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    Ok experts, how good is the T-90M? I read it was considered better than the Abrams by some. The Russian Army should about 100 of those, with most having been exported.
  2. Hej - dansker her. Ssnake is so right: NO
  3. I really hope they get started on the singleplayer content soon as promised.
  4. This beauty just got a nice update: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1069660/Ultimate_Admiral_Dreadnoughts/
  5. Yes exactly, Nexus the Jupiter Incident and Starshatter the gathering - amazing games for their time
  6. Yes I play it. It a technical marvel, super smooth, well designed. It's like watching The Expanse or a space battle version of Command Modern Ops It's mostly a tech demo now with singleplayer and multiplayer skirmish mode. I'm waiting for scenarios, campaigns etc. and according to the dev it is coming.
  7. This is a good discussion. I have nothing to add.
  8. Ready or not is really good, just saying. Been playing it coop with two friends. Great great graphics, lots of realism and the best weapon handling I have experienced since Arma 3 blew me away many moons ago
  9. Regiments: a true RTS and I don't mean that in a good way Units drive right through buildings as if they not there. Wonder why they bothered putting them on the map in the first place when they don't matter Not for me. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1109680/Regiments/
  10. Arma 3 still looks pretty sweet, even after all these years. They've been working on Arma 4 for 5 years now... I can't wait to see what they come up with.
  11. So is this a T-55? I reckon so because of the muffler on the gun. Even with side by side, I find it difficult to tell if it is a T-72. It's pretty banged up, doesn't help. The picture was taken in Ethiopia in July 2021.
  12. I don't think so. My impression is that you're one-man army playing a meta RTS game.
  13. Yes I did play a lot of Eve Infinite Lagrange looks interesting too but I have a problem with mobile games. Its probably a silly prejudice but my PC masterrace heritage is hard to shake
  14. I think the weapons DLC to Stormworks might end up being a more interesting game than Carrier Command. We'll see
    I used to drive one of those in those markings thanks, good work!
  15. Funny coincidence, I just bought this size screen today. This one: https://www.samsung.com/dk/monitors/gaming/odyssey-g5-34-inch-165hz-curved-ultra-wqhd-lc34g55twwuxen/ SB works perfectly
  16. The map you created for the Kandahar mission is awesome. So detailed and with map elements I haven't seen before. Thanks. Am playing the mission as I write this
  17. Lived through the same thing in Eve-Online from 2003-2009. Most intense gaming experience I ever experienced. It was a real 'it was the best of times and it was the worst of times' situation playing Eve 🙂 No racism, but the all the bad apples in the general population put me off playing games online ever since. It's a shame because online gaming with like-minded friends can be very fun. The problem, as Snake says, is that there is a lack of accountability in online games which just triggers the worst in a lot of people.
  18. Thanks for sharing @Red2112 Your ongoing list is always interesting to check into.
  19. That's a weird thing to say - I have played Arma 3 for eight years without mods. Works just fine
    Very fun and quite confusing in the dark. I managed to hold in the second try, despite a random tank platoon suddenly crashing the party. Not a fan of the GK Box vehicles, I must say
  20. Well with all due respect I think you answered your own question. It is a timesink and shuold be monetized somehow. As for the second part of your post: because capitalism works. Paying ad hoc for scenarios once in a while is not very efficient and an admission of defeat, so to speak. I have thought about this, and I'm certain that creating a marketplace around scenario creation would help heighten interest and productivity among the community. Put it this way: you have to do *something* at this point. As you mentioned yourself elsewhere this week, scenario output has decreased steadily over the years. At this point a small 'quarteron' of generals on the forum (get the reference? ) have the say-so over what constitutes a good scenario around here and that scares some people off. I saw fx the reception Matsimus received here because he had the audacity to make videos that weren't true to some tactical doctrine of the 1990's or whatever. Him not making SB videos anymore is a great loss. I personally would prefer the way of Combat Mission: smaller, tactical vignettes with interesting head scratchers or smaller immersive scenarios with storyline. Very few people can handle the battalion+ mega scenarios. On the other hand, one thing SB can do, that CM cannot: big battles over many kilometres. I really like what guys like @ssidiver and @Apocalypse 31 are doing: Bigger or smaller battles where the player only control part of them. Very dramatic and immersive. And very important: beautiful maps with a sense of detail (atmosphere, the feeling people might live there). But there is room for everything. Let the marketplace speak Hope this makes sense. Everything I say come from a place of affection for the game
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