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  1. Thanks, I updated the runtime and all is good.
  2. could get a small usb extension cable and plug it into that so it is not rigid.
  3. I am running SBPro PE 3.027 My Code Meter runtime kit is 5.22a the codemeter said it is 2.02 when I plugged it in. The game is working on Windows 10. I see there is a recommendation to update to 7.x in the general forum. Should I update or just keep it like it is and count my blessings that it is working? LoL Thanks Oh let me give more info. Way back when, I saved the game install files for this version of SB, I had the license, CM and everything working on WIn 7 back then. I generally just play single player. I built a new screaming fast PC for DCS type
  4. Hey Gibsonm what kind of frames are you getting with your setup. I have I7-2600K @ 3.4ghz 12 gig ram MSI P67A-GD55 Military Class II Mobo Gforce GTX 1070 8 Gig video I am still on Win 7 but I do have a Drive with Win 10 Available Thanks
  5. I fix in home PC's for a job and I have been having alot of problems with Win 10 not waking up from sleep on all different kinds of laptops and Desktops not to mention there is some problems between Nvidia drivers and the OS. I would not consider updating without first cloning your HDD so you can fully return to the state prior to installing Win10
  6. Gibsonm Very cool!:luxhello: thanks, I'll definitely put your work to good use I am one who loves to read manuals:c:
  7. Wow 64bit makes a difference I also got a 42" screen on my Win 7 machine. running at 3.4 ghz with 16 gig of ram and a GTX 770 2 gig video, it is smooth.:bigsmile: I have a Warthog Hotas setup so I will delve into that later. Now I just need to learn how to fight with the equipment:yltype:
  8. Thanks for the quick response. I have a USB Dongle so I guess I'll just install it on my Win 7 machine and plug the Dongle in there. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas.:luxhello:
  9. I want to move version 3.x from my XP computer to my Win 7 64 bit system. I understand about the install and stuff. My question is how do I or do I uninstall the codemeter license from the xp computer so I can install it on the Win 7 system. I have read the release notes but am still confused so I thought it better to ask before I break everything. Thanks
  10. Hi, I have ver 3.0x and I still use XP. I have adoped the use of Deepfreeze to keep windows clean since it is no longer supported with fixes. If deepfreeze is active the USB for SB will not activate. If I have the steelbeasts working with deepfreeze off and then I close SB normally, leave the USB plugged in, set deepfreeze to the freeze state and restart XP the computer will not restart with the USB dongle connected, I have to remove it. I am not trying to hack anything I just don't like my system being open to every trojan in the world. Can anyone explain why this is happening?:confused:
  11. talking about Babes in the Military... http://itsguycode.com/hot-military-chicks.html We had some of them in the U.S. Navy by the time I retired.
  12. hi, Lets watch a war movie http://retrovision.tv/movies/war/
  13. Hi, I was surfing around and at my airplane site they have a free movie about the 10th armored div in WWII. Real tanks in action :biggrin: http://www.zenoswarbirdvideos.com/MATINEE.html
  14. Thank you. Now I have to learn how to...and boy are there a lot of resources!:eek2:
  15. Hi, I purchased the new license and clicked on the email links. When I got to activate the license I received the following error. "Error creating RemoteContext 255" I don't know what it means but the good news is version 2.538 works anyway regardless of the error. Just thought I would let you know so if some else gets the same thing tell them to run the program anyway, it may work!:biggrin:
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