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  1. done and thank you
  2. uninstalled legacy map pack and still no go
  3. i'm getting the same issue, I unplugged my stick and got teh alert "17 days" hit ok and then blue circle and nothing loaded up. game started up fine before i installed the legacy map setup.
  4. I see it says "pre order" on the shop page, does this mean the dongle will ship when the 4.3 release comes out?
  5. that fixed it! i guess it helps to read those tutorial pages thoroughly. MC
  6. Ok this may be in the wrong forums but I am having a little bit of trouble. i'm slowly learning all the ins and outs of the two american vehicles the bradley and the abrams. so here is my problem when using the abrams i am perpetually firing short. even when i lase the target i find myself far short. this is a consequence of the laser being "dispersed"? (i forgot the word used in the manual) even when i enter in the range manually i find myself shooting short. am i missing something? its always on the moving targets, if i lase at a stationary target at distance i have no troubles. i'm right on target for the lead just not the range, am i suppose to be shooting high with my reticle? MC
  7. i ordered on last thursday night and received it on Wednesday this weekso roughly 4 business days of turnaround.
  8. well the game got here in a very timely manner and i have been working dilligently through the tutorials and am at this moment firing up the instant action mode to give it a run. so wish me luck and hopefully here in the next while you will be able to see me on the mp battlefield.
  9. ok another quick question, i d/l'ed and installed the beta and just waiting to get my dongle, so my question is, do i need to select the game to run under a different compatibility in game properties? ie xp sp 2, etc. also is there a good thread somewhere with some of the tweaks to get it to run on vista? thanks
  10. well just processed my order hopefully its worth it!!
  11. Well i do have vista 64 so i'm a little apprehensive about the framerate issue, it will probably run well on my desktop as well so i think i'll order up the game tonight and hope for the best.
  12. Alright I have been lurking around the steel beast site for about 3 months now trying to talk myself into parting with 125 dollars. But i keep waiting so sell me this game i have a couple quick questions hopefully that can be answered to alleviate my "worries." 1. am i going to throw this game out my front door because its so complicated? I'm a treadhead going back to panzer commander and panzer elite and this seems to be the ultimate in tank sim warfare but is it more complicated than PE? 2. how does this game run on vista?i recently got a new laptop that has become my primary game platform it has good stats but vista is a little finicky, so am i going to have to go through a bunch of technical stuff to get the game going? 3. as for multiplayer are there usually games going or is it hit and miss? 4. is there alot of stuff i need to d/l to get it up to date? i have noticed people talking about the beta files but have delved much further than that. 5. am i going to be at a disadvantage not using a joystick? thanks for any information you can give me, i have a feeling that if i can get the game to run well on vista i'll just have to hit the order button and go from there.
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