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  1. Thank Red, hope you enjoy it too. I've been trying to learn it using its vassal module, but had to watch unboxing videos, like yours, over and over in order to draw my own tables, which are not available for download. In the meantime, I also made a little treat for it while waiting for either a reprint of LT60M or TDoW:
  2. I have the same doubt, but just in case, I'm backing up everything.
  3. One thing I didn't understand regarding the new patch's installation is the new Map package. Do I need to download and install it or is it the same thing as of 4.167? Edit: To answer my own question: SB Pro PE 4.250 (Web Installer)Version History and Release Notes This is a full installer for SB Pro PE which requires the uninstallation of prior versions; the Map Packages can remain untouched!
  4. Thank you for your contribution, indeed it is very informative. Would you be able to describe in more detail what you referred to as Sagger drill? Thank you, Felipe Edit: And thank you for the reading suggestion: https://books.google.fr/books?id=N0X5e2a-F88C&source=gbs_book_other_versions
  5. In VR this game shines! Perhaps if the controls were more intuitive and a lot less clunky I'd consider retrying it sometime.
  6. I agree with Apoc that it would make more sense to sort/filter the scenarios by Size than Difficulty.
  7. Thank you. I really enjoy playing with you and Kanium. I only wish I could do it more often.
  8. It was actually a sim-game that was later commercialized to the military as a training simulator.
  9. I like it as well, but I prefer to play other people's missions which, as opposed to mines, I don't know the outcome.
  10. Tandem-x in my opinion is one of the most interesting sources. In comparison with SRTM or Alos Palsar which operate in the C and L bands, TerraSAR-X/Tandem-X operates on the X band. It provides data with a lot less noise because of its lower ground penetration. Think that in a desert like environment like the Iraq Kuwaiti border, C band can penetrate up to a few meters in the dry sand while X band will only go a few centimeters. To make matters worse, in that particular environment, prone to floods and which was sometime in the planet's history, the sea bottom, there are several areas of high
  11. For the economy, saving money keeping old equipment when not really needed, like the post cold war, is less worthy than purchasing brand new later on. On the other hand, selling obsolete equipment to third world countries is such a good deal because its new operator is eventually forced to sign servicing agreement with the donor/seller party, paying at least twice as much for obsolete and in most cases, rare parts and man power. In some cases it can even keep the donor/seller factories alive producing products that were long capitalized upon.
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