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  1. Yes heavily scripting seems to be the only way at this point.
  2. What would be the best way to deploy the TOS with AI Enemy units? seems to be difficult to get them to engage and when they do they tend to snipe with one or two missiles at a time. thanks
  3. cata

    Pizarro Template ?

    Anyone know if there is a Pizarrio template for skinning, not finding anything? thanks
  4. just to confirm i can patch 4.157 to 4.160 and skip 4.159?
  5. cata

    CTDs ?

    woooo 4.160 WT..ok im out of the loop here a little, looks like i need to catch up that might help.
  6. cata

    CTDs ?

    Experiencing a lot of CTDs seemingly random, is anyone else experiencing anything similar?
  7. Two other quick points on possible bugs; BMD emplacement does not render in mission test. On a separate note if i jump into the drivers seat of the HEMT it enters a hard left turn and i have no control.
  8. I confess iv pretty much given up on the raise road feature. Not been able to get it to work. Would love to hear from anyone who has? At best im left with a bulge where a raised road meets a ramp, see image. At worst i am experiencing a lot of CTD when trying to use these editing features. Also, and i may well be wrong on this one, did i hear someone talk about being able to create over passes above roads? Iv not being able to bridge two raised roads, if i'm wrong on this ok, if not could someone point me in the right direction, thanks.
  9. Requesting essential Central Asian road traffic update, animated donkey not required but quadruped suspension a must.
  10. This was both the Javelin and Spike.
  11. Interesting to note how the APS in a complex battle space quickly becomes a double edged sword intercepting a large number of the units own missiles that pass to close to near by vehicles. Have to keep that spacing or lose a lot of rounds.
  12. Running tests on the AT teams iv noticed the AI teams will consistently engage targets twice above 1,500meters. The first round will kill the target and then a second round is fired at the smoking hull. This happens until the targets get below approx the 1,500meter line then its one round per target. It looks like the AI decision making time is to short for the engagement range of the weapon, its deciding to reengage the target before the first round has run its course, consequently wasting missiles on dead targets. So until something is adjusted it might be worth limiting AT AI teams to 1
  13. After some work i brought frame rates up from 5-9 to 15 even spiking at 20 some times, this by killing my screen resolution AA to 1 shadows to 1 everything else to its lowest settings. i can live with this, not that i have a choice. 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3, Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB, Mac book Pro Boot camp. Still looking great however appreciate the had work fellas, relieved i got those frame rates up above 10.
  14. Mac Book pro using boot camp; first test, with 4.0 i could run a battalion sized scenario and stay above 10fps, with 4.1 one unit on a blank map with all setting bottomed out 5-9fps, this looks like end game for me, will take another look later.
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