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  1. It is not that bad. I am used to the longer waiting time in the Pizarro for emptying shells. Still both great vehicles that can do a fantastic work.
  2. I think Marques post and comment about about this subject are related to the PE version and for this reason I do not think it may have a negative impact in the training of military organizations. Pls pls pls, give us the two dismounts option ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. I regret to respectfully disagree. it is the scenario editor who defines the training scope and objectives. In Steel Beasts, vehicles can be added with our without dismounts and such dismmounst can carry multiple types of weapons. We have recently incorporated in 4.1 the capability of active protection systems to vehicles that in reality have not such system installed although they could eventually have it. If the option to transport a 2 dismounts exists in the vehicle, why it should not be an option to use is or not by the scenario designer? The sim allows very creative combinations, such loading US ATGM team carrying an Javelin in a BMP-2. I can even install an active protection system in the Centauro that is not used in real life but I cannot carry 2 dismounts that although this profile is not actually in use by the Spanish Army in a regular basis, the capacity to do so exists. As scenario designer I would like to have the option to define how the vehicles are equiped and what loadaouts are carried. SB allows a nice variety of combinations. I do not see a โ€žnegative training curveโ€œ gives me options to select vehicles loadout, ammunition, soldier uniform colour or optional weapons. The scenario designer is in my opinion responsible to configure such option in a way they meet the scope and criteria of the intended training objectives
  4. The Centauro is in my humble oppinion the sexiest and most interesting vehicle in the whole SB. But forgive me,I am very biased. ๐Ÿ˜ Has no protection so even a car with an M2 can destroy it but packs a severe punch that when properly administered can destroy or dissable any vehicle in the sim. Allows you to move real fast and stealthy in the battlefield. The only thing I miss is that in the early version of the vehicle in the sim it carried a team of two observers dismopunts but that was removed for some obscure reason. That capability that still exists on the real vehicle made it a real reccon vehicle. From time to time I repeat my request in the Steel Beast Wishlist to restore the capability of carrying observers, so far unsusscesfuly. Maybe Nils will read it here In any case my favourite vehicle.
  5. Thanks for the mission to the editor, organizers and leadership. !!! ๐Ÿ‘
  6. Fantastic. I was waiting for an scenario with the new vehicles. Looks really interesting. Please a possition for me in a DF 30. If available Beast 14. By the way there is an error on the text. It says August 18 but I guess you mean Sunday 25th August.
  7. If you liked The Defense of Hill 781, you may also like this other one
  8. Sorry, my mistake. I got confused with the information of this thread that holds similar titles, videos and content -Rolling Thunder 16 - Back Story
  9. I think I can make it to Option 3. and I think some friends from the 3Reg Tizona may be interested in participating as well. Keep you posted on that. Just one question about equipment, The list I have seen it is in a post of 2016. is this the finnal equiment list to be used or do you plan to add some of cold war vehicles such the M-60A3 TTS..?
  10. Thanks for the mission, the organization and leadership!
  11. Happy to help!! Welcome to the forums Sheridan! Bienvenido
  12. Thank you both for the explanation. ๐Ÿ‘
  13. There is a download option called "legacy Map Installer". I donwloaded and installed it but after installation I cannot find neither where it is installed or how to mak it work and what functionalities does it has
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