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  1. No, they separate at 300 ~ 400 Meters.. So it´s a Joke !
  2. They fire a KE Round at 250 (!) Meters? Find the Error?!
  3. 3 Lessons learned: - Never burst 60 Rounds to the Air before start fighting - Never store your Gun in the Refrigerator before you start your Battle - Never say your Rifle is a good one, until your Ministry of Defense say the same You get what you pay for!
  4. Would be nice for the Future to be able to set a Path to 35 Km/h speed for all in a column, instead of 35% of 70 Km/h. 35% of 90 km/h and 35% of 110 km/h in a column.
  5. Copy, good Plan ! We also have to set a FOO in the "Mud Zone", you or me ?! I would suggest me, I´m a "Einzelkämpfer" ;-=
  6. Eisenschwein


    Oh Yuengling, or better Jüngling, from Württemberg GE. Still a lost to German Brewers... Had the Chance to have some a few Years ago in MI. Thumbs up!
  7. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=0cd_1295609192
  8. Then there are 132 CV 90 left in the Netherlands.
  9. No One force you not to get some of the realistic reloading of a T 72 on your own ?! Open your Window for 4 h before you start SB, put a Peace of 18 ~ 20 Kg Metal in your Refrigerator for the same Time. Knee down under your Desk and pull the Peace of Metal up to your desktop and down again and again, while the AI is reloading your T 72. For more realistic Atmosphere you can heat some hydraulic Oil or Diesel on a little Stove...... ;-=
  10. Russian ORBAT 1988: http://orbat.com/site/history/historical/nato/warsawpact.html
  11. Every RPG 7 Gunner have an "Assistant Gunner". Both can carry 3 RPG Rounds plus One loaded. If needed, the Answer is 7 Rounds.
  12. That is the modern Version of AGPT from Wegmann. Not that much Eye Candy, but good enough to learn the Basics. To load with the "flat" Hand is a old German style Technic. That should prevent that your Hand goes in the Breech with a Side Breech Block. Unfortunately Leo 2´s have a falling Block Breech.......
  13. I think Google will help to search for sPzAbtl 504 in Africa. Here is the AAR from sPzAbtl 504 from that Period: http://books.google.de/books?id=qTi6u9MvEC0C&pg=PA319&lpg=PA319&dq=schwere+Panzerabteilung+504&source=bl&ots=-76NC0tNpl&sig=3DAjC8YTU5wP1xb_6WkavMrckVw&hl=de&sa=X&ei=BL5sVJmQJ8fBPJL9gdAK&ved=0CCwQ6AEwAjgK#v=onepage&q=schwere%20Panzerabteilung%20504&f=false Just imagine, sPzAbtl 504 was formed in Feb. 1943, 2 Month before they go to Africa, with a complete new Tank. If more Information are needed, here I am. Btw the Brother of my Grandp
  14. Eisenschwein


    LOL, I can´t believe this..... ! Belgium Beer ?! What´s next? China made the best Whiskey ?
  15. Eisenschwein


    Almost all Brits are sunburned after 15 Minutes, so I can wait. ;-=
  16. Eisenschwein


    As said.... P.S.: And drink Beer... ! ;-=
  17. What Ammo do You use, I can read it ?
  18. Part 2: First of all you must know, Bundeswehr in that Period use 2 OOB Models. V-StAN and F-StAN. ( V=Verteidigung= War and F=Frieden= Peace Times) In the Pic above you can see the Man strength of the Units, here V-StAN V 2/18/43/63 means: 2 Officers/18 NCO/43 Enlisted all in all 63 Man. The so called "Einser" Bataillone, Battalions that Number ends with a One (your Example Panzerbataillon 211) have a F-StAN without the 1st Company and the other Companys where attached to the other Battalions of the Brigade. For Example in Peace Times (F-StAN): 3rd Company PzBtl 211 was attached to PzBtl 213
  19. Äh, no! First of all, the first Company is a Maintenance and Command Company like this. Later more have to go to work now.
  20. It is the difference between 125 Bucks and 1250 Bucks ;-)
  21. Eisenschwein


    And the most killed Tigers on Western Front, were PzKpfw IV´s.
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