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  1. Ok I got it thanks Now that I know where to click it is easier. Also it helps zooming in quite a bit especially when the icon is partly hidden beneath a bridge I would have loved a bigger explosion though. It merely goes puff much like a firecracker -
  2. v2.538 A triangle with a circle is my guess indicating an IED? I am not able to remove it by just selecting it and pressing delete I can't select it -
  3. I've misplaced a couble of IEDs and want to clear them. How do I do that? -
  4. Thanks for all your inputs. I was taking a wrong approach here and it has been solved by using walls within the map editor insted of using ISO - my bad -
  5. Sorry Sgt_Anzac but that was not the answer I was looking for -
  6. Its been a while since I last create a scenario. If I recall correctly I was able to copy obstacles to the other side but it seems not possible with them Ssnake Containers. Without thinking (too much) I place a few hundred of them surrounding a camp in the blue corner. It only took a few hours but now I would sincerely like to copy them to the other side so I won't have to redo the work all over again. Also is there a copy past function in which I can make a selection of objects and copy past them? If there is no way of copy them to the other side it will be almost impossible to place them exactly in the same location. Sincerely regards to any replies positive or negative what so ever. Just want to learn -
  7. Hi Ssnake, Thanks for your offer but I've saved it over when I finaly had managed getting it to work. -
  8. Hi there, First of all I want to say thanks for solving my problem and second for learning me new stuff. It appears that my problem was related to the formation and thereby the 1/1 unit. Because this unit got a tremendous number of turningpoints making up a route I never tried deleting that specific unit/formation. But I've tried doing anything else in the matter of how I was rejoining or recreating the formation. Funny though - every time I ended up having the last unit joined as the formation leader. I became frustrated because if I split up the formation after rejoining them - the type together with the unit number differs in the way I recalled them while I was adding them. So I began to make clean tests on empty maps. At first I thought it got to be an issue with the unit numbers in the formation or in the way I were rejoining them to the formation. On a clean set I never managed to make it fail so it got to be related to that specific formation in that specific scenario. I then began to make a couple of tests still leaving 1/1 untouched (since he was connected a route with a tremendous number of turningpoints) and I still got the problem. Finaly I took the work to delete the entire formation placing only a few waypoints. This time I was not able to make it fail no matter how hard I tried. I can only come to the same conclusion as you. It works very well. I hope I can be excused for taking up so much of your time. At least we can approve this new and great feature to be flawless. My guess is that someting odd had happend with that paticulary formation. -
  9. Hi Ssnake, sure I'll give it a try but it's no where easy, In the editor - lets say you add unit/formation "Charlie" which consist of six CV9040B. Provide it with a (new) route. Then you divide all the formations until you only got single units left. Then Attach 4/1c to 1/1c. We should now have a "well function" formation with a leader and its xo. Now we changed the type of the four remaining units (2/1c, 3/1c, 5/1c and 6/1c). Let's say we change the first three into M1 Abrams and the last 6/1c into a fuel truck. All of them we "Attach to" our main formation. We now got a combined force connected with a route. Last we will change our formation into a column. Begin the mission and "zoom" on the formation. We expect the leader of the column to be 1/1c but that not the case. Instead we got 1/6c leading the column in a fueltruck!? -
  10. Hi there With the new upgrade to SBPro I want to improve one of my scenarios which got a handfull of individual units travilling down the road. At every good defensive position there is a "Embark if" trigger to the next leg. This way it is possible for the "Player" to successive grant access for the column to travel deeper into enemy territory whenever he trigger a new waypoint. Before the patch 2460 the only way to do this was to provide each and every unit with its own route. The outcome was a tremendous number of waypoints... With the new patch we got the possibility to create a formation of up to six units, providing the entire formation with routes (Embark If) and then splitting them up into single units to change their type. Then we combine them once again into a single formation but this time as a combine force. Nice but how can you assign the leader? That may not be an issue with line formations but in any other formation having a fueltruck leading the party is disastrous! In what way can you combine units so you can deside which one is the leading unit of a column? -
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