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  1. Two things prevent me from volunteering to CO. 1. I'm pretty familiar with the M1, Brads and Leopards but not many many of the other vehicles and their capabilities. I believe in order to efficiently orchestrate the symphony, you should have a decent level of knowledge on all the instruments at your disposal. (I know, I know, but its the best answer I have at the moment). 2. At TGIF show time, it seems I keep getting called to the Pentagon to kick somebody off the AF and Army network because of some impropriety they committed.
  2. I had enemy south and north of Rail Yard. Both my tanks were immobile and I could hear all kinds of stuff coming at me. LOL GJ Red.
  3. Sorry fellas, On my way to Ft. Bragg. Duty called early this morning. I had mortars and warrior plt in CT Perseus. might make it back for later missions. Sorry Gibb
  4. Bingo! The unit is in fact set to Suppress tactics. Changed it to defend and they stopped firing on multiple replays of the scenario. Thanks Rotar
  5. LOL I found him. The unit that is firing as soon as the mission starts is B-1 /2 / A HMG team (MG3), 3 man team. The idiot that is prone on the road immediately south of Obj Alpha and his team mate behind the wall. Both fire for no reason at all. In the scenario where they shot another team, that team was in the house across the street in the screenshot. I'm not good at capturing game footage but hopefully this gives a clue. I tried to zip the sce and place it here but it's too large.
  6. The first time that I observed it was in the AAR after playing as Blue. I played it again as Red to watch the Inf. They fired but didn't kill anyone although I can't figure out what they were firing at as blue units are clearly out of range and sight. Scripted Artillery was one of my thoughts but I initially brushed it off thinking who in their right minds would call arty on trps for no reason with the enemy on the other side of the map. Blue clearly does not have preplanned arty. I'm gong back to the original scenario and removing blue to post it here if they fire again.
  7. From my early days in the BBS (Online Bulletin Boards) community until today, I think that has to be the best response I have ever seen concerning online gaming. Bravo Ssnake. From historical observation I know you didn't post that simply to gain applause but it most definitely deserves it. Clap Clap Clap.
  8. Yeah the wire is pretty tough. Especially after a "Million Dollar minute". My driver gunner and stinger dismount team never liked the part where we had to remove all the wires from the vehicle and clear our fighting position. Try and yank the wire from a sprocket or some object on top of the hull and you can get a nasty cut if you aren't wearing gloves.
  9. In the edited scenario the idiots keep shooting for no reason that I can see. I even took all Blue units out of the scenario and they are still shooting LOL. One of the kills said Red was hit by HE but didn't not list a firing vehicle or inf unit. When I added the blue units back and played the scenario they fire but didn't register a kill against own trps anymore. Strange indeed. I'll tweak the scenario and try to capture some good screenies. Right now Im having fun
  10. The original uploaded scenario said it happened. But edited after playing that one mission so i don't know if it's continuous. I'll fire the edited version up and see if it is a constant thing
  11. Has anyone else seen infantry (non missile team) shoot each other with no enemy within range? My closest brads were at least 7 kilometers away. While going over the AAR five minutes into the scenario the AAR playback stopped with red blah blah blah destroyed by red blah blah blah. Scenario - Breach and occupy (latest scenario uploaded). I played in 3.019 and changed the Blue units to Seps and Brads. Removed the penalty zone and added some Red T-90's. Confused as to how those changes would cause AI fratricide when there was no reason to even fire.
  12. Viper-3


    V, I haven't seen it lately but in the old days when you lazed a target there was a "+" on the F5 map view. Is there a way to incorporate something like this into the FIST vehicle or infantry FO team viewpoint. FIST vehicle lazes a target and if Apaches are in the scenario they can pop up and fire a laser only missile then seek cover/concealment again. The missile would then rely on the ability of the requesting vehicle to maintain laser lock. Same for Infantry FO teams. Basically similar to a GLID and copperhead shot. The fore-mentioned could simulate the Kiowa/Apache partnership I imagine la
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