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  1. We love photos

    As I read, most iraqi T-72s came from either Poland or Czechoslovakia, most likely Poland because since the Soviets were also supplying the Iranians during the Iran-Iraq war, they thought fit to encourage warsaw satellite states to supply equipment to both of these countries at war. Regarding the Asad Babil, as I read, they were meant to be assembled in Iraq but the factory wasn't ready until at least 1989-1990, at a time when the situation in Europe was changing radically specially in the East. What is known is that during the Gulf War, the factory was bombed and destroyed. Chances are that Iraq didn't have enough time, resources and luck to start assembling them, but for political reasons, it was obviously a good idea to show the opposite despite all.
  2. About that deleted thread

    Because intelligence and counter intelligence are their jobs?
  3. About that deleted thread

    I agree. When I saw that declassified document from the CIA spec'ing details about the Abrams armor... What's the chance?
  4. Map Request Thread

    Thank you Dark Angel! My attempt to recreate the Gulf War battlegrounds faced with the problem that in 1991 most sources that we have available today weren't back then. What I did was to get multispectral imagery (Landsdat 4 and 5), which covered all this period with plenty of data, and play with 'calculations', that is, mixing different sprectrums (R,G,B near-infrared and infrared), the same way as geographers do to autoclassify features like softwood, hardwood, burnt terrain, moisture content... in order to turn out those nearly invisible dirt trails that existed in the middle of desert, making them brighter or contrasting against the background better, and then manually drawing the vectors. Also, between editing terrain files in GIS or in-game, it's a million times better to do it in GIS, so as I understand, the way forward is organize all the vector in a way that Steel Beasts can automatically recognize exactly what we want it to be. This is very important, specially in my position with Pro PE, because I depend on someone else's free time to get my data and put it all together into SB, therefore, the more straight forward and easy it is for him, the better. I read the manual that Ssnake posted regarding importing vector data, but I still have a few doubts which I believe you can help make it clear. 1- Roads data: GIS automatically creates a series of DBF columns, for each section of the road; and as I understood, SB also reads the metadata of the vector file. So, I need to add a column in the DBF called road-type and insert the same description as it is in Steel Beasts: dirt-trail, Paved, two-ln, ...? And/or separate each road type into different vector files which have the road-type description set in the metadata. Are these correct? 2- For the terrain, in SB there is the description and a number, for example, in Realism_(Me) theme, Sand is number 12, so if I want to create a sand area, I add a column called terrain-type and insert the number 12 for sand? Same with roads, as I understood, SB can also read the metadata when I export each feature separately, so for sand, my metadata would include terrain-type: 12- Sand Is this corret? Last thing: Is it possible to specify the pool of random objects in the DBF somehow? Thanks, Cheers
  5. Video Thread

    My Steel House: Life inside a Pizarro: At 1:33, they are playing steel beasts!
  6. Version 0.91


    Terrain file for the Iraq Kuwait NW Border (94km) Special thanks to Gibson who helped me with the project.
  7. Iraq Kuwait NW Border (94x94km)

    Version 0.91


    Iraq Kuwait NW Border (94x94km) Includes the locations of the Battle of 73 Easting, Medina Ridge, and the sectors of 2ACR and 1st Infantry Division (Mech) in the south, 3d Armored Division in the center until 1st Armored Division's sector up north. Special thanks to Gibson who helped me with the project.
  8. Map Request Thread

    Very interesting, thank you!
  9. Map Request Thread

    I have one question regarding vector map importing in SB PRO: I'd like to know more about how its done in terms of features classification. Is it possible for me for example, to name each feature, or add some kind of attribute while still in GIS in order to have SB to automatically select the proper Object, ground colour, line feature...? For example, I could add a cluster of buildings in GIS, each building with a different number which relates to the number of the building in SB's database. Is it possible to work this way?
  10. Map Request Thread

    Sorry; btw, you're not a pain, you're freely trying to help me, which I appreciate. Here you go: 29° 27' 10.7784'' N 46° 15' 22.1688'' E Projection: UTM WGS 84 Map width and height = 92.160km Cheers
  11. Map Request Thread

    The LatLong: 29.45299447° N 46.25615802° E MGRS: 38 R PT 21817 58831 UTM: 621817.519336611 3258831.89918934 The thing is, this desert region when scanned by radar based satellites, result in very noisy elevation maps due to variation is moisture content in the soil. This means that the heightmap needs to be processed with a Mesh Denoise before becoming usable. This is why I'm uploading my files, because they are ready to use. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/275388301_Assessment_of_shuttle_radar_topographic_mission_performance_over_the_Kuwait_desert_terrain
  12. Map Request Thread

    The map is processed, the vector shapefiles are ready. The only thing missing is SB Pro to convert them to .hgt I assume that by default, SB PRO itself will combine all the DTEDs files into a single hgt.
  13. Map Request Thread

    Is it necessary to be DTED? In GM I have no option to export it as a single file. When I export it, it automatically split the map into 4 files. What do you suggest? In fact, as it turns out, its a restriction of the format itself. It splits the map into 1 degree tile boundaries, so one can't combine them into a single file .
  14. Map Request Thread

    Preferably I would like to have one map, not split.
  15. Map Request Thread

    I'd never exported to dted before. It split the heightmap into 4 files and changed the projection from UTM to Geo. Also, each file now weighs 25Mb! https://www.dropbox.com/s/bknodu4yo9drkb3/sb_irqkwtnw_92160_dted2.zip?dl=0