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  1. V-Man can you please change the 2nd Ammo for all the Leo 1 Range Sce. from HESH to HEAT too ?? Would make Things easier !
  2. Scimitar goes easily to 80 km/h on Roads and faster downhill, difficult to control..... In heavy Grounds it speed goes down to 25 km/h, slower uphill.... Perfect! Mate this is not WoT .
  3. New Russian Slapstick Show.... Every CAT Crew Member will shit his Pants by laughing, wile watching this Non sens!
  4. Yep new release Date is 14th June of the Year you can choose...
  5. And try to reduce the Range of Sight to 3.000 Meters... ?!
  6. I would vote for the Centurion, M48 and M47 to have a early Stock of Tanks at the Beginning of Cold War.
  7. You are reading Guderians Books ? That is nearly exact what Guderian said at the End of 1944... Aaaand I always thought French is famous for other Things, than Tanks....
  8. Mayby he is - the Bridge betwen WW2 and modern Tanks - the first Tank with the fabulous L 7 Gun - used in so many Conflicts - the only Tank that loose more Pices while marching than by direct hit - it´s soooo oldschool
  9. A Sd.Kfz 161 Pzkfw IV Ausf. J mid Production of late 1944 ?? It would be not fair to let him fight against a Centurion......that was build against Tiger Tanks but come to late..... WW2 Tank Simulation ? That would be to "comercial" for esim
  10. Wer oder was "Scheiß" ist überlasse ich mal Deiner wohlwollenden Betrachtung. Wer oder was hier im Moment "irre" ist überlasse ich der wohlwollenden Betrachtung aller Anderen hier. Leider sieht es aber zur Zeit so aus, als wenn Du nicht mal mehr in der Lage bist für 2.6x Support zu liefern. And now back to Topic. @ Retro: Yes, that´s what I mean. @ Tankhunter: Did it work now ??
  11. Wenn SB im Fenster Modus startet ist das Fenster nicht zentriert (bei mir) und es kommt zu dem oben beschriebenen Effekt.
  12. Do you use SB in Full Screen or do you run it in a Window? If you run it in a Window, try to center this Window (drag and drop it more left or up) !
  13. Count me in as a TkPlt Leader ore what ever ;-=
  14. The Map will work without the Skins, but it will haven´t the "German Look". I made this Map for a better orientation and a better ambient for this area, not for traffic education And to have a middle European Battle Ground that looks like Middle Europe, hope all works now.
  15. Were are you from? Germany ? If so write me a PM.....
  16. Next one to go.... If possible, I would like to do the Area of the now called GÜZ Colbitz - Letzlinger Heide near Magdeburg/GE. We have Map of this already, but this is not very accurate and to small. SW Coordinates are 52.25 / 11.29 and the Map should be 80 x 80 Km. This Size is needed to have the Training Area of KLIETZ to the Northeast and the ELBE Crossings at STORKAU in the Map. Not Tomorrow or next Week, but this Year would be nice. Link to google Maps: https://maps.google.de/maps?q=Haldensleben&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x47af6511d7ff55d3:0x93f18d60fb1f2468,Haldensleben&gl=de&a
  17. Yes, all skins goes to the Mods Autumn Folder. C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\COMPURTNAME\Eigene Dateien\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\textures\autumn must be in Englisch: C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR COMPUTER NAME\Own Data\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\textures\autumn Sorry not to have English installation Notes, but I hope to fix this with the Installer when ready.
  18. Just miss to post the Video... This Tape blackhill(911) make in 2010, sorry for the bad Sound (it was very windy) but good for comparison, check it out.
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