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  1. After nearly 19 Month I upload the Hünfeld HD Bundle. All Things are checked twice, but if you find a Mistake please post it here or send me a PM. After all I have to thank 4 People: - GarryOwen for the original Map - blackhill(911) for his Video of the area - JohnO for follow the Project from the Beginning and Falli(911) for his work checking the Map before I release it! And now have fun (or not) with this Map (Installing Note is in German, but I think you can deal with it): https://www.dropbox.com/s/ul14eco5thr62ly/Huenfeld250813.rar
  2. Hey man, you (still) drive on the wrong site
  3. That would be great, just to have a look at what the Ruskies haven.....
  4. Sorry my fault, it end´s 12 Km north of Fulda at MACKENZELL... ! But it is still Falli´s Map But this Map should be very useful for Marko and his Men to overrun everything
  5. Thx Mate, but this Map ends 12 Km south of FULDA at MARBACH and is a 1:150.000 (?!). That is Falli´s Map...
  6. As Falli said, it is the actual google Maps Status Quo of the area, but if you compare the Mid 80´s made Map from NVA (include in the Package) and the google Map Satelite Photos and the SB Map you will find only small difference. The most People in Germany want to live where they work, so they flee from the Country Side to the big City´s. So you see the most remarkable changes in the Area of HÜNFELD. So the Map is a bit of Fiction and the Fiction is what would it look like if we haven´t have Glasnost and Perestroika and "The Wall" still stand in the Heart of Germany.... For Example and for com
  7. And it´s close to "what SB can manage with a normal Computer" at this Version. I hope with 3.0 there is a smoother way with complex Maps. But this Map is very close to what it means to fight in Central Europe......so please be patient until all is checked and clear to release.
  8. Map is ready, Skins are ready, Sce. are ready... I give the Package to Falli for a last check before release it.
  9. I think every Car is "Scheiße" if it is broken...... But if you rent a Car it should be new and in a good shape.
  10. So you have 17 Roundabouts in Australia all in all ( ?!) But we have Roundabouts in Hünfeld too:
  11. Have a look at Brian´s Site : http://www.gettingaroundgermany.info/zeichen.shtml#ROW
  12. LOL, never had in Mind that this will cause a Traffic Education discussion..... But don´t forget : You are driving a Tank, so what !
  13. Here we go with the Industrial Plant North of HÜNFELD and the FINISH for this Map! There would be some Mistakes here and there, feel free to post them here. Tomorrow I will post the Package, please have a kind look at it.
  14. Yep, I always make a "blank Sce." to check the distances... so why not make a Map with all City Names. After 3 h of detailing:
  15. Thanks for your Attention! I think move one Building over another would not work for 3.0 correct. What I made and what I try to do is to create "special Spots" you can point at. At my point of view it is a very important aspect of combined Force Tactic, the Infantry Man must be able to point out a specific House to call for Fire of the Tanks. But that would not work with 3.0 with that account of Buildings.... so the next Year work is prepared.....
  16. Is Coincidence the Word you are looking for ? That´s what it´s called with EMES 15 / 18. If there is no Coincidence between LOS and LOF, the FCS will block the Firing elektrics until Coincidence is given. But you have to pull the Trigger again. In German we called that Schußverblockung. Something unknown to Russian Tanks........
  17. You want HÜNFELD in HD, so you get it! But there are some Thinks to be noticed: - You will never go with mech. Units in the Center of the City - I/we need more detailed Skins (I made a "Commercial Cubus" out of a ME Building, but....) - Some Templates of the Building Skins would be useful to eliminate Parts that are not needed - Creating the Navmashes for 3.0 crash my Computer ;-) - It take much more Time to make HÜNFELD in 1:1 Pictures:
  18. Jep, but therefore I think we need a new File Structure or/and a special Folder for Building Skins. There you can put in your Skins and SB can choose from them or only use Skins from this Folder. So you can Make your own "Look" of a Area like "Weserbergland"; "Hannover" or "Hünfeld". Goal should be to have more Variety for a better Orientation, but not to rework all the Map´s by Hand.
  19. Would it be (technically) possible (sometimes) to randomize the Skins of the Buildings? Let´s say 1 Church Model, but 3 ore 4 different Skins....
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