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  1. Thanks. If it doesn't work, I'll follow Marko's advice! :gun:
  2. Like Spanish Republican General Rojo, known by the anarchist troops in the Spanish Civil War as "Rojo the Butcher" (he was Communist) did once, it is a well known anecdote! :cool3:
  3. Well, yes, take into account the storm of steel they are waiting for, it isn't so unwise! :clin:
  4. When in the vicinity of a building, my missile teams tend to abandon their position outside to take refuge behind the walls. You cannot fire missiles from inside, so how do I lure those cowards to stay in the open and fight? :mad3:
  5. To celebrate my upgrade from v2.654 to v3.02 I purchased a programmable keyboard where I store some of my most frequently used keystrokes and macros, albeit I continue using the main keyboard and mouse, of course. It is a Global Marketing Genovation Model Keyprogrammable Keypad (683-U) that I bought from Amazon at USD $71.24 plus mail with 24 fully programable keys. With Photoshop I made the labels, programmed it (piece of cake) and voilà! You can have several templates for different uses, from work to gameplay. I am very happy with it, for more demanding users, there are versions with more keystrokes.
  6. As with many other war games (most?) the FPG engine, IMO, excels in head-to-head or pbem gaming. Then it works more as a "tactical simulator", as a friend accurately pointed, than just as a game. Naturally as its release is so recent, there is not a strong community around it yet, as it happens with TacOps, Combat Mission and, last but not least, SBP. But with the continuous and efficient support from the designers, I think that that will come soon. FPG is a great game, but believe me, playing it against another fellow human is still better!
  7. Brilliant! I guess I'm gona order one of those little devices. Tx for the info! :clin:
  8. So if I got it right, that device can be programmed for using it with SB too? I have been looking for a programmable keyboard or similar since some time ago, but all options were far more expensive.
  9. Has anybody tried the Thrustmaster MFD Cougar Multifunctional Cockpit Panel for the keyboard shortcuts? It is programmable and at a very reasonable price. http://www.amazon.com/MFD-Cougar-Multifunctional-Cockpit-Panel/dp/B002NUD40S/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1383935981&sr=8-17&keywords=thrustmaster
  10. Liked the beer guide beside the monitor... :diable:
  11. I use to play co-op with a small group of friends in the USA with different time zones, other than my own (GMT+2). Therefore, sometimes one of us can't join in time, or else, somebody has to drop out due to time. Besides, sometimes one of us (usually me, though not recently) drops out in mid game because of connection issues, leaving a gap in the ranks. The possibility of being able to join an ongoing game would be a nice add on.
  12. Version 1.0


    This is the first of a series of planned sequential battles. A mechanized infantry unit and a tank platoon conduct a hasty defense to give time to supply and medical units to pull back. Period: August 1986 Time: at down, limited visibility. Units: Own: M113s, ATGMs (TOW), M1s. WP: MTB BMP-1, T72 Duration: 60 minutes. Suitable for solitary (Blue side only) and co-op play.
  13. Panta


    I play SBP either at home, at work or on the road with my netbook (with the latter, just by map, the processor is too slow for the full graphics), I only have to take the dongle with me. :;
  14. Thus 'Tanks' is just that (MBTs). My confusion arises when the voice of a crew member warns 'Tanks!' when only an APC is in sight, perhaps. BTW, there is no mention to MBTs in SBP whatsoever.
  15. Mission debugger? That's great, I hadn't noticed! But how do I read the series of dots in the conditions' indicator? :eek2:
  16. I am making a scenario where a tank force will head for one of three predefined sectors if enemy AFVs are identified in one of them. The order is to engage the route IF more than 2 enemy AFVs are known to be in the sector. During the test, the silly bastards head for one sector where there are not enemy AFVs, but boxy M113 instead. AFAIK, AFVs are only the tanks and the M113s are APCs or PCs. Any possibility of wrong target identification, or is it something else? :confused: Cheers, Panta
  17. Wanting to edit two scenarios to add ATGM teams, I got an ominous error (horror?) message. The scenarios are: -1986 Fulda Campaign scen1-627 & scen3 (Multiplayer) The other scenarios in the series load well an those two load well in normal playing anyway.
  18. You wanted it to be overwhelming? Now, THAT's overwhelming! (Be careful what you wish for...) Good luck and stow enough rounds nearby! :diable:
  19. Panta

    Breach wrong info

    And I should also traverse the gun manually to avoid getting damaged, isn't it?
  20. Panta

    Breach wrong info

    Most probably it is as you say, yes. BTW, is there any way to order the vehicle to breach while driving it, not by the map?
  21. Panta

    Breach wrong info

    I was testing a scenario, I guess from the Mission editor and the tank sustained some damage as I didn't know how to set up the plow. On the map screen it was considered as immobilized, but actually I was able to drive it normally.
  22. Panta

    Breach wrong info

    My M1A1(HA) mine plower is still operational, I can drive it manually, but I cannot give it orders on the map, the new route option isn't available anymore. (v.2.640)
  23. Congrats, gents! But it doesn't take me by surprise, anyway. I never doubted that SBP Pro PE IS the best available combat simulation nowadays.
  24. Excellent! looking forward to play that scenario, made by a pro! BTW, that's precisely my favorite modern war gaming period.
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