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  1. Thank you, I'm very short on these days, but I will try to send the last version to Alpha when Im back home in August. Cheers
  2. Those softwares like Ansys and others can be very accurate, like most professional engineering simulation softwares nowadays. Nothing replaces real testing, but what using simulation does is shorten development times and costs. On the other hand, I disagree that sloped armor is not longer useful. The same mass of armor but not slopped will always perform worse. Also, slopped armor allows for better use of composites and/or reactive armor. One could simply use 150tons+ of steel and make an imprenatable tank, but it wont be very mobile. Sloped armor is just another feature among many in the unavoidable compromise between mobility, firepower and protection.
  3. I reported something similar sometime back and the answer was that the T-90's FCS didn't compute beyond a certain range, despite the missile's own range going much further.
  4. vyrpil is belorussian if I know right. Im doing my best boycotting these regimes aligned with russia and china.
  5. I think the problem is beyond the target matrix problrmatic and into the magic infantry spotting problem domain. I find it highly unlikely that a tank would even spot a single infantry soldier, 400m away, in its deep flank while all the gunners are pointing their TIR sights to the front arcs where MBT were already identified.
  6. There are more than one versions of the Fulda map. Can you specify the name of the map requested by this scenario?
  7. Hope Microprose will impose some focus on this dev team, so they stop working for a moment on "textile physics" and start improving things that matter, like the AI.
  8. If you had listen to previous suggestions to describe what you were trying to achieve in the first place, like others had said, you'd already had gotten the response. What you're looking for, apparently, are penalty zones.
  9. What you can do also, although not perfect and quite cumbersome, is to delete all infantry assigned to a vehicle and add a new single full group to each. Then split this group into 2 or more and reset one or more of them to, say, a missile team. Once in-game, you can re-attach this missile team to his once parent rifle team or whatever infantry type it was.
  10. It's not the same, but you can split a squad and assign different AT weapons for each section.
  11. ..\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps
  12. Don't underestimate the power of AI. Even games are now starting to make use of GPU capacity to perform complex machine learning that in some cases already surpasses the human ability to make decisions. For good or bad, that's the near future.
  13. Thank you, correct, that works for the on-map artillery. But in this case, I'm referring to off-map artillery via mission editor "new arty call" context menu. I figured out how to access it again, although it seems to act as a normal unguided HE arty call. Add "New Arty Call", Start when = "trigger 1", Type = "Precision".
  14. Hi, I noticed sometime ago this new feature. Today when I was playing around with the mission editor I saw it so I decided to try it. I created a new scenario, but then, it disappeared and I can't get it to show up again in the add artillery context menu. Do I have to activate it somewhere? Cheers
  15. I'm also very storage limited, specially in my SSD and I think that the delta method is the best in terms of space management. If you are doing many earth works, everytime you save as existing, I think you're only increasing the size of the unpublished map. On the other hand, if after a few modifications or so, you publish the map and creates a new delta, you're effectively compressing the previous data. Idk if the new delta will decompress all the previous work while working on the current delta tho, so I might be wrong. Talking about compression, it's incredible how much a heightmap format like ASC can be compressed. To give an example, on a map I'm working, using 7zip and maximum compression, a 60x60km area went from 27Gbs to about 4.5Gbs split into 3 archives.
  16. I found that sometimes, when it appears to hang, it's still processing and can take time to finish. My suggestion that you try to do as much of the work outside of steel beasts map editor, in a GIS program and then only the essential work is done in-game. If like me, you are a low tier user and can't import the data yourself, it's like map editing blindly PBEM style, but it works if you have someone with the pro version and the patience to keep up with you. Also, having a good initial data is very important because it minimizes the amount of post-import work that you need to do and allows you to spend most of the time in GIS, which is more friendly and more forgiving than the current SB UI. Don't waste your time if your initial data is not good enough. I'm talking about good heightmap resolution of at least 5m and at least some fairly accurate vector data. This means that you should limit your expectations to the maps that you can do from the maps that you wish to do because of the data availability.
  17. No, but it brings into question whether deploying and concentrating heavy forces too close to the border might in fact offer the soviets with juicy targets for tactical nuclear weapons. Instead, I think that activating as many units in response to a soviet massing of troops and spreading them out in the rear, at the ready, would already prevent a strategic surprise. Then at the right time, using the exceptional mobility of such units and the great west german infrastructure, to advance forward to meet the soviets, concentrating at right times and places.
  18. That's the thing I think. It's not possible to update a published map. A delta or a "new base" are the de-facto updates.
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