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  1. You need the right tactics (arty and movement/direct fire/arty and movement... and so on), then T62 is a mighty weapon....
  2. It´s the standard F9 view for the Driver so...........
  3. PzBtl 911 is planning a rebirth of The Long Night of Tanks. This Project is still in a planning Phase, so no exact Date jet. The Plan is do simulate a real Maneuver German Army Tankers do since 2001 at the NATO Training Area Bergen. After having a detailed Map of the Area (thx to Warulf), it will be a H2H with a 3 h Timeframe. In real it takes 72 h..... RED (US, but I can switch it easily ;-) ) have to flexible defend with a balanced MechInfCo. Blue have to attack with Tank heavy TkCo. To make it as realistic as possible, I have some questions to the US Guys, first is: What lookes a Co sized
  4. Do we have a Map of this area ? More Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Khafji
  5. You need Expat Shield Launch: http://expatshield.com/
  6. Eisenschwein

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    Thats, what I mean....
  7. Eisenschwein

    IDF new

    Oh, killing a Cow in Palestina. That´s the way they do it, so what ?? But what is the reason to post it here, do you need a little break ??
  8. Wouaaaaahhhhh ! I hope to see more of your excellent work sone !!
  9. I try too, but it´s to big ( over 12 mb). I´m looking for webspace then it goes.....
  10. In Germany this Training Table is called "MG Üb 2". All Crew Members must know how to shoot the MG 3 at ground Targets.... What if your Track is lost and 3 Man have to work on it... What if you have to fight against multible soft Targets..... What if you need firepower in two different directions (drive trough the woods).... What if you have to cover the close Area around the Tank.... 50. cal is a extreme cool peace of Steel, i wish we could have something like this on the Leop too !!
  11. If you are in this area don´t miss the Hürtgenwald and Henri-Chapelle. Some of the "quietest locations" I ever see...........
  12. No, the circle is 30 cm, so you can use it with 500 m too. And yes this was a shooting at 1.000 m. Have a look at the "Zollstock" ;-)
  13. Jep, here is a a picture (120mm MZ Üb/ 1.000m)
  14. First off all it depends on the Ammo you use, second are YOU doing all right..... I dono know much of bore sighting and seroing M1´s, BUT I know all of doing this at Leo 2 L44. It´s a german gun, so the Procedure must be nearly the same.... Leo 2 have to be boresight at 500 m with a allowed spray ( can someone help out, what is the term for "Streuung"?) of 30 cm (KE DM 33/53/53L). You also can borsight at 1.000 m with allowed spray of 50 cm. The "Lasercircle" (inner part of the sight) is 0,5- (thats 50 cm at 1.000m) in all, so if you fire with 1.000 m all shot have to be in this circle. If you
  15. Just give me some and I´ll kick Asses ;-)
  16. Try to: - Use Biber not MT55 (longer Bridge) - Use March, Breach, March Route - Set the Waypoints carefully and not to close to the Water - There should be NO Trees on the Route - The Riverside should be as flat as possible - Try, try try hope it helps........
  17. I put one in the DL Section....... Olive Drab from PzBtl 304, hope you like it ?!
  18. Version 1.0


    Olive drab Bundeswehr Skin from PzBtl 304 and some Soudfiles. Version 2.552
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