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  1. Post processing heightmaps

    Hello guys, I have a tricky question to make. Although I can't convert maps to SB, I have some ability to work with digital maps. Recently I have been breaking my head trying to post process a heightmap from the area around 73 easting and southern iraq. The problem is that, as I soon found out, deserts and in particular, this desert region is known to be very shit on every radar based source, srtm, aster, alos... its always extremely bumpy and noisy because of the sand, moisture, rocks..., when in reality its quite flat. I'm trying to process a heightmap, but I'd already tried numerous methods to denoise it, without much success. I've tried all filters from SAGA (QGIS) like Mesh denoise, I tried simple filters, morpho filters, DTM slope filters with gap filling, I tried photoshopping with blur, gaussian blur, denoise, color denoise....you name it! Anyone has ideas or suggestions on how I can clean it up properly? Cheers
  2. Map Editor question

    I'm used to making maps for arma 3 for example, using sources like SRTM, Aster or more recently Alos Palsar 12.5m DEMs; fine tuning in progs like L3DT, qGIS, Global Mapper and Photoshop. Is this what you refer to 'raw data' and computing power? TerraSim being a Bohemia pro software should be a bit difficult to get. Any other compatible software? As I understand it, SB, differently than Arma 3, has a very simple map structure. Its just a heightmap coupled to terrain map. Arma 3's process requires not only the heightmap to be worked the right way, but also, everything else in synch: Sat map, Mask map, Alpha map... So as I understand, for SB, it's just a matter of converting a heightmap into the right format. Everything else can be done (in a very clunky way at best) from within SB's map editor.
  3. Map Editor question

    Which specialist tools do work SB?
  4. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Crewable Leclerc!
  5. Revive Dongle?

    Hi there! I own a license of SB Pro Pe since February 2011. Several times throughout the years I uninstalled and reinstalled SB. Recently I decided to reinstall it on my current PC, but I'm having problems with my dongle. First off, I don't know which license's version I last purchased; from a quick email search, the last license I found was from October 2013, but that's too long ago and I'm pretty sure that I ran SB sometime after, around 2014 or 2015. How do I know which version of the license should I upgrade to? Cheers
  6. ETA on terrain patch?

    Exactly what I want is to be given a higher level of modding: To be able to create tanks and vehicles, full interior for those missing, to import my own heightmaps and keep this sim alive for 10 more years to come.
  7. Mi-24 Brazilian Air Force

    Version 1.0.0


    This is the skin for the brazilian air force Mi-35 attack chopper, locally called AH-2 Sabre. To install, copy it to the textures tolder and place it under a country of your choice.
  8. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    One thing that will greatly enhance the Map Editor is a tool that allows you to "modify" the terrain height data, non-destructively, from inside the 3D world, for example, you press a key and the pixel closest to the crosshair will move up or down. This would allow the user to correct the terrain properly without messing with any SB PRO height map restriction policy.
  9. Irritating TC..

    And a third to allow the human gunner to override the TC ammo selection.
  10. Fulda - Bad Hersfeld (2014)

    Outstanding job! Thanks Eisenschwein and Falli

    That looks fantastic man! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Fulda Gap revisited

    Oh, right! You´re right about that! Itadakimasu!
  13. Fulda Gap revisited

    What maps?!
  14. We love screenshots

    I have to agree. I mess those 16 hellfires!
  15. We love screenshots