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  1. For me it's the other way around. Getting impatient and moving too much usually resulting in getting caught out. Plus, the tanks hear pretty well, and they do converge on your position if they're nearby.
  2. Nothing more than a platoon, at first. That's plenty of work. Even when you get accomplished, when a lot is happening, you'll find a company is the absolute limit. For me, even that is too much. If you want to play bums-in-seats (TC/Gunner etc) Plan the scenarios for your fight; let the AI and pre-planning look after the others.
  3. :-D You put those things against each other they'll trade shots all afternoon. In relative terms, powerful they ain't. It's a fun tank though. Reminds me of playing Red Orchestra, because the sighting system is pretty much identical. I am chuffed that SB has provided an opportunity to play around with this era.
  4. Oh good grief. You must enjoy frustration. Even vs. T-72's you'll have your work cut out.
  5. Might be worth adding that to the wiki.
  6. I really like it. I think it would be much harder without the T-72 (I can see why you included it), which one can use as a force multiplier tank, although BM-15 tended to require a couple of shots to actually kill enemy tanks. The OF-19 HEF-T round, however, is like a silver bullet against the T-62's. I found the T-62's tended to just trade AP shots against each other, especially dealing with the overwatch force on the hill beyond the bridge. The AI gunners are still way better than I am though - I think their range estimate is pretty much dead on.
  7. Ahhh cool. I didn't know what was possible.
  8. How easy would it be to throw select displays out to a tablet? Austin Meyer has done this with X-Plane, where select guages and displays can be sent to a seperate screen via an app. Would be cool with things like a GPS monitor for the TC, the, CV-90 computer thingy etc, or simply the map view.
  9. I think above 1600 you're probably pretty limited by optics, too. Getting a decent range reading isn't easy at all.
  10. Hahahaha Look under '115mm 2A20' for the performance: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php/Ammunition_Data HEAT is better, if you can hit anything with it. Failing that, flankity-flank.
  11. I don't think rounds are in SB unless they can be modeled with some semblance of reality.
  12. Good grief. T-72's in a schoolyard engaging infantry at < 100 feet. Incredible.
  13. I've only tried in on the range, and that was pretty upsetting once one got away from KE rounds (OOH, LOOK AT THE SKY), but I get what you're saying. I've wanted to play with a bad-guy tank ever since M1TP in 1989. Since 2.654 and the T-72, I wish that I started Steel Beasts with a tank that forced me to look around. It's completely changed my immersion and my enjoyment of the game. Before, I'd go from BP to BP and use my TIS-equipped tank as a mobile AT gun, very much playing from a gunner-centric point of view, engaging from as far as possible. Now, clattering around in the T-72 tin box of doom it's a lot more fun for me. CV90/Scout/AFV players have been saying this forever, though. Despite their having TIS sights, lightly-armoured, less protected vehicles open up the sim to some very interesting gameplay.
  14. Around the release of 2.654 I noted that I didn't think the T-72M4 was using its TIS in fog/low light . I don't think it's been fixed. The T-90 is a bit of a muscular sub for my scenarios Edit: This was the original thread http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=16458 Although it's possibly a bug I'm wish listing it as there are alternatives now we have the '90.
  15. I've never seen Nils lose his temper on this forum, in ten years. Incidentally, it is rivet-counters that practically ruined the Il-2 series, such is their inability to understand matters small and big, and the ability for the tail to wag the dog if it beats loudly enough. At least such behaviour is exceptional here. You should read some of the shit Battlefront have to put up with. Be grateful for what we have. Some perspective, people.
  16. I'm guessing it's the new lighting engine at dusk/dawn. It's very impressive all round, and - again - is one of those things I didn't think I'd be bothered about but makes a lot of difference to atmosphere.
  17. This made me laugh out loud. "Use of explosive fighting compartment components give comrades expeditious exit from tank in emergency, with glorious entire turret for protection."
  18. Table-breaking images have been a problem since broadband came along. Many forums are obsessively strict about it, and I wouldn't like that to happen here, but people could show a little discipline. It's not hard to resize or thumbnail stuff.
  19. I have to say, I didn't think I cared that much. However during some engagements the sight of red APCs bursting into flames is pretty damn dramatic. The fire effects are now very good indeed.
  20. ...How long has this been in? I was playing with a Leo 1A5 and was admiring the lovely interior during a reload, when I noticed the ready rounds materialising in the rack. What a fantastic bit of detail. Small things that make me happy!
  21. I've been playing 3.0 for a few days now, and I'm enjoying it as much as I thought I would. I'm quite staggered how much is now here. A pretty comprehensive set of opfor MBT's. Not so long ago we only had two varieties of T tanks. Granted we got a lot in 2.654 but given the considerable engine changes I'm thrilled that so much got thrown in. Cheers Esim. You guys really caned it with 3.0.
  22. It's looking very good. I'll probably be ordering and playing this week, infant son permitting
  23. Sounds like a modern form of good old speculation.
  24. Win 7's a piece of piss, and really far, far superior to XP. You won't have any problems. Resist the temptation to do things the XP way. It's not that different but you'll leanr it's quirks pretty rapidly. Hardware wise, that should be good for a verrrry long time, given the entropy in PC development right now.
  25. My guess is that we will see a new look to the terrain and particles etc but a lot of familiar 3D objects & textures. That's usually the way with most projects - new vehicles can always come later.
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