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  1. Version 1.0


    Korean People's Army(Northkorean) T-55 skin.<br /> <br /> Based on dpabrams's T-55 Detailed Dark Green.<br /> <br /> Actually, the "authentic" NK skin would be a dumb green tank with numbers on it; <br /> <br /> no unit logos, etc. to spice it up so to say.<br /> With that said, I tried to give some NK feeling to the skin - by adding some <br /> <br /> propaganda panels on the tank<br /> Usually, these kind of "decoration" is done on special prepared panels, but since <br /> <br /> SB prohibits any modification to its model, I had to make do and squeeze it inside <br /> <br /> the splash guard.<br /> <br /> Enjoy and good hunting.<br /> <br /> <br /> Place T-55M.dds to \Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\textures\woodland<br /> t55decals.dds to \Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\textures\woodland<br /> <br /> Ver. 1.0 at 2011 30 Apr
  2. Dutchko

    CV9040B vis K21 skin

    it's not boresighting device. maybe it's IFF device. appearantly, but in this image, IFF device isn't likely same of picture's Samsung-Thales made Radio type IFF device is consisted two parts that asking/reciving device. (△PV3 of K21. it has IFF reciving anntena device) PV vehicle has that type of IFF device this is Production type and actually operated by 20th Mech Inf Div, and they has different type of IFF device, also has not reciving anntena.:confused:
  3. I intend to CV9040B acting South korean army K21 IFV in Korean senario. K21 has 40mm maingun:technically not same CV9040's but same purpose/concept - S&T Dynamics K40 gun redeign from naval 40mm/L70 twingun- and has not ATGM. i think CV9040B can role K21.
  4. aww; sorry i didn't remember my order reference number(i knew that i very stupid-but i didn't expact this problem) so what it can be alternative verifing matter? card number? anyway i'll try
  5. anyway summry : i purchaced 2.538 upgrede licence but licence mail isnt arrived my debit accont said confirmed purchace(25.00USD=30,643KRW was out) mail is not is spam box, not on block list so what shoud i do
  6. um,, hotmail has automatically delete spams that after receiveing 2weeks. and @esimgames.com is not on blocklist : newsletters arrived well. what's problem on it? awww
  7. doing stupid thing and finding creditcard
  8. i purchaced SB 2.538 upgrade licence at about half hours before and i prefectly confirmed recipt, but licence mail is not recieved yet. my friend said mail was arrived only 5 minute. is that some problem of mailing system? (i'm using hotmail)
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