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  1. In the mid 80´s we have forwarded Ammo- and Fuel Dumps, but not in forward GDP Positions. Bundeswehr did it this way (we called NATO Alarm) move out of the Garrison, get Battle ready and grab your Ammo and Fuel (100 %), move by Train to your GDP Room. A second 100% Ammoload is transported by the Ammo Group of each Battalion to the GDP Room (That were Areas 25 - 30 Km behind the Borderline). In the Mid 80´s we have minimum one Time a Year a little visit in our GDP Rooms, certainly in civil Clothes and with taped Number plates and Tactical Signs ;-) May be a good starting is this Link: http://
  2. Looks perfect, the northern Part is needed because of a new Training Sce. they do in the GÜZ. If further Information needed, I´ll keep you informed.
  3. You serve in Garlstedt ? I´m from Cuxhaven ;-) This might be of interest: http://www.orbat85.nl/order-of-battle/nato-command-structure.html#command-structure
  4. Tjay I respect this ban, sometimes it is better to Stop Things than let it escalate more. DA: It´s OK for me, but I thought it would be of interest for the commercial Users of SB too. Comes Time comes Map, perhaps if a other User ask for it. So give me virtual Five, have a virtual Beer and have a new start.
  5. So, the Sig is gone. When can I expect the Map ?
  6. That´s nice, so you reduce me to my Signature ? Is this your way to say: I not able to ?!
  7. Good luck, I wait since 08-26-2013-05.56 PM for a Answer!
  8. Bad News, very bad News....
  9. Excellent Work KT, next Beers in Oksbol are for free (and some Sun lotion) .
  10. I´m not "down", German Soldiers are never "down".
  11. What are you, a positive Nazi ? Or just a Troll ?? It´s too boring with no Facts, just blablabla I´m out before it escalate....
  12. LOL CC will never respect other meanings, never will read other comments and reflect to them. Talk to such People is to talk to nowadays Nazis. My 2 Cent.
  13. What I can read, you started the Nazi and political Discus of this ?! Without any deeper knowledge, as far as I can understand your writings. So what about the Facts of Wittmann´s death?
  14. What part of "No more political Discussion" you don´t understand ? Or is it just the deep hate against all from Germany ? If so take a look what your Country did the last 60 Years.
  15. So let´s stay at the 007 File from History Channel. If possible,can anybody tell me why 007 lost both Tracks due to Firefly AP Fire ?
  16. You´re right, no political Discussions here.
  17. Nice start of a endless Discussion here. It´s to easy to belief what BBC an History Channel said. But if you don´t want to research, belief it: - Wittmann was a Tank ace (No, not even a good Tank Commander) - All NSDAP Members are hardcore Nazi´s (No) - All Germans know about the Holocaust (No) - All Soldiers know about Holocaust (No) - 007 were killed by a Firefly (No) - All Waffen SS Soldiers worked in a KZ (No) But now let´s start the Discussion...... Btw I´m not a Nazi, but all of my Family must be one, I´m just interested in (the correct) History.
  18. Sure you´r right, if a Tank move (lets say) 200 Km the Track is hot, but the rest of the Tank is much more hot. So the Temperature of Track is not significance in a TIS ?! And I think that was the Question in this Thread ......
  19. We are talking about Tracks, not Wheels!
  20. The Tracks will ( mostly ) have the same Temperature the Tank has, so no significant higher Temperature as the Rest of the Tank. Under normal circumstances the Track will be cooler than the Rest of the Tank, because of cooling down while touching the Ground and cooling while moving at high Speed at the Hull side. The "Temperature Transfer" at the Drive Sprocket is that minimal, that you do not notice it at a TIS...
  21. KT is right (hope your Sunburn is better now ;-) ) So, if the Track on the Ground is not "moving", why should it become hot ?
  22. Why should a Track get noticeable hot ? That leads me to my old Question to my Drivers: "Were is the Track faster when a Tank drive 35 Km/h, Downside or Upside? "
  23. http://www.rheinmetall-defence.com/de/rheinmetall_defence/public_relations/news/detail_1408.php
  24. Damaged by what? Small Arms (5,56 - 7,62 mm) Auto Cannon (20 - 30 mm) Arty up to 155 mm ????
  25. It multiplicative the Effect of ERA (if it Effect on KE Rounds), because the Surface is that much bigger.
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