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  1. Specifically, to my knowledge, the way from Iraq into Kuwait is this peculiar region which makes up the tri-border Iraq-Kuwait-Saudi called Wadi al Batin. For thousands of years, this dry river bed, or wadi, was the only "reference" in a featureless desert guiding travelers and armies alike to and from. Even in the early 90s, Saddam positioned his forces with this avenue of approach as his forces main focus point. To the west of the wadi-al-batin, is a very rough and features desert, that would present imense difficulties to anyone without a GPS. and/or a well trained professional army. So much so that in 1991, this right flank was left completely open. The maps (2) that Gibson converted are very close to this area, tho not quite; they are centered at interesting gulf war battles (medina ridge to the north and 73 easting more at the center), so this border is actually missing. I'd recommend that you check the map below to see if that's what you're after, in particular the wadi al batin at the medium-dash-dot-dot line representing the iraqi-kuwait border. If that interests you I might be able to help you with data for a map that covers an area more to the south.
  2. Perhaps its bumpy because it didnt have the trees' canopies removed from the DEM?
  3. What part of the Iraqi/Saudi border would you like? There is a glitch with all free satellite heightmap sources for this open desert area in that they are really very bumpy. I read it an anomaly caused by how radar scatter on the desert floor because of the variation of humidity. But for my Kuwait/Iraq border maps, which Gibson was very kind to import into SB, I figure out how to process the data in order get rid of all the bumpiness (Denoise). Its a time consuming job proportional to the size of the area. Also, for this particular area, I have plenty of data which I created using landsat maps by combining different channels, like NIR and colors, to be able to better contrast and identify features like desert roads and tracks and it possibly covers that area you have in mind, so I might be able to give you processed data ready for importing. I'm stuck at home anyways until at least april 15th.
  4. Tactics 101 I consider myself an experienced noob in Steel Beasts.
  5. I'd love to have them in as well.
  6. Dont confuse complexity with micromanagement.
  7. stormrider_sp

    Cut the map?

    You can 'pick map' and select a smaller area for the existing scenario. Before you do so, create a few of reference points and name them after their respective grid coordinates. Do this for every side (own, allies, enemies, neutrals), so after you import the new map area, you can select everything and move until your ref points match their coordinates. Do this for every sides. I find it easy to put the ref points at grid vertices so when you move everything, you can do it visually.
  8. And Shift+Arrow Keys to scan direction.
  9. SendThisToEsimGames.txt HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\eSim Games\Configuration\4.1 IPCFolder REG_EXPAND_SZ %PROGRAMDATA%\eSim Games\Steel Beasts Map Tools\IPC
  10. For the monitor I very much recommend any 144hz. Mine, like everything else I have, I found on ebay, used, for £112 back in 2018. It's an Acer GN246HLBbid 24" 144hz Gaming monitor. I love it and would never go back to 60hz. Regarding memory, you should be aware that not all memories are fully compatible with AMD Ryzen processor. Mine again, is a Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x 8GB) 3000MHz DDR4 (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 ). It works great. If you can, get it in 3200 or 3600mhz as it is said, Ryzen 3600 likes faster memory. https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B450-TOMAHAWK-MAX#support-mem-12
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