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  1. The sound engine in SB seems better to me than the one in Graviteam, correct? @zerocrack01
  2. The Oryx missions are really good. On mission 3 now. I get this Combat Mission vibe from these missions. They feel more detailed somehow, gritty, than the usual SB missions. The limited unit count is part of the experience I think. And the terrain of course, very good looking with lots of bumps and variation and towns that look like inhabited towns. Thanks, guys @ben
  3. Amazing, it will really help make the sim even more immersive. I love what you did for Graviteam. Have been using your sounds for years and years in Graviteam
  4. Thanks! I actually just had a crash to desktop in mission 2. First time ever in SB that happens to me.
  5. Hi guys I'm playing the excellent Op Oryx and the Piranha features heavily. It's driving me nuts that I can't find a manual for the vehicle anywhere. Fx it not clear to me how the main gun works at all ? Like ranging and reloading shells (how long is that supposed to take?).
  6. This is really good. When can we test the sounds?
  7. I like Operation Oryx, not very far into it yet, but it very well done @ben@Apocalypse 31
  8. Nice to have you back, I missed your updates
  9. Wow, first time I see this project. This looks good. I played that map to death in Arma, would be so cool to have it in SB.
  10. Love it, small and tactical and nice terrain.
  11. I must admit I had an emotional reaction to the new maps: Kiev, Severodonetsk, Kherson, Krematorsk.... The maps are amazing, true 1:1 representations of real life locations. I took a walk through Popasna with Google Maps up next to me, very well done Those maps alone really takes the simulation to a new level.
  12. Thanks! Looking forward to experiencing the results of your hard work this evening
  13. Amazing work. You're already like the Glowing Amraam of SB If you make them a little longer and with a bit more narrative, they should hire you to do promo videos
  14. Ok I know we're really mature here and not supposed to be overly excited about anything, but wheeeeen is the update coming out? :))
  15. Is drone operator going to be a thing in SB? I hear the coffee is good.
  16. Yes, drones are sure to ruin the perennial spectacle of steel beasts fighting it out like honorable gladiators.
  17. @ben@Apocalypse 31I'm one of those guys who sometimes (most of the times) forget to drop a word of thanks or feedback. Just want to say thanks for your work, it is much appreciated. Right now I'm playing Ben's scenario 20 which is a really good size for single-player + the terrain is visually pleasing. At this time, my infantry is trying to clear out the town, but we're taking losses...
  18. Properly curved roads are very important for the overall impression of the map. Tak, DK (I can see from your signature that we were in the same regiment once :))
  19. I'm very excited about this update - lots of cool details coming 😁
  20. I didn't realise Space Engine included the ability to fly around in spaceships. Very interesting, will have a look.
  21. Haha, that's pretty funny
  22. Reentry looks amazing. Can't believe I never heard of that. Another insta buy
  23. Ok fair enough. Not DCS but sci-fi DCS The flight model is pretty realistic and the dev have exciting stuff planned for the title.
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