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  1. I Germany we call it "Schnitzeljagd". Sorry, but senceless as allways.
  2. It is PzBtl 63, PzBtl 68 is Austria.
  3. Your time with 2./ PzBtl 74 ???????? When and were ???
  4. Some new "inspirations" for your great looking work the Plates at the Turret should be in Platoon Color with a simple A;B;C;D 1;2;3 or a nice Garfield ridin´a Dog Cartoon shown here. No Turret Numbers! http://911.familie-kuhrt.de/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=4946&d=1242755193 What about this one from PzBtl 363 Here is a crest 4./PzBtl 363 for theTurret Back and here the Buffalo There is a Version with the Buffalo on the right Mud skirt in light yellow too. 363 uses Turret Numbers following the "Y-Numbers" (License Plates). So if the Tank have Y- 123 466 the Turret Number will be 4
  5. And something completely different ;-) 2./ PzLBtl 334
  6. Here are some examples for German Tank Markings and a little "Wishlist" First PzBtl 34 and what is at the Turret: PzBtl 123 PzBtl 124 If you need more, here I am ;-)
  7. That´s a WOW! Just tested it, looking fantastic !! Just one little Thing: The circle at the number Plates is not just a circle... It looks like this: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/96/Bundeswehr-Zulassungssiegel.jpg If you need more input of German Army Decals call me. My next Sce. now will be a Leo 2A4 vs T72 (with the historical right Ammo)
  8. Yep, thats the way it goes... Make some different routes (up to 20) to go from and one to go with fuel low to a small penalty zone. Is it that what you´re looking for ?
  9. Thanx for this one! Looking good, can´t wait for the final Version.
  10. WOW ! Outstanding Job !! But PLEASE can anyone make some good skins for the Spanish Tanks !!! Bigger, better and of course one Bundeswehr Skin ;-)
  11. Hy and welcome here. As far I know ATGM fired from T 80´s are wire guidet trough the Gun Tube, so they can only fire it when the Tank stands still. Waiting to see your Sce...........
  12. Ooooooh Jan I realy like your Country and the people live in Denmark. No problems with you too. But, to wright down Germany lose Wars because we have the wrong tactics, and compare the Sichelschnittplan and Wacht am Rhein with 911 tactics or what SBG do is more than childish. And be careful to say German Army's are all losers, Danes were part of Wehrmacht too, so Danes are the same losers. Do you know Christian Frederik von Schalburg ??? But all this is not point of this debate, it is just a Point to see how SBG is thinking and acting. Much more of interest is to build some new Community´s a
  13. Sean thx for your replay. We want all this things in the past, but all were blocked by SBG. So it was what it was before, Arcade.
  14. How old are you, 12 ?? What a shit, but it is what I suspected!
  15. Sorry Billy all you write above is nonsense, so no quotes. SB is a SIMULATOR of reel tank tactics, not a game or something else. THAT is a fact you and your community has to understand! All the Sce. you and your guys throw in are made in Minutes. My opinion of a Sce. is NOT only to put some Units in a Map. Your "Tactic" you train is not what I learned for Years. Some examples? - Attacking with Maintenance, Medic, Recce or Infantry in front - Going around every boundary - Sitting on the highest Points and let KI fire - Using Woods to sneak around - Using single Tanks instead of the whole Plat
  16. You think M1 thermal Sight sounds like a 20 year old refridgerator ?? So, the same its for Leo 2. But, sorry it sound like this...........
  17. Being punished for writing in my native language last time (but i´m german....so): Welcome! You are in the same Timezone in Europe, so I hope we see us at the virtual Battlefield. Try every day from 9:11 h at our TS Server. All the luck you need for your community, from GE.
  18. Sorry, have to fix deployment zones for RED side. Here is the update: OperationVeritable08022008.rar
  19. Sorry for that, our Admin is Bavarian (so he can´t speek german either) ;-) Here we go: OperationVeritable08022008.rar
  20. The first Sce. is up. It is Password protected. The Thread in German: http://www.steelbeasts.eu/forum/showthread.php?p=13975#post13975 Direct download: http://www.steelbeasts.eu/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=3510&d=1234015416 We need a lot of Users to do it right, so CU tomorrow
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