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  1. Thank you. Yeah, mine is also constantly plugged since 2011.
  2. Talking about CM sticks, how long do they usually last? I have been thinking about this these days: They're in the end simply pen drives so one of these days they will eventually fail. What's the SOP for this case?
  3. Would love to see a remake of their classic Task Force 1942!
  4. Oh, right. But is it crewable?
  5. Lately I picked up from a local library a book called Tigers in the Mud and that got me really excited about WW2 tank warfare. I wish we could have those in Steel Beasts, in fact, more than ever, I wish that we could MOD our own tanks in.
  6. I always felt Arma/OPF tank simulation lacking. Last time I tried, I was messing with IFVs. They couldn't even move in formation, ATGMs were not tracking. The overall experience questionable. Its weird that they put so much effort in making it the game an awesome cinematographic tool and leave the basic aspects of warfare simulation lacking.
  7. The only time I had to take my OR off because it was hitting my stomach was right after I got it when I tried one of those roller coasters. Sometimes I feel something while playing Assetto Corsa, regardless of the fps, but not enough to make me stop.
  8. 90fps is optimal. But anything above 60 is already ok. I have an Oculus and I can tell that #2 really varies from game to game.
  9. What if the texture work was done by modders? How could we help?
  10. Idk why but Im leaning on a playable chieftain, although Id rather have a Chally 1. 🤤
  11. Looks very promising. Hope that they could fix Arma 3's lame high command system, or at least made it possible to get vehicles to properly move in formation.
  12. Does that means that we (Pro Pe) still won't be able to create our own maps by ourselves?
  13. Does this mean that we'll be able to modify, or perhaps even import our own heightmaps?
  14. I had a similar problem the other day. I was testing a desert map, 73 easting sort of scenario and for some reason, my tank just emptied a full load and didnt hit anything. I even tried myself as a gunner, lasing targets and shooting, miss; targets at ~2000m, maybe 3000m, all stationary targets, couldnt hit. Then I restarted the scenario and everything worked fine.
  15. Cmon lads. The kid was just another troll. Lets get back to topic which is already very interesting.
  16. Sorry lad, this is no counter strike. Most people here work most of their time, so chances are that you wont find anyone in the lobby to play with without arranging a meet...
  17. You made that template, but could you save it? Whenever I try to create my own templates, they dont load up. Instead, a single Leclerc tank appears.
  18. Made of the best armor type available for sure.
  19. I would like to have Extra Wide Formations for those desert scenarios where one company attacks on line and covers ~5km wide of ground.
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