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  1. Thanks for the work to get this organized Gibsonm. Very much appreciated!
  2. COA 2 as well. This is such an special event that we should enjoy it at its max. Worth the wait.
  3. This time I cannot make it since I will be travelling the next days. Have fun!
  4. Thanks for the mission. It was quite interesting. I will be offline the next two weeks so I will miss at least two Sundays, See you in a couple of weeks. 😎
  5. I also reconfirm and although it is not guaranteed we may have also one or two more players from the Spanish Tizona, although at this moment I can only confirm my attendance for sure.
  6. I have not been able to confirm it until now. Mech Infantry. A53 if possible. Ths
  7. Sounds really interesting. If possible I would like one DF-30 in 1D. Thanks Would the DF-30 and DF-90 field APS? I see all vehicles with APS except the weak ones hehe.
  8. I also enjoyed the mission with the DF30. Thanks for the organization and leadership! Nice missionπŸ‘Œ
  9. I have downloaded the scenario and launched it check the equipment and ammo of my vehicle and I have found the dismounts have a very strange uniform, These are the ones in the DF30 Is this a bug or ....else?
  10. It is not that bad. I am used to the longer waiting time in the Pizarro for emptying shells. Still both great vehicles that can do a fantastic work.
  11. I think Marques post and comment about about this subject are related to the PE version and for this reason I do not think it may have a negative impact in the training of military organizations. Pls pls pls, give us the two dismounts option πŸ˜‰
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