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  1. I really like the heat and particle effects in 4.3.
  2. Seems to be working perfect. Kaspersky bitched so I had to download individual Rar-parts but no big deal.
  3. Suits me fine, I have a lot of things to do at work for two weeks anyway.
  4. More modern Russian softskins are a welcome addition! This update is getting better and better.
  5. What? Worst introduction... EVER! 😜
  6. Oh, the driver get new toys. Nice!
  7. Despite my summer cold these treats and a new season of The Boys made this week pretty good!
  8. Ohhhh, fancy. We'll see how many of these Armén will buy. Could be a very handy system to use in SB. Sidenote: In Swedish the name of the hammer and nickname is "Mjölner".
  9. I'm sick with a summer cold so there isn't much to do but to pay bills and update the stick for the new version. Release date early July, right?
  10. Updated to 4.3 today. Looking forward to the new version.
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