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  1. We fight every Night ! Feel free to join at: 911.familie-kuhrt.de:9987 See you
  2. Thx GO, nice reading! I notice it´s not so far from what I learn in GE....
  3. M2 is bloody slow riding backwarts. Both MechInfPlatoons ride at Path, so I don´t care. There were no Protection or Overwatch for this withdraw, so they did what they are for: fight the enemy and die! For the next battle I would prefer to command just one Flank and just 3 or 4 Platoons, if possible.
  4. Naa, BLUE wreck 126 RED Elements and lose 35 !!!!! B stop RED advantage in the south completly, C do their best in the middle and shoot them out. Only Thing what is missing, was a Counter Attack !! I don´t think BLUE have a Problem.
  5. Here we go, but isn´t it from Tacbat........ http://911.familie-kuhrt.de/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=82&act=down
  6. Good Job RED !!! Only Thing to do for BLUE was fall back ASAP.... Some Things I notice after watching the AAR: Bad luck with the Tiger; Too quick out of the Woods; US Guys on both Sides always turns around for withdrawal, why?
  7. Thanks, looks interesting !
  8. Is fighting Infantry a "Tankers Job" ? Why we don´t have ATM, Helicopter Decks and Arty on the Tanks ? We don´t need it ! So a Tank is Tank is a Tank.
  9. Разбуди меня в 0400 часов!
  10. Next Friday (Saturday) I will be on again !
  11. Сдавайся совет !! Sorry, but I have to work on Saturday. So don´t count on me for the next Battle. I hope Grenny is on.....
  12. BIG Thank for this! Enjoy it very much !! Not a waste of Time, to stand up 03:30 in the Morning ;-)
  13. My good ol´ lovely Lady is quicker and have better Optics.....
  14. For this one, we do it in TS 2 !!!! Please join TS at Later US TS at
  15. Sure, have a look: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/2933070/PzBtl911_invites_you_to_the_Lo.html#Post2933070
  16. There are only 3 chances to lock the PERI to the gunners view or the Position it is in the Moment. 1) Switch to "Beobachten" 2) Switch to "Indexpos" 3) Override If there is no Prob with your Key settings, the fault must be one of this. In your first Picture, you are locked to "Indexpos" So, this small Knob have 3 Positions, difficult to see, and you have to leave it in "12" position, then click in the Monitor. Thats how it works on my Machine.... ?
  17. I think I got your Problem. "12" "Indexpos" and "6" are 3 Positions you can switch your PERI to !!!! Be sure the small red Lamp is on, then your PERI should be stabelized. Hope it works.
  18. What´s with F2 /F3, same result ???
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