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  1. In "Instant Action" you ARE locked into the gunner seat as far as I remember. It is a action shooting scenario with unlimited ammo - just for fun. In most other scenarios you can choose to be TC and so on.
  2. No time to check so far, but I guess you are completely right...first time i run into a night-mission - and the first thing I do is to suspect a bug... :c: Maybe I should just stay at the passenger-seats like it was in real life... :cool3: Thank you a lot guys for your help! KAreil
  3. Okay, now it could get embarrassing...I am talking about the first Brave Rifles scenario - so the dark is intentional? :c: And the "grass" is supposed to look that strangely grey? That's the main reason I was thinking about a graphics-problem... :redface:
  4. Hi @ all! I'm facing a pretty strange problem right now... I installed SB 3.0 and it started fine, I had to crank down most of the graphics options to get more FPS but I'm fine with that. So far all the scenarios I started where fine to play. Today I tried to play the first scenario of Zipulies Brave Rifles v2 and got following dark screens: Anybody has any idea why this is happening? Or why only on some scenarios? (I already tried to open the scenario with the editor, increase the lightning to 100% and test again - same situation) Specs of my Laptop: Intel Core i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30 GHz 2.30 GHz 8 GB of RAM Win 8 x64 Intel HD Graphics 4000 NVIDEA GeForce GT 620M (hopefully this dual setup is not messing things up...) I had no problem running v.2.645 - it only started with 3.0... Hope you guys can help me. Best Regards, KAreil
  5. For WW2, I stick to the old Panzer Elite - graphics aren't too bad when modded and realism is just fine. You can get it DRM-free from GOG: http://www.gog.com/gamecard/panzer_elite_se
  6. The possibility to SAVE a game and load it some time later! At the moment I just can't get 1-2 full hours of gaming time...
  7. You're absolutely right! :eek2: T(h)anks a lot!
  8. Does the new Austrian SPz ULAN also have new Austrian infantry skins for it's soldiers? StG 77 (Steyr AUG) + Mg74 (basically MG 3) + PAR (Carl Gustav RCL) + olive uniforms?
  9. KAreil

    New Pics

    Oh my god...my ULAN is in the new Update! :eek2: :) :debile2: :debile2: :debile2: *faints*
  10. If you don't mind older graphics, I can really recommend the old Panzer Elite. With some MODs it looks acceptable and playing is really fun, realistic and challenging.
  11. The AI-gunner of the Pizarro won't hit anything moving anyway...had a thread about this some weeks ago and according to Ssnake it could be a bug...
  12. HERZLICHEN GLĂśCKWUNSCH! :thumbup: CONGRATULATIONS! :drink: A small hotfix would be really nice in the next months, especially the Pizzarro-Shooting-Bug is annoying me at the moment... :redface:
  13. Thanks for the info! Good to know that you are working on the problem!
  14. So seems like a bad bug... :-? Is there any work around? Does is it help to remove the 3-shot-burst-limit at the gunnery station? (Can't try it out myself in the next days...)
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