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  1. http://auctionsamerica.com/events/feature-lots.cfm?SaleCode=LC14&ID=r0040&Order=runorder&feature=&collection=&grouping=&category=Cars not too expensive
  2. Wow. Ok thanks just wanted to check.
  3. any way to get better resolution? I feel like I'm playing M1 tank platoon. Is the view that bad in the real M1? any improvements with video card settings? thx
  4. all the voices also sound like one person and it can get confusing when you dont know if the voice is from your tank unit or another when you are bouncing around different units. A few more voices couldnt but help it.
  5. I know the voice track is already there for the commander. Wouldnt it help the immersion factor to hear voices when commands are ordered? So the loadout in the upper right corner is the only indication then. Thanks
  6. There seems to be no indication for changing ammo as the commander/gunner. If I want to change to a different ammo round, no text or audio message comes up. Shouldnt the audio play "loader load heat/sabot" ?? Or at least a text message "loader load heat/sabot next round" ? Right now pressing insert/delete does nothing, so you never know for sure what round will be loaded next.
  7. If I make the car red and blind, wont computer controlled blue units still fire on it?
  8. Can the cars be made nuetral? So blue and red dont fire on them? For ROE purposes thx
  9. They cant. I meant when I position the car in the MISSION editor it dosent seem to be acurate. I have been erasing the rocks. STill a PITA
  10. Yes it is the NTC map. So I edit the NTC map and not the terrain theme? I will try the erase tool. Also the map dosent seem to save everything. I located a car in an open garage in the NTC map. saved. It shows up when editing, but when I test the mission its located outside the garage. my first map edit thanks
  11. How do I edit out the dang rocks in the desert? I understand the use of them to block areas off, but they are creating havoc with ememy AI pathfinding. Just need to get rid of some areas. Would be nice if you could edit from the 3D world also. thx
  12. pigdog


    QUICK! upload them before they get LOST!!
  13. So the view does shake when firing? Thanks for the nice close up photo. Is the box in the foreground the GPS with the shield closed? The reason I ask, was I saw some YouTube vids of M1's firing the .50 in Iraq and the view shook. I wasnt sure if it was just a camera put on the roof during action or not. I thought if the view does shake that it would be cool to incorporate that into the game. I'm sure adding a camera shake to the view shouldnt be that difficult, but would make the gun have to be used with short bursts so you dont lose sight of the target. Anyways I just thought it would be an
  14. so the sight is on the roof and not on the gun?
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