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  1. Thx, but sure I know Stefan Kotsch Side. That´s a very good source. I had 3 Month of service at PzReg 21 with him in 1991.
  2. So you ever try to override your Gunner with this Cupola System ? Good Look! T 64 and T 72 has a FCS, what kind of ? As far I know they have a ballistic calculator not more.....
  3. LOL, fabulous unbeatable outstanding Tanks the Russians build. Not able to hit 5 out of 5 Targets a 1500, but the Rest must be great ;-)
  4. We miss the Point? Because the Brits missing the Point for Decades ! M3´s are 2nd or 3rd Phase Vehicles, or are they first Line of Attack ? And yes, Marder can forge as well:
  5. All Leo 1 and 2´s can forge. There are 3 Methods: Forge up to a deep of 1,20 m without special Preparations Deep Forge up to a deep of 2,25 m with a Preparation Time of ~ 5 Minutes. Drive under Water up to 4 m deep Water with a Preparation of ~ 30 Minutes Every Leo has a Forging Tube on board, so every Leo can drive trough Water up to ~ 2,25 Meter. This Tube is "folded" and stored at the Back of the Turret. For Driving under Water you need a special Equipment Tube that is stored at the Division. For "Forge" and "Deep Forge" the Tanks are ready to Combat within Minutes.
  6. And Sun Tzu Junior say: "What is a 3:1 Ratio for, if you use single Tank Tactics?"
  7. LOL, Hedge you are such a Noob witch Leo 1 Variant is this ??
  8. No. Sorry for the limited Size, but thats the Rule here. I hope it helps with the EMES 15 and 18 workaround.
  9. Oh, I delete it from the Server, due to some reasons. Further work on this Map is canceled until esim is ready to deal with RL Details in their Maps. More Details on this Map : http://www.steelbeasts.org/content.php So, wait......
  10. http://www.steelbeasts.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=20435&d=1382037876 http://www.steelbeasts.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=20437&d=1382037878 http://www.steelbeasts.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=20438&d=1382037879
  11. That´s nice, very nice. The Man I take 1.500 km to a LAN Party an back at my own cost calls me: So I think this will be my last Post in this community. But why Mr. Ssnake do you call my a troll? - For working over 10 Years with and for the German Speaking Community - For Working on the German Translation for your Manual - Helping Newbies - Making Workshops on the Sce. Editor - For wishing a nearly proper Model of the Cast Turret Leo 1´s - For saying the released Modell have Mistakes - For Planning and making the LNoT Series - For doing a to do List for Falli(911) to work on the Skin on our Fo
  12. ..... and it still don´t work correct,,,,,,,
  13. Yes, but with 46 Mistakes, a little to mutch I think.
  14. Sorry, but... ...that looks more like WoT Kindergarten, than as a "delaying action" of German Tanks. A German "delaying action" would look like this http://www.rainer-oestmann.de/images/wpe37670.gif and is a highly mobile Battle with Arty, Mines or Obstacles and Counter Attacks...... So, for sure I wouldnt fancy this odds, because i wouldnt make it that Way ;-=
  15. Like this oner ?! http://smg.photobucket.com/user/golani/media/history/AussiePuppe.jpg.html
  16. You want to know somethink about Leop 1 ?? Hardly yes, First Leop 1A5A1 was fielded at Panzerbataillon 14 Hildesheim in Mid 1987. The Upgrade to Leop 1A5 was planed as a 2 Step upgrade (like the Leop 2A5 Upgrade Years later). First Step was to build in a new Rangefinder and FCS (EMES 18), Direct Sight for the TC aso... Second Step should be to implement the 120mm L44 Gun and additional armor to the Front. After some testing in Meppen and the Reunion of Germany they left Step Two in the Paperbasket. The Danes come later with the Upgrade, because their Leop 1A3 DK has allready a FCS (compar
  17. If my Gunner ever would try to shoot a Mover with HESH at 2.000 or more I would do other things to him ;-= So pleazzzzze V-Man change the Ammo for the Gunnery Ranges to HEAT !
  18. That´s a Challenge: Post your Picture hitting a BRDM on the move with the first Round 105 mm HESH over 2.000 Meters (in let´s say 10 Seconds) ;-= Leo 1A5 or better Leo 1AS.
  19. So, you Aussies use HESH against Targets on the move over 2.000 with your AS 1 ? That´s a 2 Thumbs up, but did you ever hit sometihing other than the Ground ??
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