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  1. Is anyone using the merge and split scenario functions in the mission editor? im not able to get this to work. i can split scenarios into Red and Blue sides but if i try to merge one of those with another mission it never works. even when using the same maps etc. Dont see anything in the manual or wiki ?
  2. roger that. One thing that can define how easy it is to get out of the water can be the terrain editor. i have noticed on a map i made recently that the sand mud mix lacked traction and the vehicles could not get out of the water. the terrain files need editing.
  3. B-17 as a stand in for ZBL-09 yes, B-11 works for the ZBD 05 i think, does it float? have not checked.
  4. night combat, definitely the priority in this case.
  5. Iv was about to upload a bunch of skins for an opfor China option, needs a little more work and the numbering of units has changed and i need to update that. Heavy Brigade, ZTZ-99 and the ZTQ-15 light tank (charly and TAM), BMP3 for ZBD04/05 Medium Brigade ZBL 08/09 ZSL-92 and Light Brigade CKS types and support PLZ-05/07 PHZ-03/11, PGZ -92/09...a few more to add.
  6. I'm curious, has anyone ever looked at improving Amphibious ops effects and options? You can kind of bluff it today but its not really useable. vehicle model types, speeds in water, water obstacles, effects etc?
  7. Anyone have any numbers regarding amounts of wire and mines that an Inf Mec Bn might be issued for any given defencive position? I understand in reality this will depend on the mission and priorities, however, is there an SOP number? thanks
  8. My apologies, iv been away a good while and did not get around to posting this map. However, its up now in the downloads. I used it in 4.3 after a few tweaks, looks ok. I don't really have time to work more on this but I hope you guys find it useful and run with it.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This is a map based on Taiwan's North West coast line and possible PLA landing beaches closest to Taipei. It's a very complex map, Be Warned! not a map for large AI battles as the terrain was built to simulate the close and difficult terrain of Taiwan. This is challenging for mechanized units, requires a lot of micro management. Also attached is a folder containing Taiwan building textures I used in the following screen shots and video, See original map thread for more screenshots and a video showing the maps features: BuildingTextures.rar
  10. Having updated to 4.3 i get license error when i try to start. i have updated the CM stick and firmware yet the Esimgames product, on the webadmin, key just reads 0. not sure what i try next? any pointers? thanks I uninstalled 4.3 and reinstalled 4.259 and it worked as it should, uninstalled 4.2 reinstalled 4.3 and got a license activation error.
  11. Nothing quite like the roads of Taiwan to test that, and map-making abilities.
  12. It's true. it's not the easiest map to use. Thus far I've run company-sized engagements without much hassle. However, it's not the most AI friendly map. One of the problems stem from having roads too close together, i.e when trying to run a set of roads parallel below the raised roads. It's hit and miss, sometimes it works fine other times the AI gets hung up trying to climb from the lower road up to the roads above. Complex maps are not the best maps for SB, depending on what you are doing with it of cause. This is definitely a map that needs a lot of micromanagement, vehicle traps abound! Being Taiwan, there is also a lot of boggy ground so... keep ARVs close by. One of the debates, regarding a possible PLA invasion, is the use of armor in this theater. Many specialists see this exclusively as an infantry-centric campaign.
  13. Here's a zoom-around the map video to give you an idea of how it looks at this time.
  14. So I've been working on this map for…I can hardly remember now, about 2 years on and off. It's not complete, might never be. However, I’m going to push this out there shortly as is. This was an attempt at a North Taiwan map, way too ambitious, naturally, as I wanted to get the feel right. It's a very complex close terrain, difficult for large maneuver units. This was made with PLA invasions in mind. This is why I wanted the northwest coastal region, just north of Taipei. These are possible landing beaches closest to Taipei, including the Taipei Port and Tamsui Estuary. I'm using the Granada height map for the high-ground around Taipei as I don’t have any height map info for Taiwan. The rest of the high-ground and coast west was built using the editor. Everything else was guided by Google Earth. As such it's an approximation of North Taiwan. The distances are roughly correct between major features. Currently, these include the Port of Taipei and Bali, Taoyuan International airport, Zhuwei Fishing Harbor, the northern sections of Luzhu District, Dayuan District. Recognizable major industry, power plants, fuel storage, Golf courses, rivers, etc, and of cause all the regional roads. The road systems in Taiwan are really challenging to recreate in SB. I've done the best I can to replicate the kind of obstacles these complex road systems would represent. I've built-in from the coast as this is really about whether or not the PLA can establish a beachhead to allow for follow-on forces. If they cannot it's doubtful they will accomplish the mission. If they can it's pretty much end-game for Taiwan. So it's primarily a fight for control of the coastal areas. I will continue to add to the map over time. However, I think it's good enough to publish at this point or it never will. So a little more work to polish up and it should be done shortly.
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