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  1. Its a shame that so often they go that route. Naval Action was a fine Age of Sails simulator, until they introduced grind, craft and trade and they killed it, at least for me.
  2. Thank you! Would the BW assemble task forces with its PzGren and Panzer Battalions?
  3. It does affect. AFAIK the AI will not engage beyond their ammo max ranges, therefore the AI commander wont as well.
  4. 1. If Germany was to send a Panzerdivision to be part of the VII Corps during Desert Storm, but with circa 1992-1998 equipment and organization, what would that be? 2. What if that panzerdivision was in fact a small coalition between Germany and the Netherlands using equipment also from circa 1992-1998, how would it be organized? Cheers
  5. Is there any difference between off-map and on-map HE artillery? I have the impression that on-map artillery is more effective.
  6. https://below-the-turret-ring.blogspot.com/2016/10/puma-ifv-armor-and-upgrade-speculations.html?m=1 Heres an article on it
  7. Earlier today I was reading about IFVs, which is a subject that interests me. Today I learned this new piece of information called STANAG 4569. I had seen that before in many other articles or books, but never had the curiosity to look into it. What's interesting about it is that we can relate its levels with real vehicles. For example, a Puma IFV with full applique armor is rated at level 6, meaning it could withstand, all-around, a 155mm HE artillery shell from a minimum of 10m. On the other hand, a BMP-2, rated about level 3, at around 60m, depending on the azimuth, might not had survived the same shell. 60 meters, that's like a dropkick from your own 10m line!
  8. 70-100mm of penetration per bomblet would already be enough to penetrate the front armor at 90 degrees angle of a 42 tons Leopard 1A5. Perhaps the question should be the opposite: Is HE artillery shells underpowered in SB?
  9. There is already the option to add just a text box so you can place text whenever you want. It makes it easier to declutter whenever you dont want any text.
  10. How about leaving that technicallity for the scen designer to decide whos gonna get the optional weapon/milan?
  11. Modeling or not, thats a small price to pay for something most people wish. +1 for IFV ATGMs
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