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  1. Can I move the map packages from one drive to another? I installed the program on C and the packages are on E, in a folder called 'Steel Beasts'. Can I simply drag and drop the 'Steel Beasts' map packages folder into the C drive? Thanks. I should add - I tried it, of course, and got a kind of error message giving a pathway to the map packages location and asking me to ok that. It wasn't the location where the packages were though. It seemed it wanted the packages to be in 'Program Data\esim games\steel beasts\maps\packages'. I couldn't, it seemed, change this path, so instead I th
  2. Thanks! Thanks Ssnake and Gibsonm. It's clear now, I think. I've changed it and I it's true that I can get it to work by setting a retreat route with an 'embark if...' condition, yes. Thanks for the help. Peter
  3. Thanks, Gibsonm. But I only tried the 'or' when 'and' didn't work. Could it be I should be using an embark condition for route 7, not a retreat back condition? Retreat back says, 'retreat back to starting waypoint if' but the unit is sort of already at the starting waypoint, since its never yet been down that route. Could that be it? Can I set an attached retreat route with an embark condition? And generally, is there any video tutorial about branching routes etc that anyone could point me to? I've read the wiki.
  4. I'm sure I'm being dim, but I can't get certain conditional orders to work. Could anyone take a look at the picture and tell me what I'm doing wrong? The picture shows a GUARD BP for a unit (1/5/A) with 2 attached numbered routes (besides the ingress route). The route numbered 14 is an unconditioned simple retreat route. The route labelled 7 is a conditioned retreat route and the condition is shown. Basically, I want the unit to retreat the moment it spots enemy forces. Yet what happens is the unit never uses route 7 but instead stays put when it spots an enemy, and then once the
  5. This is no doubt a really novice question, sorry, but am I right that I can't create conditioned routes using the map during the execution phase, only during planning? A second also novice question - what conditions need to be met for an unconnected route to appear as an option under the 'Proceed' drop down selection (during execution phase)? Does it have to be within a certain range of the unit? And yet a third daft question - can I give orders on the map whilst the sim is paused during execution? Many thanks.
  6. Sorry about this no doubt stupid question. I'm on 4.161 and want to upgrade to 4.162. I read page 3 of the release notes and just want to be clear about what I have to redo and what I can leave. I run the uninstaller first. Then I have to reinstall the map packages using a newly downloaded map package installer? I mean - I have to download all the maps again? Or can I use the map package installer I downloaded and kept last time round for 4.161? Or do the maps not get uninstalled at all when I run the uninstall? Is it just the program that's new (4.162) or are there new things in the map pac
  7. Ok. Thanks all. I'm enjoying it as is, anyway. I'm wondering, in fact, what the ground detail slider (the setting which has most impact on sights stutter, for me) does that uses up so much fps? I can't see any difference in the view really, and certainly not in the zoomed sights. I can see what the clutter slider does, obviously, but not the ground detail slider. It changes the distance at which ground features are drawn in detail, I assume, but as I slide it back and forth and experiment I don't see any difference! So I can do without it being set higher, easily.
  8. ok. thanks. I monitored temps/cpu usage etc with aida64 and the ryzen 5 processor never rose above 30% usage, all temps fine, so not that, I think. I think it's just what you can expect at 2560x1440 with my system - which is a Ryzen 5 2600 3.8mhz, 16GB ddr4 RAM, and the GTX 1660 6GB card (everything installed on the 500GB system ssd). With that set-up I can run it with pretty smooth fps of around 40 in all views except the zoomed sights, with the TIS being the worst offender. In the sights the fps will drop occasionally/randomly significantly below 40fps (as low as 15fps momentarilly - causin
  9. Interesting, mrivers. I will watch the temps. The sound files are not loaded on the fly, but some of the tree textures are? There's no way to force it to load all textures for a scenario?
  10. I'm amazed, the wood, that you can run it with full settings on a laptop. I have an i7 laptop with an older card and it cannot run the game without getting so hot that I worry the house will catch fire. I will run the benchmark again and go through the routines.
  11. Thanks all. Sometimes it's trees, mrivers, yes, probably, but sometimes it's a sound loading too, I've noticed, sometimes nothing apparent, but a lot going on. I get stutters with the Leo TIS in every scenario I've tried, The Wood. The benchmark scenario also. I'll live with it, no doubt. They're not game killers. It's a great simulation/game and I want it to run well, with good graphics. I might have to buy better kit, I fear. Is there any thread anyone can point me to indicating a set-up that would run with very high graphics settings and no probs? I'm thinking I should upgrade the card f
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