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  1. I have uninstalled everything including the codemeter. Now, I am going to reinstall the game. Should I then down the 2.460 version before plugging the codemeter in or should I plug the codemeter in and then download the 2.460 version?
  2. I am using Vista with a 64 bit OS. Windows does recognize it. Once the codemeter is plugged in, it will light up green for about two seconds and then blink red and green a few times. Eventually it stops and no color is lit. Yes, I have tried other USB ports. The version is at least two year old and I have not downloaded any of the newer ones.
  3. Ok, I'm on a new computer. I installed the game according to the instructions, but when I go to play, I get the message, "codemeter error. Make sure your codemeter is plugged into a usb port." It is! It is installed as well. Do I need to download something? Next, if and when I finally get this working will I have to download the latest patch or do I need to download all of them? Anyhelp would be appreciated.
  4. I have seen crews go through an entire day run at the range without doing a MRS update, but from my own experience I wouldn't go without it. Like I said before, it corrects boresight loss for more than just recoil or gun tube droop. If you are going cross country for long periods of time or you don't have time to boresight, because you are sitting on a screen line for hours or even days, you will thank God you have that MRS. I have sat on a route here in Iraq for almost a week and when I conducted my MRS update, I was more than just .5 mils off. Luckly most of my targets have been within 400m. HA!
  5. Sorry about that Kingtiger. I get caught up in the U.S. army tanker slang sometimes. You know how the loader has to get out and insert the muzzle boresighting device so the gun can be zeroed? Well sometimes we don't have a cable long enough to reach the loader so he is stuck using hand signal to tell the gunner which way to move the gun. We called it the suicide cable because it was long enough to hang yourself with. Just a little joke.
  6. I disagree with some of ya there. While enviromental conditions and learning to use the switches on a tank take a while to learn, the fundamentals are the same. I use to play Steelbeasts Gold Addition all the time and I wasn't a gunner, but when it was my time and I was placed in the simulator with my platoon sergeant, I found that I didn't have a lot of trouble new gunners did. I understood about tracking and dumping my lead after firing. The only thing that stood in my way was learing how to boresight from the gunner's station rather than being a loader and hearing, "I can't see your hand f**kstick!" from my gunner. P.S. We didn't have the suicide cable at the time incase you were wondering.
  7. Have you ever tried to get maintenence down to your tank to null out your emergency mode drift? I actually argued with one mechanic about that, because he said we didn't do our PMCS's to standard. I told him if he wants everything by the book, he will come and null out my E-mode drift for me. He didn't believe me till I pointed it out in the TM. Talk about starting a war. HA! Seriously, that exactly my point Volcano. If you had to do periodic MRS updates and you would have the advantage over other tanks. Plus, it would be more of a challenge. I guess I do see how it would make it more complex. I guess I will only daydream about it.
  8. The MRS or Muzzle Reference Sensor allows the gunner to correct for any boresight loss created by recoil, gun tube droop (gravitational pull) or just going cross country over and over. When the gunner on the M1A1 looks through his GPS, lines up the GPS reticle with a crosshair. If the boresight is off, he simply moves the reticle back onto the crosshair and continues firing.
  9. Haven't posted in quite a while. I'm currently in Iraq for my fourth time so bare with me. I was just thinking that it would be great to see, not to mention a challenge, an MRS update available in the game for the M1A1. It would be right up there with reloading as far as strategy goes. Trying to manage your platoon, moving elements back and forth and working as a gunner. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  10. Yeah, sorry about that. Been such a while since I read it, but is still one awesome book.
  11. "Kursk", I thought was a really good book about tankers. It takes place in WWII and goes back and forth between a crew of a T-34 and German Armor Officer who commands a tank company. He is the tank commander of a Tiger I and it has an excellent tank battle that takes place where hundreds of tanks were fighting on boths sides. The area was so small that there seemed to be no front. It depicts the events at the battle of Kursk. Good read. I give it *****! Oh and I believe the auther is David Robbins.
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