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  1. Wardog

    Chinese Type 99

    Don't know if you have got the Plugin, you can find it here HERE It's the trusted Download dark green on right
  2. Wardog

    Chinese Type 99

    What i do is change DDS file to PNG with Photoshop or whatever, then go into Gimp with the PNG version of the file cut the area you need to remove then go to save as DDS with Mipmaps in RGBA8 format and DX3 compression. Should be good then, anything else don't hesitate to ask. PS place it in both the Nation AND Seasonal root mod folders πŸ‘
  3. Some good vids there Grenny.. Cheers πŸ‘
  4. Wardog

    Chinese Type 99

    Looking good Daskal, the skirt is kind off annoying, iv'e removed it before using Gimp. Which is fine although there is always a slight glitch, usually a fine line that shows at certain angles, but works and is hardly noticeable much of the time, she looks so much better without that skirt, i will definitely use her, thanks Daskal πŸ‘
  5. Thanks to the Team Ssnake, eagerly awaiting the release, sounds pretty good. πŸ™‚ πŸ‘
  6. Thanks for the update, busy time ahead Ssnake, get yourself sorted, waiting is not a problem cheers
  7. I'm liking it, cheers ☺️
  8. Wardog

    BATUS Terrian

    Excellent work, well done and thank you
  9. Wardog

    Bad Dog

    Ye'h no worries Ssnake if i do anything else will PM Admin if no joy after a day or two Glad you like her, as long as someone does then it's worth it all the best
  10. Wardog

    Bad Dog

    Thanks Splash will look in to it, cheers for your valuable input, all the best.
  11. Wardog

    Bad Dog

    Anyone know who authorises upload approvals as i uploaded this file a long time back, iv'e had a lot of pm reference this skin don't know why it's not approved a couple of weeks later, guess could be my fault ref upload but i see it there awaiting approval still, anyways any help appreciated cheers
  12. Wardog

    M1A2SEP Bad Dog

    Version 1.0.0


    M1A2SEP In Standard Woodland 3 colour camo and all Green 2048 dds files as per stock. Regards, Wardog
  13. Wardog

    Bad Dog

    PS: The Rear No shows a slight gap as you can see above on the right side, it's a Decals thing, that's when it shows which seems to be random. Side No's are not affected.
  14. Wardog

    Bad Dog

    Well done Hawk eye, it's different in the download, iv'e tried a few decided the Cavalry emblem looked cool
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