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  1. Wow, that guy really went all in Thanks for sharing. I bought F1 23 the other day, went through the whole process of setting up the steering wheel etc. Then 1.5 hours fixing in-game settings to make it run in VR. After 20 minutes of driving around, I remembered why I don't play racing games anymore (was a huge fan earlier)... By their nature racing sims are very repetitive. Refunded the game
  2. Have you tried it yet? I have. Could say something about it, but afraid to ruin the good mood
  3. Its coming out on June 12, early access
  4. Wow, good find. Looks super cool. Also kudos to you for sharing the Cataclysm game. I never heard about that one but it looks fantastic.
  5. Is it good? I'm very tempted to buy it.
    Very good scenario. The size is perfect for me. That being said I got decimated. I don't think I'm as good at SB as I would like to be
    Okaaay, finally got to drive around this map. What a project! It brings back so many memories from Arma. Beautiful. And huge!
    Again, beautiful. What I like about your maps is that they really showcase what is possible with the map engine in SB. It's just that all the official maps really underserve (is that a word in english :)) the game.
    Your maps are awesome, thanks
  6. Thanks, very cool updates. Big ticket item would be the sound upgrades
  7. Yes standing by for release notes
  8. Cessna 414, cool. I'll take a look at it. I'm flying the Kodiak 100 at the moment. Pretty good study aircraft and I always had a penchant for bush flying. Am I the only one who has never really attempted to learn an airliner? I've always stuck to GA in all the flightsims.
  9. I have played this on and off for a long time. Pretty good, a very different RPG. But I feel like it is stuck in an 'eternal tech demo' state. The devs work very slowly.
  10. I got into the test group on this game - it is extremely interesting. A hardcore spaceship simulator, feels like DCS. We have something to look forward to with this one www.alliancespaceguard.com/
  11. Second Front. I'm with Apoc on this one. I watched a gameplay video. It is almost 100% ASL which is fine by itself. But the whole idea of shooting and shooting and then if you're lucky, the enemy break, pin or you inversely have to flip the counter to half strength, is not doing it for me these days. I was a very happy ASL player back in the day (aka the Eighties :D), mind you. But about RNG, what does it *really* mean? There must be RNG in all games, I mean at some point statistics become a choice between two numbers, right? Even in games like Graviteam.
  12. @Red2112 Ok you win the train debate I was not familiar with Zusi and Run8. Worth a look
  13. There are even singleplayer narrative campaigns out there. One is Excalibur.
  14. You're a lifesaver, I got it to work. Played it every day since Friday My review is very very positive: it is a super deep wargame, with tons of rules etc. They 'just' ported the Battletech tabletop game into a videogame, but they ported ALL of it, which makes it one of the most complex games I have played. It's got a strategy layer, Sims-like personnel management, all the fluff from Battletech, and Xcom-deep tactical game... Love it
  15. I'll test it... always a bit suspicious when things are too pretty :DD
  16. It looks pretty interesting but I can't get the Java to play nice.
  17. More Battletech, day 1 buy. This game is super addictive for me 😄 Especially with MercTech/YAML. I think the DLC campaigns add a lot. I would them to go even more narrative. Let's see how this campaign is, playing as Scandinavians is nice for a change 😄
  18. This is very good. Bought it because it is 10x better than Dovetails products.
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