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  1. Video Thread

  2. I can only say THANKS Gibsonm!!! That was a well prepared event. Really niice briefings, documents, the storyline, very inmersive...all in all a great event!! I did participate in all 3 and I had a great time. Thanks!!
  3. Very interesting!! Thanks
  4. Tha was an intense mission. Well done OPFOR. !!!!! Our platoon destroyed around 13 enemy vehicles mostly tanks but we were cought in a crossfire in a very nice planned kill zone and we were all destroyed in a short time. I have enjoyed fighting along my Spanish colleagues, Colebrook and Red2112. Thanks to the organizers and scenario creator for the event. Looking forward to the next one.
  5. For this scenario I like your skins better
  6. Hi Major Duck, I was talking with Colebrook and we would like to assemble an Spanish Tank platoon for this mission. Would it be possible that you group me with Colebrrok and Red2121 in a Leo platoon? Thanks
  7. New request see a few posts below
  8. ArmA

    Surely the new Tanks in Arma3 will make playability more interesting.
  9. Article Link Really interesting article
  10. T-84 Modernized version

    Malyshev to deliver modernised T-84 MBTs to Ukrainian Army for trials
  11. Land 400 Phase 2 - and the winner is .....

    Looks like a vey capable vehicle!!! I would love to have it in SB fully modelled.
  12. Can we play on?

    I fully agree with Gibson statement. I also like the concept of playing the book storyline. Using older gear also provides a very good challenge. A very good briefing and a clear understanding of the limitations of the vehicles would help. Also it would be good that a very fine tunned balance between BLUEFOR and OPFOR equipment is calculated. In my oppinion having T-72 B2 (1985) was a litte bit futuristic for a 1984 and considering the Leo1AS limitations a very tough enemy for an scenario with only Leos and no TOW. Said this I am all for the campaing and I would love to continue it as it is.
  13. Video Thread

  14. Leopard 2A5 for 3Reg Lipe and for me please Looks very interesting
  15. Thank you very much for the game yesterday. Was very interesting!! Sorry I could not stay for the debriefing, had to wake up very early and it was getting late. Really good leadership and comms. Thanks to DBoy to allow us to ride in some of his vehicles when we had ours in repair. My only comments about yesterday was that it was probably a little bit too ambitious to cover all this terrain with the small number of units we had and securing not only one but 3 objectives. Watching the AAR, you can see we had a lot of enemies in our rearguard because we had not the time or resources to secure the zone. This could have been a little bit dangerous if the enemy would have exploited it properly. The Cv-9035/DK is an awesome vehicle but takes ages to reload and the tempo of this operation specially on the last part of it did not allow for much reloading so in some case we were facing the enemy very low on ready ammo. Said this I had great time and I am looking for the next one of this fantastic campaign. Thanks