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  1. If you need help in actually creating a map from scratch, I can help you with heightmaps, but you would still need to ask someone with a PRO version to import the DEM and GIS data.
  2. The 2nd best thing after the full Pro map import/creation tools: The ability to import GIS data from Pro PE map/terrain editor. This means that we would still have to ask our fellow Pro users to import a DEM, but we would have the flexibility to further process the map ourselves in the terrain map/map editor. 🗺️
  3. Very interesting. It is a one man team project! 😲
  4. They should have invested in some marketing in the new Stranger Things series.
  5. Me too, that's why I believe he could give it another try.
  6. I watched the streams and some of my suggestions for a improved stream after paying attention to comments are: 1- Some of the commenters were completely new Steel Beasts. 2- People were asking about system requirements, given the fact that this is a military training tool, common knowledge suggests high end PC, when in fact anyone with even a i7 4770k like myself can enjoy it fully. 3- Some watchers, like myself, were more interested in the new features of 4.1. From the video itself, I could spot only a few changes that were not mentioned by the Mat during the video. I think that with a bit of preparation, some, if not most new features could have been exploited in a single live streamed scenario. 4- Some watchers asked about the damage modeling. The AAR could have been used to show the capabilities of Steel Beasts, but more importantly, a description of Steel Beasts is a pro tactical training tool and has the damage modeling that is required for that. 5- No mention was given to the forums. 6- The video should have been a multiplayer, otherwise, more attention should have been given to the mission editor.
  7. I cant wait to try! I can see that the new terrain has more detail to it but what exactly has changed? How will be the process of converting "legacy" maps to the new engine? Will Pro PE user be able to do it? Cheers
  8. I'd think it would be better if you choose one vehicle and lobby for it.
  9. Unfortunately, that's the only feature of that game.
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