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  1. Sorry congo, but NO ! Top speed is what you can run under optimal conditions. Try it with a Fiat 500 on a Field near to you. But we have to have an Eye on the hp to ton ratio effect on different terrains.... My loved Leo 1 is to slow on some terrains too, I think ;-)
  2. Not me, in the last Picture I count over 15 Mistakes with the Cammo. Is this always the way you do it ??
  3. Skinning is very relaxing :-) Same Time Period, same Place, different Army:
  4. Where is Chuck Norris ?? BTW: Chuck Norris can not walk across Water !! The Water is to anxious.
  5. German Tankers try to never use Lights Inside Tanks.
  6. Yep, I think it´s the german Way... When I was a the german Tank Shool for NCO first Time in 1985, they told us to keep the Hatch open all the time. Just close them in direct arty fire or when passing a Village. We are watching the Firefights of our Wingman unbuttoned and correct them. I don´t know what they say now with the 2A6, but I think nothing change instead of the "Hunter Killer" with the PERI . I visit a lot of other country´s tankers, UK, Denmark, US and so on, they all use Helmets. I never ever get one that fits my Ironhead ;-)
  7. It´s a traditional and practical Thing. In my times, my Driver and Gunner wear this russian style helmet (after we got them end of 1988) my Loader wear nothing instead of a KE Round ;-) and I wear a rebuild headset with my black Barret. Here is a little reading (sorry it´s only in German) http://www.pzaufkl.de/include.php?path=content/articles.php&contentid=26 So the Fact is, the only official German Battle dress with a Barret is that one with the black Barret for the German Panzertruppe. All other have to wear their Fieldcaps.
  8. Next try, engage with MG, when only MG Ammo is on board.........
  9. Sure, when you shoot short... I think everything works with the Pizzaro ammo, try it against a BMP! Last but not least: You have to hit the Infantry to kill them. Visual effect isn´t the same as for M2, please try again.
  10. Sorry missed this Thread so far. But it isn´t that easy, since 1980 structure of German mechanized Recce Battalions change, let me count, 7 times !! We start 1980 with Heeresstruktur 4 (IV1), to Heeresstruktur 4 (IV2) in 1982, over to Heeresstruktur 5 in 1990 and Heeresstruktur 5N in 1992 to Heeresstruktur 2000 in 1995. Then we have "Neues Heer für neue Aufgaben" beginning 1997 (New Army for new Challenges LOL) and now the so called "Transformation" since 2001. It´s easier to "transform" ever 2 Year instead of making new Structures ;-) Biggest Problem are the independent Recce Platoons witch a
  11. You are a very lucky guy !! I did my last Round 105x617 with the 3rd Kampvogneskadron, 1 Panserbataljon Jydske Dragonregiment in Oksbøl 2004-03-31. Eskadronchef was named Nielsen, do you know him ??
  12. Hmm, what about this: http://www.kotsch88.de/tafeln/st_120mm-mz.htm and http://www.kotsch88.de/m_120mm_smart.htm sorry, it´s in german......
  13. It´s not enough to put some Spanish insignia to it....... If you want to do a new skin, do a new skin!
  14. Who was the Inventor ?? Shoot him !
  15. And his Loader has the capability to get 16 Round downrange per Minute !!! I LOVE my ol´Lady......
  16. So go back to your hole and stay there.
  17. I think it´s, ääääh, rubbish !
  18. "I would rather have a German division in front of me, than a French one behind me" George S. Patton
  19. Dito For what reason we need a crewable T 72 ?? What I want is: Waving Gras, A Hulla Hup Group as 3rd Party with RED Flower Rings and AI Bees. If not I will fill this Forum with boring Posts for the next 10 Years.
  20. I think SPAIN will make it this time. Best Team worldwide, HOLLAND must give 130% to have a Chance. But: The best Team should win !
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