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  1. Not for me, do it for Scorpius. And change the copyright on your Site aswell.
  2. Wow, Doc you made a 100% copy of Scorpius "Quick and Dirty" Skin.. http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/282/p13_fileid/1121 Must be hard work......
  3. It was an honor to fight aside all this brave men! So its a privilege to wear this ribbon!! Thanks to Zip for this amazing campaign,thats what all of us are dreaming for a long time.
  4. Eisenschwein

    More M1A1

    Sure they did not, and this is a complete fake: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1845267775151177192#
  5. Thats what a crunchy think...... ;-) The only thing to avoid the smoke and dust , is a drive trough. That didn't depend on where you are around the world.
  6. Eisenschwein

    More M1A1

    WOW ! In german I would say: "Ganz großes Kino" !! Keep on the great work !!
  7. German ABC Systems work with overpressure and you have to lock the breach. I think its the same with US Systems.
  8. That was a very tricky Situation when the M88 get´s lost. There should be a breach in that Minefield, but I spotted one damaged M 113 AND this ugly little black Cans and stop my Plt M1´s. In that Moment the 88´er runs aside in the Minefield, BUMMMMMMM. I think he didn't see my red Light....
  9. Here is a first WIP Leop 2A4 early 80´s. I use dpabrams fantastic skin, so the most work is done by him! For the decals use Hackworth fatastic Set of german decals. http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/277/p13_fileid/1722
  10. Jep, the light is the key I think and the color must be more gray or grayisch. In 1983 / 84 this Cats are brand new and in 1984 they start to paint them in 3 tone Camo. The paint was ABC resistant, thats why it becomes more flat by the Time and the worn Spots are darker, must be the same to US Tanks at that time. Keep on the good work and if you need some more references drop me a line.
  11. WOW ! That will fit perfectly my Leo 1A3 BW in Olive. I think the green must be more drab, see here: http://m136.de/bellende-meute-83-galerie
  12. Excellent work ! Thanks for sharing !!
  13. That should be the Position to Sero down the PERI.
  14. No Problem, what I want to say is every new guy with SB have a lot of choices where to go. The only thing is, what style is preferred, Coop tactical, shooter, H2H and the time zone. I think here in the US Forum is the first place to hook up and join, here is the place of the "old spirit" !
  15. Only missing is the use as a pan to make some fried eggs on it... We call them Spateneier, have a look:
  16. ... and no more spamming other Forums. Good luck to TF 2011 !
  17. Hehehe, you see everyone is making his knife sharp ;-) Depents on what stile you prefer and in witch timezone. So, you are welcome all over the world to join online games with SB!
  18. Thats right, fighting not speaking german is no Prob with 911. So you are welcome to join us or to join TF2011. Test it and find out.
  19. They are , ähhh, crunchy:
  20. One of our Members did this: http://www.steelbeasts.org/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=497 Its a Platoon Sized CoOp in the Dark with NVG. Orders are in german, but must be that one you search for. have fun !
  21. Someone call me ? Were are you from, Unit Please. LRF shows 999 when you have no Laser Echo, or when the distance is given manually. So it´s the same with danish 1A5. If the distance is > 200 or < 10000 it should show 000. For "Kampfvisier" it should display E00 Leo 1 Tankers only close the Hatches before or in Arty Fire and in Citys or so, we always where told to command out of the Hatch. If you do so you need 2 Seconds to go to the Loaders Side. But I would prefer to reach the next Cover to do so That depants on a accident with two stupid mechanics, one of them was hardly injured.
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