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  1. Sad news (even though it isn't really news now that I find out two weeks later).
  2. Maybe this new computer will work better?
  3. The dongle is updated… now I just have to wait for the release date... *rolling thumbs*
  4. This looks like a lot of fun! I payed for my update today! Thanks for the work you have put into this!
  5. "Bofors" for Sweden? Is that some sort of placeholder name? If we talk service rifles during the Cold War we used the G3 called Ak 4 (automatkarbin 4 or automatic carbine 4) from around 1965 until the late 80's. It is still in use in various versions in Hemvärnet (home guard) or in the army as a marksman rifle. From 1986 and onwards it was replaced with a modified version of FN FNC called Ak 5. The versions used today are Ak 5C and Ak 5D in the armed forces and the police used a semiauto version called CGA5P but I believe the SWAT-teams are using various full auto H&K and SIG carbines now.
  6. Fräsigt! Now that we are putting troops around Visby again this might come in handy.
  7. I bought the update a few days ago and finally had the time to try and install it. I usually read the support part of the forum whenever a new update arrives and online registration seems like a swamp. I use Win 10 and I know that the dongle and license is a bit of a hassle to say the least so I opted for an offline registration even though it takes a minute or two. I also updated my CM to 6.30c. And dip me in diesel and throw me to the tankers... that worked just fine. My tip is to use the offline registration if you haven't tried it.
  8. Scary now? ATGM:s have always scared me. Real, digital or drawings made by crayons...
  9. When will the details of the prices and options for 4.0 be released? Any rough estimates what it costs going from 3.28 to 4.0?
  10. :luxhello: Cool! An updated chapter on the editor is most welcome... but I wish I had waited for this when I bought myself a new copy some time ago...
  11. I second that. We are used to getting at least a bunch of new things to drive or shoot at when a new update comes. Improvements to the road and building editor would be welcome. It would be awesome to be able to make more belivable roads and urban terrain; railroad crossings, stone stairs, building foundations, terraces or beaches and river banks. My 2 cents.
  12. Alright... now it seemed to work! Stick updated. In the imortal words of The Angry Video Game Nerd - "Let's pop this motherf***er in".
  13. Thank you Ssnake! I am really looking forward to play 3.0 and finally have an up to date manual!
  14. Alright... so we should not order the manual yet (just like the DVD)? I am in no hurry but I would like a new copy when the updated version is finished. I live in Sweden.
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