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  1. cata

    Graphics anomaly?

    It turns out a reinstall did work. Timings on the startup went from 4.26min to 0.6sec damn! Also not seeing any of the graphic issues anymore. Reloaded Ukraine maps. Map loading times down from 15.1min to 11.2min. The map folder thing was, of cause, a simple thing, install maps first, then SB 🙄
  2. I only recently discovered that when you click on, or was it mouse over, infantry casualties, if the call sign pops up they are wounded not dead. Being a terrible field commander, and endowed with an overly active moral impulse to try save those poor wounded souls. Would be great if i could task an amelance to a waypoint, and similar to a recovery vehicle, it had a radius within which it could recover casualties. Then i could focus on more productive things, like preventing more casualties.
  3. cata

    Graphics anomaly?

    reinstalled, but now i have another issue; on startup it cannot locate the map folder so i have to figure that out first. Yes, i suspect the Ukraine maps are out of my league. its a laptop; 16GB of ram, 2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5, Intel Iris Plus Graphics. up until recently its being running SB fine, including some large scenarios. The Map issue on startup, i know i've been here before...i just cannot remember what it was...🤔
  4. cata

    Graphics anomaly?

    It happens in mission editor and running a test scenario. I'm going to uninstall reinstall and see if that helps. I have noticed load timings are crazy. using the Ukraine maps is close to impossible with 15 min load times and CTD. I recently downloaded the Ukraine maps, not sure if they are anything to do with the overall performance issues.
  5. cata

    Graphics anomaly?

    Hi, anyone know what might be causing the crazy spiky walls that are appearing on my maps? They are basically stopping me from using SB at the mo. Thanks
  6. False alarm, found.
  7. how do i require a new codemeter stick after losing it? Thanks
  8. Is anyone using the merge and split scenario functions in the mission editor? im not able to get this to work. i can split scenarios into Red and Blue sides but if i try to merge one of those with another mission it never works. even when using the same maps etc. Dont see anything in the manual or wiki ?
  9. roger that. One thing that can define how easy it is to get out of the water can be the terrain editor. i have noticed on a map i made recently that the sand mud mix lacked traction and the vehicles could not get out of the water. the terrain files need editing.
  10. B-17 as a stand in for ZBL-09 yes, B-11 works for the ZBD 05 i think, does it float? have not checked.
  11. night combat, definitely the priority in this case.
  12. Iv was about to upload a bunch of skins for an opfor China option, needs a little more work and the numbering of units has changed and i need to update that. Heavy Brigade, ZTZ-99 and the ZTQ-15 light tank (charly and TAM), BMP3 for ZBD04/05 Medium Brigade ZBL 08/09 ZSL-92 and Light Brigade CKS types and support PLZ-05/07 PHZ-03/11, PGZ -92/09...a few more to add.
  13. I'm curious, has anyone ever looked at improving Amphibious ops effects and options? You can kind of bluff it today but its not really useable. vehicle model types, speeds in water, water obstacles, effects etc?
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