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  1. LOL, we learn to shoot like this in the early 80´s, without Laser ;-)
  2. Hoa, I kill them all ;-)
  3. This is, for german Panzertruppe, a long story with many Pro and Contra´s. If you wanna know them, I try to type it down...!
  4. Eisenschwein

    M1A1 pack

    Congrats, well done :-) Ähh for both !!
  5. Good Idea, I will join!!!! SB 1 rulez
  6. As far as I know US Army uses real scaled Targets. To hit them I would not lase anymore, just shoot...... I don´t see any challenge in this! Interesting to see what US use for training in simulators......
  7. That´s it exactly :-) Here is the the preview Sce. to have a first look at it (BtlERKUNDUNG). Sce. is not mine, I´m just doing the Orders and Advertising ;-) BtlERKUNDUNG.rar
  8. LOL, but this is "NUTS"! I´ll try to have a translation handy at LNoT XII !!
  9. OK, german short terms are: - a.B. = auf Befehl -> at Order - b.a.W. = bis auf Weiteres -> until new Orders - X91 = Panzerbrigade 91 - 4./- = 4th Company PzBtl 911 (for example) here we go: Befehl Kommandeur PzBtl 911 für den Angriff auf WALTERSHAUSEN / B89 / BALLSTADT 230600Zmai09 1) Lage: a) Feind: Feind greift mitr einer mechanisierten Division seit 3 Tagen aus NORD-OST in Richtung WESER an. Spitzen des Feindes in Stärke zweier mechanisierter Brigaden bis auf einen Raum PLÜTZE - BEGENSTEIN - NORMHAUSEN ca. 20.000 vor eigener Stellung vorgekommen. Spitzen einer mechanisierter Briga
  10. Do you Guy´s need a English Order for this , or is the graphic OpPl enough ??
  11. Haha, we lost the war. So everything comes around with SS is out of Law.... and we have a lot of liberal people who states Wehrmacht is criminal too. Thats modern Germany!
  12. Version 1.0


    German Bundeswehr Skin Pack with Netcamo and Markings for the new Version 2.460
  13. Fixed it by copying the right Hull Side in the older WIP. Thanks for this outstanding Skin ! Aaaaand it´s muddy enough now ;-)
  14. I don't know, is it the Light or the dust or the wrong Skin ?? Do you see what I mean ??
  15. Is it only me, or is the brown missing on the right hull side ??
  16. It´s more the real MUD
  17. Good Job congo ! And it is true, it is a dirtbag !! After 100 Meters the hull looks like 5 years War ;-) So please make the Hull a little more dusty/muddy like this:
  18. Great Stuff, outstanding . This not only a very nice artwork, it is part of German post war Tank history. Thanks for that !!
  19. Missing this: in all the skins...?
  20. Sorry, but No. I write a E-Mail to the TC and hope he replays... Here is another nice one from the 2./ PzLBtl 334 in better resolution:
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