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  1. Oh just seen the DF-30 thats great thanks
  2. Fantastic thanks RogueSnake79! im going to work on a ROCA CM-32/37 (Cloud Leopard) stand in family in that distinctive block camo scheme. So would it be possible to have a template for the DF-30 also? The PV is an interesting challenge see what i can do. Thanks much appreciate it.
  3. Few questions regarding Piranha skins. First is there a photoshop template for the Piranha V/IIIC or PiranhaFUS? Another would be how these models work. Is the PiranhaFus texture using the Piranha V model? it looks like the FUS texture is just body changes and i'm assuming from the Piranha V model? Thanks.
  4. 67GB on the HD still, maps stored on external drive lots of room there. So i purged the few map copies i had, the base map was 7GBs and the last remaining Delta became a new base map. I published it, made a new Delta and since then its been working fine, im able to edit. Not all together sure what i did thats different but it has worked so far. Thanks for everyones patience and input on this appreciate it.
  5. Well almost, problem is it keeps repeating. After adding a few more roads, say four, im faced with the same issue. Yet it's not so clean cut, on the next try it might work and i can save to a Delta map, then after which hight maps cannot be saved again etc. After only a few Ks of road, i cannot imagine what would be required to make a full map. Sometimes while trying to save the program will hang "Saving XNT" and become unresponsive. All said and done i was unable to keep working on this map, perhaps map making is not within range of everyones hardware. It appears to be beyond my scope, whe
  6. Ok great news ! that appears to be the problem. i had 15GB free on the HD but apparently that was not enough. having cleaned up to 64GB free it's behaving and saving the hight info on a delta map after closing and reopening SB. problem solved thanks guys.
  7. ok, will look into this, im storing the maps on external drive did not realise its caching them locally as well. Map tool still not opening with SB running and confident its the new version all the 4.259 downloads from one file
  8. aahhh ok thanks ...wait out
  9. Ssnake, sorry having a problem opening the Map Transfer Tool program i get the following message 'Unable to execute more than one instance simultaneously' i dont have anything open so not sure what that means just yet.
  10. Got it, i opened the map in map editor added hight to road sections then saved the map as a delta closed reopend, the roads where flat again, closed out and grabbed the file, see attached
  11. Well its a shame, was motivated to put some time into mapping. However, i could push on and build the rest of the map in anticipation that perhaps in the next update 9728 will be resolved. Then revisit the map and reimplement the raised roads. Technically speaking you don't see a problem with this approach? Would suck if i spent all the time it takes to create a map that then becomes unworkable on the next update. 90% of the work is adding buildings and roads etc. So just crack on and hope for the best?
  12. Will have a bash at it sure.
  13. After publishing and then editing delta maps the hight info is also lost once the map is reloaded.
  14. After closing SB and firing back up, the hight data is still not rendered.
  15. Stormrider, regards 'save as existing' yes that never seems to work once you have added some form of earth works ie ramps or raised roads etc. I just get the same 'Failed to save hight map' message. What is the IDK? will look into that.
  16. It's that time again... i have dived back into map making again and decided to create a Taiwan map, north west of Taipei. The map includes a lot of complex road systems, a lot of raised roads ramps etc. Each time i save the map, as a base map, as that seems to be the only way to save a map when you add earth works. However, when you open that map again none of the raised roads ramps etc have been saved, the map has gone flat? Im not sure where the problem lies? I save maps to an external hard drive where i keep all SB maps. Anyone have an idea what the problem is? Thanks.
  17. Yes heavily scripting seems to be the only way at this point.
  18. What would be the best way to deploy the TOS with AI Enemy units? seems to be difficult to get them to engage and when they do they tend to snipe with one or two missiles at a time. thanks
  19. cata

    Pizarro Template ?

    Anyone know if there is a Pizarrio template for skinning, not finding anything? thanks
  20. just to confirm i can patch 4.157 to 4.160 and skip 4.159?
  21. cata

    CTDs ?

    woooo 4.160 WT..ok im out of the loop here a little, looks like i need to catch up that might help.
  22. cata

    CTDs ?

    Experiencing a lot of CTDs seemingly random, is anyone else experiencing anything similar?
  23. Two other quick points on possible bugs; BMD emplacement does not render in mission test. On a separate note if i jump into the drivers seat of the HEMT it enters a hard left turn and i have no control.
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