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  1. Nice Arcade shoot and run Sce, but not very good scripted. I don´t understand why a company have to attack a 10 kilometers wide area (is this US Style ?) ? Nevertheless keep on working .
  2. Is this open for Germans too ? I have a battalion by hand ;-)
  3. Guten Rutsch und frohes neues Jahr
  4. Hoa good stuff, like the new color for the smoke. HE smoke should be a little more Grey, but HOA Nice present for X-Mas, thanks for the good work!!
  5. No, its so easy: http://www.fprado.com/armorsite/chall2.htm
  6. Welcome to the world of slow servers...... :-(
  7. Wow ! That looks great, no performance Problems. I love the Gras:
  8. Last Kompanie I served with. A little crazy but cool guys. But... this Battalion is disband from active service too. I love the politicians
  9. The Dutch use this scheme only on 2A5 / 2A6, older Tanks just paintet in light green. So don´t make Congo panik and let him go on with his fantastic work. Thanks for this outstandig work Congo
  10. Version 1.0


    German Leo 2A5 Netcammo skin with german interior Vers. 1.2
  11. Version 1.1


    I try to give the CV 90 a little more look german like. Cnanging F8 view with Netcammo and german Signs, New Track, New TC View and New TC and Gunner Positions with german button discriptions.
  12. Most is changing the Skins of Trees, Gras, Houses, Tracks and Streets and reducing the size of the hight of groung objects. I also change the conditions for the different ground structures (Low tracktion ...) Its much fun to slide around with Tanks a bit. But work is still in progress ;-)
  13. What do you think about this?
  14. Version 1.0


    Company Sized attack, hgt and ter included
  15. What about this site ?? http://www.plain-military.com/id208.html
  16. One of the Admins must alow you to register.
  17. Hehe, nice Idea. This is GE
  18. What a beauty, outstanding work!
  19. This is the "9" in Bergen And what about this: http://www.3ad.com/history/cold.war/cat.index.htm http://www.43tankbataljon.nl/43-CAT-Overzicht/1987/43-CAT-1987.html
  20. This is the 9 in Bergen Hohne (hope it work) http://maps.google.de/maps?f=q&hl=de&q=Bergen+Hohne&sll=49.692286,11.892014&sspn=0.169012,0.43396&ie=UTF8&z=17&ll=52.796923,9.709575&spn=0.004937,0.013561&t=k&om=1
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