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  1. That is funny I was stationed in Casey, TDC in 83 and 84. Very cool. Bullet
  2. Bought and downloading . Thanks all can't wait to send some poor t-72 to their deaths Bullet
  3. OMG this is awesome news. Bullet
  4. I too have win 7 64 professional and it runs fine. Bullet
  5. I can only say I have had many hours of enjoyment, even if I just use the range for relaxation. I have no complaints and I can only wish they keep going in a niche market. In the broke tutorials, I thought was awesome, I last in a mission about as well in the tutorial ,lol. To me it was good practice at gunnery ... I knew they were broke and did not worry about it, E-sim always takes care of their product. It is one of the main reason I purchase all the updates and paid the price. The support is freaking awesome. Bullet
  6. Sean, Good call, it selected my pedals as default. Once I had the stick selected it stoped and I can assign buttons. thanks for the help. Bullet
  7. It is really wierd, I had the stick before I changed system and os, now it acts like it does not see the stick. I can not assign any buttons under the control menue. I did try the CTRL-J no luck. Thanks Ssnake for the input. Bullet
  8. Wierd problem with Controller. In the control panal the stick is fine. When I enter the vehicle the gun just spins. I upgraded to win7 pro 64 bit and new controller. Ok the whole pc is basically new, new chip and mother board. I can recenter the stick with alt-j but when I touch it, it just spins,lol Any thoughts? I know I am missing something,lol. Bullet
  9. Yup Happy Anniversary. Look forward to many more.. Bullet
  10. I am almost done with the book red storm and man it made me want to play SB, and then I was wondering if some one had done a mission or mini campaign based on the scenario in the book? Just curious. Bullet
  11. Awesome, I truly wish you and the company many more years. Here is to another 10 years:). Bullet
  12. Aren't we supposed to say Happy Holidays, Nah I choose, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year one and all. Bullet
  13. I too am very impressed with all the hard work put into this product. I can only say thank you for you time an dhard work. Bullet
  14. If you mean steel beast I, since it was released, If you mean SB Pro PE well been less then a year. If I had the funds I would purchase a game for my closest friends Bullet
  15. That did it thank you, I now think it is time for sleep, again ty. Bullet
  16. I know I am being dumb, but for the life of me I have not figured out how to reverse the up down axis. I had to of done it before my pc died. Thanks for the help. Bullet
  17. I too have received mine, whaaaaahooooooooooooooo. I will not be around for a few days I have played a quick mission and all I can say is awesome. Thanks for all your hard work. Bullet
  18. I do give a damn, however I am still learning how to properly use the triggers, I have yet to really look at the terrian editor, well ok I looked, but I am thinking I need to first master the trigger system then take a look at modifing the terrian. I have several test mission that are on plain terrian, and I will keep in mind the bumpyness factor when I start on modifing the terrian. Bullet
  19. yup thats right, it is ordered huh huh. Now the wiating game Bullet
  20. OMG, I just need some place to send the money........... Please please hurry with the gold master Bullet
  21. Welcome to an awesome sim. I to am new but have been playing it steadily since I have purchased it. I have to admit the AI can not seem to stay away from the rivers and streams and i have learned to put my vehicles at least a km away from a body of water and a km from them when changing formations to go across a bridge, also make sure you have one unit go at a time, I tried having a m1a1 platoon and m2a2 platoon go about the same time, I lost half the platoons,lol. Yes I have learned hard lesson like the one time I lost a M88a2 to a stream because I forgot to make sure the route did not cross a stream,lol. I am wanting to try multi too but I am to chicken to try. Bullet
  22. I have no issue paying for the new content or your hard work. Reading what is being presented, this is a very good deal, and i just purchased steelbeast prope a week ago,lol. Now how to weasle the 25 out of the wife Bullet
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