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  1. So we have T72 now, I want the Godfather (Mother) of all modern Tanks: I wont stop this shit until we have it !!
  2. So they use the traditional Colors ? 1. White 2. Red 3. Yellow 4. Blue 5. Green...... Interesting !
  3. I know that, the Model is the Model. So I expect no Wonders.... For the GDA Headgear, the russian Helmet just need a Net, I think Next Prob is the G3 as a standard weapon for Bundeswehr at that Time........
  4. Good Job, but can you do somethink like this? Or this So we have a Set of Cold War Uniforms.....
  5. Aaaand, please a Infanterie Tamplate (russian) God Jul!
  6. Very nice Vid Vati, without this shitty Music... Thx a lot.
  7. Or try to defend from static Positions, like the Irakies did.......
  8. Version 1.2


    It´s a old Mod, only posted with the Leop 1A3 Skin. But someone asked for it... Let the good Times roll and turn your Speakers on ;-) Now a "Not so Loud" Version ;-=
  9. LOL, believe what you want to, LOL . After 8 Years of Service with this Machine it´s to boring to talk to People like you, try to find their knowledge from Books or the Internet. I hope you never read "jump from the Bridge"! Last post to This Topic.
  10. My ol`Lady, sweet as always. Leop 1 rulez, and I want a cast Turret Model !!
  11. What ? OK. I`ll stop to feed the Troll. Do you have any Documents for this, no ! Read your "Books" and try to understand.
  12. So, now we are Miles away from your basic question. Nope, it was a Mix of 8th Batch Hulls and 1st - 3rd Batch Turrets. We´re talking about Mid 80´s Leop 2, didn´t we ? We are talking about Chobham Armor, didn´t we ? So talking of penetration in a "LOS- thickness" is nonsens. Chobham works other ways! The Need for a "Mannheimer Konfiguration" was given by the use of New KE Projectiles. But this was at Mid 90´s, so Year´s after what you are questioning for. Only way to improve a existing Turret is to change used Materials or to saddle it up, as A5..
  13. No, there is (still) no official Data (same to Chobham), but if you compare http://collinsj.tripod.com/protect.htm#16 you will see: all speculations! German Army, KMW and Rheinmetall never list what they do to the armor of Leop 2. My Argument is, when it´s possible to upgrate the given Armor of Leop 2A0 - 4, why they upgrate to a Leop 2A5 ? I once see Trials shooting 125 mm at front Armor Leop 2 in Meppen 1986 and I see no Needs to upgrate the Front armor of Leop 2.
  14. That´s a never proven rumor. With 5th Batch they install Spall Liners that should increase the Armor. If you scrawl down a bit, you will see a List with protection Data RHA against KE and HEAT Rounds. With the "new" Track Protection (Kettenschürzen) they increase the Protection for the Hull 690 mm RHA at the Turret against KE Rounds is the official Data for all Leop 2 up to A5.
  15. A good Source: http://www.fprado.com/armorsite/leo2.htm
  16. Thats right, the first batch (A0 w/o TIS but with PZB 200) were introduced 1979 - 1982 Second and third Batch (A1 with TIS) came in 1982 - End of 1983. In the same Time all A0´s were upgradet with TIS as Leop 2A2. So we have a account of ca. 1.200 Leopard 2 with TIS at the End of 1983. 4th Batch came in 1983/84. Leop 2A4 was introduced as Batch five End 1985 - 1987. But as far I understand, you mentioned: And that´s wrong ! Up to Leop 2A5 all Batches have the same armor protection. Only difference is, with Batch 5 the Ammunition Hatch was closed.
  17. Sorry, but first Leop 2 came in the End of 1979 !
  18. I want a cast Turret Model !
  19. Just disable LRF and TIS and it´s good !
  20. Check this, Tables are on the Button: http://www.kotsch88.de/munition.htm Sorry, it´s in german only.
  21. No, it´s Plastic or as it was called in the GDR "Plaste". ;-)
  22. That should be the oilmotor for the hydraulics, that is pumping up pressure every 50 seconds..... ?!
  23. A way would be to script conditions for RED Side and use them on Blue Side... ?? RED A1 is at X --> if Red condition is true --> send message to BLUE....
  24. Eh, why not use 5 (or more) Events ? - Enemy in X is <2 - Enemy in X is <4 - Enemy in X is <6 - Enemy in X is <8 - Enemy in X is <10
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