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  1. Sorry, but I can´t get the reason for this Discussion! In 1985 as I was a Tank Gunner it was the usual Technic to fire from the move and when we switch to EMES 15/18 all NCO said "This can be done by a trained Monkey". So were is the Problem? What do you want to do and why it do not work? Ask and I will tell you .....
  2. Doctrines were made by People sitting on a wooden Table, not by Tankers sitting on a Steel Beast. If it is possible to make the decisions on Battle Field by a Tank, why still Men are is sitting inside ?
  3. Sorry to say, but that is completely nonsense. As a Tank Cdr or a Plt Ldr you have to do several "Visual Thinks" parallel and every Second at the Battlefield: - What Terrain in Front and Behind my Tank? - Where is my next BP in Front or Behind my Tank? - Where are my Wingman, Plt Ldr, CO, attached Elements? - Where are the other Platoons? - Where is the Eny and what can he do? - Where is my Wingman shooting at and is he hitting the Target? - Where is my Tank shooting at? - Can I hear something? - Is my Tank in a good Shape? - What is the b
  4. L7 and M68 are not the same Guns is a Fact, M60 never wins a NATO Tank Challeng is the next.....
  5. Count me in for Grennies Marder Platoon, it´s fun ;-=
  6. Thank you all for this great Weekend! I hope to see you all back at Aben Hede next Year. In 2017 I don´t leave at Sunday and hopefully in a better healthy condition.....
  7. Sorry, but this looks like a Rocket, not like a KE Penetrator ?!
  8. That would be a top highlight, sometimes... Illumination by Carl Gustav or Searchlight "Achtung Weißlicht"
  9. More Informations on that: http://www.geschichtsspuren.de/artikel/34-verkehr/135-sperren-wallmeister.html I hope you can translate that.
  10. My wish for 2016: Don´t let command Idiots Tanks !
  11. That´s a Nice "Little" Christmas Gift. Thank´s a lot! It needs a little bit of rework, but I think its made after Christmas. Aaaaaah Christmas 2017 ;-) This Projekt is much more easier to update, because Towns and Streets are in the right Place and the Landmarks are correct: I Love it. Klietz and the Gefechts Übungszentrum Altmark (CMTC) is a very interesting Area. I´ll keep you updated!
  12. "we do wear ear protection under our speaker set. Yes, unbelievably we do use Ohropax ear protection inside our ears and the headset on top" L O L !
  13. Do you ever use manual control Handles in a Tank ?
  14. I`m very exited to see what the international Community has to say to the sce. and to fight aside JohnO. (Thank you for joining this and die besten Grüße an Deine Frau) This are two of my last Scenarios that should show little task for a 3 ~ 15 User training Group and there are some special Tasks just known by Bundeswehr. As far as I know the first Time one of my Sce. is translated to English Language, so thx to Duke. I hope you enjoy and: See you on the Battlefield ! FUBAR
  15. I will do the CO 4./ PzBtl 911 (v)... hey it´s my Company !
  16. If I remember it right, you can lase 3 times in 4 Seconds .... if you lase more the Laser need ~ 10 Seconds to refresh and you see a standing 999.
  17. Eeeeeh, I don´t get it, what is going wrong? If you lase and one Pixel out of Target (for the Sim and Leo 2A5 for Example) the FCS will show the distance of the second Echo and start blinking... If your Laser is not ready (Lasing 26 Times in a Minute) it will show 999 ! You have to know how a LRF is working, this is not WoT Guys.
  18. Sorry, Sever was down... Now you can see the "very small map with a crossroad in the center, surrounded by swamp(?) and a square road around it" ;-)
  19. Sorry "Auto Bild" this is the Leopard 2 Revolution Demonstrator, over 5 Years old .... AMAP-ADS could be also integrated in Leo 2A6/A7 without any Problems. I don´t aspect the Budeswehr to downgrade the Leo 2 A6/A7 fleet to upgrade them to this or upgrade some 113 Leo 2A4 due to Spareparts- and Maintenance Problems.
  20. This is a Video blackhill make in 2012 after a 911 LAN Party. You can see the way from MARBACH - SARGENZELL to STEINBACH Notice the Landscape, it´s nearly the same all around FULDA
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