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  1. A simple way of doing this is to rename that .raw file to .hgt. Put it in the heightmaps folder and .ter in the terrains folder. In game, go to map editor, choose open default map, then File> Map package from ter and locate the .ter file to convert.
  2. 7z Free and open source. https://www.7-zip.org/
  3. Do you mean custom in the sense of importing new 3d models? Is that possible?
  4. Multicrew is something that must shine particularly over LAN with minimum latency. I'd love to try it out someday.
  5. From distances < 3000m, they will shoot normally. From 3001m, they won't shoot at all, unless they are armed only with ATGMs. When they are armed with main gun rounds (Svinets or BM-60) and/or with missiles, they will fire one first salvo, then they won't shoot anything at all, neither missiles nor main gun rounds. Testing scenarios are a duel between 14x M1A2 vs 24x T-90S at 3100m and 3900m and 2900m. Map is the default map on default weather and time settings.
  6. Click start and type in Power, open Power & Sleep settings, then additional power settings, then choose High Performance mode or similar. Open nvidia control panel and post screenshots of your settings.
  7. Most likely yes, but to go through all the optimization means that at some point, the user will be confronted with that option with the bonus of added knowledge.
  8. Fair enough. Don't forget that I'm a lower tier PE user making maps blindly "PBEM" style. Since I can't do it myself, the importing, I can't foresee the results. Once I have the map and can start evaluating what's right and what's wrong, I can then attempt to create new ones with less simplifications.
  9. First, make sure all your drivers are updated. Go to nvidia and download the latests certified. Then, I'd recommend going through one these windows 10 gaming optimization guides, like the one below. Note that there are plenty of these and there are even game specific guides with nvidia control settings. https://www.pcmag.com/how-to/how-to-optimize-windows-for-pc-gaming
  10. Yeah, I know. This install is the result of several metamorphosis. It was originally a Win7 installation back in 2015. I was then offered to upgrade for free to Win10 and from that point on, Microsoft attempted more than once to correct some of the errors that occurred with people in a similar situation. I know I should have started from scratch, but I shudder at the the thought of bringing it back to this point again.
  11. Talking about caching junk, my current win10 installation takes about 10 minutes to shutdown because of that. The condition was further aggravated when I cloned it into this SSD when I last upgraded its motherboard and cpu.
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