a flight, it`s a 45min drive to our combat area.:gun: cheers Duke
  5. Servus, A big Thank you to dejawolf and Homer. cheers Duke
  6. Duke(911)

    Leopard 2A4 Skin

    CO Tank PzBtl911(v) Skin made by Falli
  7. Hi dejawolf, thx for the new templates. Which file format is it. Only the M1A2 template is a .rar with a .psd file inside. With the other files, I can not work. cheers Duke
  8. Servus, Time and Date try to make the 3rd Scenario. cheers Duke
  9. Servus, Hey Profevil, when can we play part 2? cheers Duke
  10. Servus, has someone a picture with the Btn OP plan? Every time I forget to make map pictures. Best regards Duke
  11. Servus, here is the Server AAR: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ztayv70j0szdiyk/Lappland%202%20v2_092813PZBTL11-SERV2113.rar cheers Duke
  12. Servus, thank you guys for testing and for the game. It was fun like the other thursdays. Next week I have to work unfortunately. Good to see that we have a lot of options for hosting on saturday. cheers Duke
  13. Duke(911)

    Skin requests

    Servus Mark, for example Strv-122 and the Marder1A3. best regards Duke
  14. Servus, so our Server has 3.0, let`s see how it will run. Maybe a little test today with BG ANZAC. cheers Duke
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