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  1. Have you ever watched a 20 something play a competitive RTS-like game? These kids are insane; to them it's all already too slow.
  2. It's there, finally officially announced, Arma4! Let's only hope they finally found a way to make armored units to drive in formation without heavy scripting.
  3. Propaganda is part of warfare. What side are we on? The best way to help Putin is to restrict political debate because there are no lies that can win against the truth. It's very clear that the regular russians are very restricted in terms of media exposure, they're are limited to what Putins media broadcast. Here is free turf, if they want to come and discuss politics here or anywhere without the censorship hammer, it's a chance for us to open their eyes.
  4. Don't say dunes. It gives me nightmares. I tried very hard to come out with data for the kuwaiti desert. I even got raw remote sensing data in order to get past the paid high res commercial. Sand can have for the same area, varying levels of EM penetration, which results in a very bumpy terrain, when in fact, it's very flat and smooth. Good if you're looking for archeological locations, you can see under the sand, very bad terrain modeling.
  5. Don't look Lidar per se. Look for data in no particular format. Lidar is method and not format. It results in a DSM or a DTM. DSM, if you're not geographer, is of no use. A DTM is a processed DSM. DTM can be divided in quality tiers. 30m+/px, old tech, good for flight sims, bad for tanks 12.5m/px, old tech, reasonable but not great 5m/px, good. 2m/px is great, the sweetspot. Anything below 2m/px will make very big files, 5Gb+ for a 50x50km area. Also, don't look for a particular area of interest, look for available data, even if that's in another language. That's very common, specially in Europe. European countries cooperate in geography, except, they don't publish their great data in english. In the same place I got all my polish data, the english version was a 404 and the great data required a very hard digging, in polish. I had to translate, for example, all the shapefile data, that included all kinds of trees, forests, roads, buildings, etc. You can do all that in global mapper, but it's not cheap, it's passion.
  6. The problem is not the data. Data is relatively easy to find. On the other hand, you need someone with the classroom license so you can import the data. Recently I started a project using 2m/px Lidar data from Poland. Ideally you need a software like Global Mapper. Most of the work, if you want to be efficient, has to be done on the shapefile data. Even if that means that you're gonna get your hands dirty and create this data yourself. This is better done outside of Steel Beasts because you can use said software instead of SB's Windows 95 interface, and then simply import along with the heightmap data. For the polish map, all the shapefile data was all ready and it was pretty accurate.
  7. Nothing that normal person couldn't learn.
  8. One thing that I really like about Black Blood game is the R6 blueprint/maquette planning and "rehearsal" phase. I really miss that.
  9. TRLG is my favorite wargaming developer. I don't like how the manual is written, but the rules themselves are pretty awesome.
  10. What is it and, more importantly, how much for it?
  11. stormrider_sp

    Map Editor

    Is Terrastan required?
  12. stormrider_sp

    Map Editor

    Wait, what? Custom buildings? How?
  13. stormrider_sp

    Map Editor

    Things have changed and now maps are packages. And as you start to discover it, to make understanding easier, 'published map' means locked and compressed (-R-X) and a 'delta' is an uncompressed editable copy of a previous version (-RWX).
  14. SOG is great, tho they fucked up releasing it without any documentation. Some of its new modules are great, if know how to use them.
  15. Yes, nvidia control panel allows you to do it. If not, there are post processing and filtering software available, but they will consume performance.
  16. Thank you, I'm very short on these days, but I will try to send the last version to Alpha when Im back home in August. Cheers
  17. Those softwares like Ansys and others can be very accurate, like most professional engineering simulation softwares nowadays. Nothing replaces real testing, but what using simulation does is shorten development times and costs. On the other hand, I disagree that sloped armor is not longer useful. The same mass of armor but not slopped will always perform worse. Also, slopped armor allows for better use of composites and/or reactive armor. One could simply use 150tons+ of steel and make an imprenatable tank, but it wont be very mobile. Sloped armor is just another feature among many in the unavoidable compromise between mobility, firepower and protection.
  18. I reported something similar sometime back and the answer was that the T-90's FCS didn't compute beyond a certain range, despite the missile's own range going much further.
  19. vyrpil is belorussian if I know right. Im doing my best boycotting these regimes aligned with russia and china.
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