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  1. I downloaded 4.1 and when I try to open a scenatio I get a 'cannot open height map' or something like this ( I am not at my PC right now ) can someone help?
  2. 3r22r

    license? [RESOLVED]

    Un-installed the last version, new one does not work, message says : Lisence failure Do I need to buy a new licence?
  3. Can not remember how to install the new vwesion, been a long time since I un-installed to add the new version, can anyone tell me where to find a step-by-step install?
  4. In a nutshell; the natives are getting restless.
  5. 3r22r

    Short rounds

    A weird thing happens with Hydra rockets when fired from Tigers et AH-64 Apache, the rockets always hits the ground short of the target vehicle by at least 5 meters. Anyone had that problem?
  6. 3r22r

    winter scenario

    Good copy, thanks Quote: `Ice tends to reduce traction` you got that right, when you see an M-113 doing a 360 on a plat sheet of ice (no grousers of course ) note on the Carl Gustal 84mm: first time you fire it (either gunner or in my case loader) you feel like you get hit in the face real hard by the backblast, there was a frozen pond behind us 5cm thick and it shattered at the first rocket fired.
  7. 3r22r

    winter scenario

    Hi all, can somebody show me how the add snow coverage in a winter setting? Thanks in advance P.S. I saw a M2 Carl Gustal AT launcher in the 'We love screenshots' I could not find it in the optional menue, anyone?
  8. 3r22r


    found the website but I dont read german, I have to register but google translation sucks.
  9. 3r22r


    Anyone knows if a winter skin exists for the CV90C?
  10. For anyone who speeks and understand french, has anyone ever seen a TV serie called 'Tank, dans l'enfer des combats' a 4 part serie starting in ww1 from the French Army view, beginning with french Gen. Estienne, the father of french tanks, amongst others. I did learn details even if there are some errors that I noticed.
  11. Good day all. I am playing Frozen Hell ( Finnish Battle Group ) Can anyone tell me how to make the company advance at the same speed as the CO or XO or at least keep pace. I tried 'attach to' but it does not work, I would like to know. Can someone help me? P.S. Why do vehicles fall into rivers and cant get out or get stuck by trees or other obstacles, ( talk about AI ) I loose assets on a regular basis.
  12. During the first Golf War there were cases of AFVs taken out after a sabot round went through a sand berm or even another AFV (in those cases a BMP) so killing two birds with one stone is a real possibility.
  13. Any way to be notified about the next version of SB?, I learned about new version several days later. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. 3r22r


    Well you CAN change squad MG from PKM to M240 to MG3 so it was worth asking.
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