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  1. Much obliged for the rapid response Seems to be EXACTLY what I was looking for!
  2. Is there a comprehensive guide or tutorial on how to use this feature? I found only a slight mention of it in the manual, and not much at all in the Wiki. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. "This PT-76 moves like pond water!" Hilarious! Is that a Texas thing Volcano?
  4. Apaches in SB? Awesome...just...AWESOME! My wish was granted Thank you to everyone who made this happen. And she is a beauty too!
  5. Delta Tanks! YAT-YAS One of the units I was stationed with on board the MCAGCC 29 Palms, CA
  6. Don't forget about the squadron's call sign, "Iron Horse."
  7. Wow! Looks like that T-72 was OBLITERATED by an RPG-29, judging by the clip seconds earlier of the guys running to a vantage point. Poor bastards never knew what hit them. Is this the future of armored warfare? Tanks and IFVs crashing through cities?
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Leopardo 2E basically the 2A6 in Spanish service? It mounts the L55, if I remember correctly.
  9. LOL! Cobra's commentary is always great! Not sure if he intended it to be comical, but it is, while also being somewhat insightful. Entertaining and informative
  10. Oh wow! That sounds very interesting. PS4? I just bought my PS3 last year!
  11. Great game! The second game I purchased for the PS3. A few recognizable faces in there, and the technology they used for facial capture was ground-breaking. Too bad there probably won't be a sequel, as I believe the developers went out of business (?) A large part of "solving" the cases is the reading of facial cues given by the characters in the game. Good stuff!
  12. Haven't been to the tank range in quite some time, but I remember getting very close to a 100 score with SB "Gold" Edition Of course, this was after several tries, and probably a little bit of luck.
  13. Yes sir, Understood, and acknowledged. Much obliged An armored cavalry troop delay would likely look like a company team (or combat team) delay, I would imagine. Anyway, if you're out there Panzer Leader, I believe you know how to reach me.
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