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  1. How do I know if my version will run 2 computers with the 1 dongle, it is the latest upgrade program version and the dongle with my purchase back a little bit, maybe snake will read and respond. thanks Jim
  2. What vesrsion is the 90/35 supposed to be in game, assume it is mk3?? When I try dynamic lead button it locks turret and gun elevates a little.? is there non stationary target mode and how to switch to it, would be a great vehicle if it could be used better.
  3. Building a mission in ver. 2.460 loading t-80's with at-11 at-8 etc and all the missles crash out about 200 meters. they don't guide? anyone know what the problem is???
  4. If you can't wait until the 17th I'll sell you mine at a substantial markup :)
  5. Anyone else notice the Toyota trucks , hmg and the recoiless rifle very very slow to return fire, a glitch?
  6. Anybody have or know where to get skins for the technicals?
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