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  1. I was doing some ballistics tests using different T-90s rounds against M1A1HA positioned at different ranges and angles (frontal, 3/4, sideways) and to my surprise I noticed that it is less survivable when hit frontally than at 3/4s. I'm not talking about lucky neck hits, but squarely on the front glacis. Is this expected? I understand that WW2 tanks like the big Tiger I and its boxy shape fared better against AP rounds at 3/4s, but I always thought that modern tanks were designed to be more survivable frontally. The tested rounds were BM-46, BM-42, BM-32 and BM-29 (The BM-46 being the deadliest). The ranges were 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000m. The Abrams status was "Impotent" which allow them to keep their turrets centered on the attacking T-90.
  2. I was a beta tester back in the closed beta days. I'll definitely get it as soon as possible. The new features are ones that I wished from day 0.
  3. What? Tank crew release soon? Last time I tried it earlier this year it felt still many years away.
  4. Slow here as well, specially if the selected map in unpublished. I bet that if I had a SSD it would be quicker, although now I'm already used to it and I think its an acceptable price to pay for the new terrain engine.
  5. Is there anyway that I can un-select the units from the Priority of Fire tab or at least reset a side's support settings back to default altogether? Also, there is a small bug in the fire support window where the quantity boxes of Tubes tab cover the select boxes from the tab above as seen on the picture below. Cheers
  6. For the new UI upgrade, I'd like to have a "layers" tab in the mission editor which I could use to organize elements, hide/lock layers and de-clutter the editor.
  7. For me, it was always either short or over, although I cant quite recall which one. I have the impression it was always over.
  8. 1- Both 2- Within range 3- Both tis and vis 4- lrf 5- no wind 6- stopped 7- sabot afair 8- dunno, only happened a couple of times. 9- gunner pos 10- its obligatory to save scen before testing.
  9. I have seem something similar before, I think right before 4.1 patch, but in a M1A1HA. Sometimes, for no reason, once every many many loads while testing scenarios, my tank would miss all the shots as if there was something wrong with the ammo index. After reloadind the test scenario, problem would disappear.
  10. I have some experience with arma 3 map making. What I dont have is time. You need to understand very well the process but also have 3rd party tools like LT3D, Mikeros, etc... And a lot of time for trial and error. Dont give up, eventually it works out. Make sure you get good heightmap files with ~12.5m/px and dont go too big in the beginning. Get something done, like the usual tutorials, then try what you want.
  11. I tried different options, including the T-64. It's still just too easy. The scenario although "fictional", is still heavily based on 1991 Medina Ridge and that includes weather, time, location and situation. Weather plays the biggest role with high winds, rain and low visibility (<1500m) making it not only important but vital to fight on thermals. A de-tuned T-90 emulates a tuned up export T-72Bx with french made thermal sights but with the capability of shooting long rods. On the other hand I don't have many options for a thermal sighted AND Atgm capable IFV. I'm current using the new Kurganets-25, de-tuned, to emulate sort of a BMP-3 also equipped with french thermal sights, although I find its missiles are a bit overpowered for the era. And Im also very intrigued by the T-90.
  12. Sorry, no. I couldn't know any of it either. My opinion is that it should be at least very similar to the A3 version, whatever penetration it has.
  13. The M829A4 is an advanced 5th generation APFSDS ammunition designed by the US for the M256 120mm L/44 smoothbore gun as a response to the Relikt ERA which was able to defeat the previous M829A3 APFSDS. The M829A4 can penetrate 880mm of Rolled Homogeneous Armor at 4000 meters which is only slightly better than the 840mm of the M829A3, this is because its mainly meant to counter Explosive Reactive Armor and Hard Kill Active Protection Systems than composite armor. It has a Data Link system that allows the tank's Fire Control System to program it based on the Gunner's input. The M829A4 defeats ERA and APS by the use of a prefragmenting penetrator that breaks apart into multiple pieces just before impact to activate the APS countermeasures and detonate ERA modules in advance and give way for the main penetrator to penetrate the armor. This becomes possible because the Data Link system allows the tank's Fire Control System to program the penetrator the time it prefragments based on the distance of the target measured by the Laser Range Finder and other factors measured by the system's sensors. https://www.dote.osd.mil/pub/reports/FY2015/pdf/army/2015m829a4.pdf
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