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  1. It`s a "France can sell, but no one want´s it and Germany can´t sell and everybody want´s it" Thing....
  2. Outstanding Weekend in Danmark! Greetings to W@nker and his Guys: Good Job !! Lets pray Danmark never run out of 105 mm Ammo.... Why not try to do a "international" SB Meeting in Oksbol.
  3. Lets meet at W@nkers Tank (46.812) at noon. Btw Duke and I look exactly like our Avatars ;-)
  4. We use this: At the Left is the Distance you want to go, above the Speed you can travel and so you have the Time that would be needed to go from A to B. Easy to handle, I hope that is what you´re looking for. German TC and PltLdr basics ;-)
  5. And at the Moment the Tank fires his last Round they steal the Piece of Concrete ?! Or is this the Place the Man who "killed" the Tank is lying after the Tank fires his Gun ?
  6. Peter is back ;-) Nils is right, but it always depend on what Ammo, what Landscape (open or wooden), the Wind and the Angle you hear the Gun. I´m sure he talks about the external Sound, internal it´s not that sharp and loud..... Best example I found so far:
  7. Good old GDP, nice to fight aside with Dutch ab Brit´s that Time .
  8. And you are not self-centered, passive-aggressive whiny, rivet obsessed, ungrateful trolls ;-=
  9. Yes we do. Swordsman are you joining Aben Hede this Year ? If so, we can meet there and talk about it (with a Can of Beer, or two).
  10. Don´t be scary, if the Territory of the NATO is under Attack, GERMANY have 4 Battalions of Tanks to protect you ! Germany will stay aside with 216 Tanks and the best Crews you ever see, to fight against all odds! Just kidding ;=
  11. One Year is gone and TF PzBtl 911(v) is joining again. Elements of TF 911(v) will arrive 27Jun2014 to the FOB at 55°37'8.70"N / 8° 8'42.95"E We try to join your bore sighting and try to fix your Breach Block Problems on 28Jun2014 early. Visit danish Tank School in Oksbol WIP, visit Aben Hede at 290800Bjun2014 and leave FOB on 30Jun2014 late. Personal: 2/6/0 5 Civilian Info: http://www.haeren400aar.dk/assets/aaben_hede_2014_web.pdf http://www.haeren400aar.dk/forside.html
  12. AGPT is using SB ? Since when......
  13. You don´t like my Voice, what´s wrong ?
  14. Merci Froggy ! Thx to the other, sorry I´m not a "Rocket-Man" ;-)
  15. Ähh. I think you don´t understand the working Procedure of a optical wire guided Missile.... You can hold your ass out of the Turret, or make a dance around your Tank or set your "OTShU-1-7 IR" to work. This Missile is optical guided, so if you don´t kill the Gunner, he will kill you.
  16. Sorry I did not get it: How can a IR Light effect a Wire guided Missile ?
  17. His Name was Harald Gante btw. I have a nice time with the new CO of PzBrig 21 in Bergen-Hohne 1994. I think he would like what we do with SB, he is a Tank Nerd as we are.....
  18. May by an Idea to have the Order for Inf. on a Way point or in direct Control: "Dig in" After 3 Min. they should have build their Foxholes and after 30 Min. the have build a complete Dig in Position for all Weapons ?!
  19. Me? M48A2GA2, Leo 1 A1A1, A1A2, A2A1, A5A1, A5A2, A5DK, KanJgPz, Jaguar2, T72M1, T55, T55AM. Leo 2A4, A5, A5DK, M1A1 Sadly I was not in the luck to shoot with the T 55 Models, the Leo 2A5DK an the M1.... And I have some APC´s....
  20. It´s a bit difficult for a non native English Speaker to declare what coincidence mean in English, but I was sure you know this Term.... In my small Words: It´s the Time your FCS need to calculate were your Target is it what your FCS needs to hit the Target ( Speed of Target, Forehold, own Speed a.s.o.) And, yes I know "Russian sources says it is comparable with NATO tanks that have similiar capabilities" What should they say "Our Tanks are crap" ? But can YOU prove it, I think you can´t. You can´t prove what you said the last 15 Pages!
  21. Is there a Answer in your Post ? Or is it just at the last 15 Pages, you don´t know it and posting some Stuff from the Net you read somewere ??
  22. Oh, come one that the Answer of a theoretical dump Ass ?! How long need a T90 to have coincidence to fire his Gun and hit the Target ?
  23. DL don´t be to harsh to our new Tank Analyst No 1... A new (old) Aspect: A wise man said (I lost his Name over the Years) : "Best Protection for a Tank is movement" What about this?
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