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  1. Ofcourse i would choose the 9040, the gun as amazing and contrary to what some of you have said it hits what you want to hit. IRL that is. The B1 and C version of the CV9040 has a awsome fire control system, the use of 3P has lenghten the lifespann some years. 40mm is extremly useful in urban arean and ofcourse to level a compound. After some years serving on the strf90 beast i wouldn't trade it for anyother IFV. Im not biased. The reason we didn't put a missile on it (except the cv9056) was that our btn's were designed to combine cv90's and strv121(122) on a small scene. Where the cv90's were, so were the tanks. And at the time we designed the cv90 the 40mm was enough to kill most tanks in most attitudes. Since then tanks has evovled, but the use of the cv90 has become less armor focused and more soft-target focus, making a "missile-upgrade" not cost-worthy. In Afghanistan 4-5 40mm 3P does the same work as a TOW, fighting armour isn't one of our tasks anymore :cul:
  2. The new Swedish mechbtn consists of three cv9040 companies, tanks are independent coys today. Althou the tank coys are in peacetime tied to one of the mechbtns.
  3. In my platoon in Afghanistan we shouted "road recon!" on the net. As long as you were the only one realizing you were lost, you could always say that you needed to recon that road or terrain. Worked great! seven months, never lost. Still use it..
  4. Happy new year guys! This year brings another trip to the desert.
  5. Trekker

    Movement tactics?

    Like Gary said, you´ll get the right answer when you do it and succeed or fail. It depend on a numerous factors, but generally: - How far apart are we talking? To far apart and you cant use the other element to support, by fire, casevacs and so on. To far apart and you´ll have harder to control the other element, even if you´r still within radio range, seeing the terrain and controlling your unit by landmark is easier then by map or C2 systems. In a contact it will be more difficult coordinating a assault or retreat when you can´t see your second team and how far they have gotten. But! by dividing your unit you have a greater chance of surprising your enemy, and your maneuvers are easier concealed with a smaller unit. - The enemy? How many, preparations they might have done or had the time to do, minefields and so on. Minefield might halt the whole assault if you travel in one valley and you´ll loose time backtracking. Using two avenues you have a bigger chance in making it (more a company view then a platoon on this last point) -Time? How much time do you have to take the terrain. Are you taking it to defeat the enemy or is the terrain key terrain? Are you supposed to provide over watch for another platoon then it´s probably time critical. Are you to kill the enemy you might have more time. Four tanks/ifv you have bigger firepower, four tanks have a greater chance to observe the enemy tank and four round are less likely to miss then one. And against a live opponent you´ll create a decision making process if you present the enemy with more then one target, time that you hopefully use to kill him with. I always try to keep my platoon as one unit, it makes command easier, more firepower and i can react to the enemy faster and with more firepower and ability to maneuver.
  6. The driver of the Cv9040A-C has a presentation-unit that shows the direction of the turret, as well as if the gun is outside the hull. It don´t show elevation on the CV9040. The TC has a similair unit, he can also controll how much the gunner can swing the gun by using two modes: "Frontpansar till" limiting the canon movement to within the hull. Very usefull in forests. "Obegränsad Riktmod" this overrides the "normal" traverse limitation, and allows the gunner to go 360degree.
  7. Trekker

    Battle order?

    In Sweden we use Orientering (orientation about the situation.) Beslut (decicion - what the commander deicided) Order (to the units.) Or Order could be changed to Kommando (command) if it´s small unit order.
  8. APC's are white. IFV's are usually black, but has been seen in purple. So, now you know.
  9. Add to it aswell that BILL2 is a rather old missile, whit no upgrades since the early 90´s. Only 2km range, so it's effective inside the 40mm range and it's slow. There is some IFV vs tank tactical advantages, but as KT pointed out, our IFV is never far from a tank. There is a only a prototype of the CV9056, the prototype had the missile gunner in the fighting compartment, not the wisest idea, but the cheapest since no hard or soft-ware needs to be added to the GPS. I would say that this also added to the con side of the CV9056.
  10. The S-tank damn it! Would be fun in a defensive scenario. And ofcourse im still looking for a playable BMP-1!
  11. Well, right now we´r at home so i guess the swedes are behaving. On tuesday we return and can start our havoc again
  12. Damn im missing this. Well, both me and WB is holding the asian desert calm at the moment. Our first leave isn´t until late july, so we´r really sorry to miss this. Take carre all!
  13. Im sad to miss this one. Sounds like a great party.
  14. Do they assume the recruit clientele all suffer from hyperactivity disorder?
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