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    Very fun and quite confusing in the dark. I managed to hold in the second try, despite a random tank platoon suddenly crashing the party. Not a fan of the GK Box vehicles, I must say
  1. Well with all due respect I think you answered your own question. It is a timesink and shuold be monetized somehow. As for the second part of your post: because capitalism works. Paying ad hoc for scenarios once in a while is not very efficient and an admission of defeat, so to speak. I have thought about this, and I'm certain that creating a marketplace around scenario creation would help heighten interest and productivity among the community. Put it this way: you have to do *something* at this point. As you mentioned yourself elsewhere this week, scenario output has d
  2. Hehe, sounds good. DCS CA has never had single scenario done for it, afaik. That being said, I think it still have a way to go before its a good ground combat simulator.
  3. I don't think Esim should pay for it. Esim should get a 30% cut of the revenue. As for it not becoming a timesink for the company, how about setting up a Quality Assurance Group formed by a bunch of the grognards on this forum? They could easily sort out which scenarios should go up on the Store. I'm not sure what to do about DRM... I think the idea here is to avoid adding to coding new stuff and work with what is there.
  4. What we want is guys like him using SB for tactical analysis on his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9egpHJiRis89uHkeyJiEug I love his videos, but I'm starting to think that SB would be a better tool for his particular brand of content. The SB engine is more advanced than CM in some respects and it looks better in videos. But this to happen, the community need a bunch of well crafted single player/multiplayer scenarios that take FULL advantage of the engine.
  5. I don't think it works that way. I have made scenarios for various games over the years, and if had been paid, even a symbolic amount, it would have changed everything. Its about money, sure, but more about recognition. The easy way for Esim would be to offer a store on the website for operations and scenarios. You playtest them before they go up. If they're good enough, you take a 30% cut of the proceeds and send the rest to the developer
  6. Yes I would have paid for that particular campaign. You're a really good scenario designer. I would rather pay €10 for 10 hours of quality entertainment (quality maps, well thought out scenarios), than spend 5 hours sifting through a bunch of 20 year old freeware scenarios I support the DCS payware model for the same reason. For SB it feels like a you put in a lot of time in learning the ins and out of the software. After that rather heavy investment, you want up-to-date scenarios that take full advantage of the engine and you're willing to pay for them. If you're like
  7. Hi guys I'm sure you have already thought about this, but if there was a webstore for scenario packs/operations I would buy from it. It would offer users a valuable add-on to the SB experience, like we see for Combat Mission, where freeware and payware scenarios co-exist happily. For me the value would be in higher quality of maps and of course higher quality of scenarios. While there are tons of good scenarios out there for free, its a bit hit and miss. Sometimes maps are missing and some of the scenarios are literally 20 years old and don't see
  8. Yes and I also have learned to appreciate how fast and effective the graphics in SB are. The terrain engine is super fast.
  9. I've played CM for two decades now, mostly the WW2 games but also the modern ones. I find myself returning to SB for the modern warfare. It seems to me that SB just models it a lot better and, the maps are bigger which seems necessary with modern engagement ranges and maneuver. Also it's fun to drive and shoot yourself sometimes when you're not busy on the map. I guess the only place where SB is not shining so much compared to CM is in the infantry department. Things like trenches and foxholes are missing and perhaps the granularity og cover and concealment you find in CM for infantry. What ar
  10. Wow that is cool. I love SB Now I know why the info panel sometimes said 'reloading aveps'
  11. I can't figure out what this is ?
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