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  1. Thanks, I'll look into that! By the way, I noticed infantry can occupy buildings as well. (Yes, I've been away from SB a while ) Is there any way to tell if there's enemy troops in buildings?
  2. Will it catch fire as soon as all troops are dead every time, or just some times?(As is the case with AFVs) Is it possible to set unmanned bunkers on fire?
  3. I've never played much with bunkers, how does one tell when the troops inside are dead?
  4. Not quite sure what you mean by this. I have tried the "Stay"-command, and the LOS is clear at the beginning - they are in plain view when they spawn, but they then try to move out of LOS.
  5. Hello. I am designing a mission(a basic call-for-fire training mission) that requires several infantry teams to stay put in the middle of an open plain without moving. So far I've tried giving them no tactics/no routes, giving them "Hold"-tactics and "Stay"-tactics. I've even reduced their fuel level down to 0%, but they still get up and run for cover as soon as they appear on the map. Is there any way to force them to stay put...?
  6. I don't know how the germans did it, but I would assume that bounding overwatch would be done with platoons, not sections. Here in Norway we use 4-tank-platoons, and bounding overwatch with sections is becoming rarer and rarer even though we have the two sections required. With stabilised turrets, the need for fire support from a stationary unit is decreased(quite considerably), and chances are you're sending the bounding unit out on its own anyway. It depends on the terrain, but if your opponent knows what he's doing, he is perfectly able to deploy his units with frontal cover. This will mean that your covering unit won't be able to detect them, and they'll ambush your bounding unit. In that situation, you'll have 2 barrels to use instead of 4. This is an especially big problem in our terrain, with lots of forests and obstacles. We've tried different tactics(bounding vs whole platoon advancing) and have found that bounding overwatch generelly is less effective, in that it usually only subtracts 2 of your own tanks from the fight. I have served as a platoon leader in the past 2 years, and I almost never used bounding overwatch.
  7. @esim: I sent my dongle to this address(it kept flashing green and red, so it was obviously broken), but it got returned to sender today, as the address wasn't valid anymore. ("Has moved, and has left no new adress") What is the new address I should send it to?
  8. 112TYR

    Tank Gunnery

    I think there may be a small misunderstanding here. TankGunner isn't talking about Steel Beasts, she's talking about training on real tanks. I've tried both the Leo1A5(electric) and the Leo2A4, and there is a very noticable difference even in Stab EIN - the Leo2A4 requires more practice, because the hydraulic traverse makes accuracy harder. The reticle will, in the "hands" of an inexperienced gunner, tend to "wobble" over the target, because of overcompensation from the gunner. Of course, SB Pro is a great tool for training gunners, but seeing as how this is a forum frequented by RL tankers, it could be useful for exchanging ideas on RL tank gunnery training as well.
  9. I'll actually be giving a small presentation about gunnery training at the annual tank conference in january, and I'm pretty sure DLO will be there. I've already included a bit about SB PRO, but I'll be sure to stress the need for a speedy decision...hopefully, the message will get through to some higher ranking officers.
  10. Hehe, wishful thinking, I guess? Actually, they now say the decision will be made by this summer. Not that I trust anything coming from them, but what can one do but hope....
  11. Copy....I'll have to find a workaround, then. Hopefully our DLO will decide to buy SB PRO soon - according to them, we can't upgrade the licences we have now because the decision to buy SB PRO has not yet been taken. They've been working on that decision since 2002, so I'm sort of hoping they'll get around to it soon....
  12. Is this a function added in an upgrade? Because I can't use the "for at least"-part in Fire Ctrl or conditions, I can only use it to create an event, which would work only for the first tanks.
  13. No new ideas for the fire ctrl.-problem, though?
  14. I know....upgrading is unfortunately not an option at the time, it would seem....
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