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  1. Ajax Cold Weather Trials
  2. Used reshade once, prefer without tbh, looks a bit cartoonish to me, guess you love it or hate it, all things to all people. Personal choice of course. Either way above shots look good... 👍
  3. Good mix, cant beat the 80's + 90's. Great time for music .... 👍
  4. Mirzayev will check your vid mate cheers 👍
  5. I thought they were going to use the smoothe bore. Either way it's a good upgrade. Hope they decide on the smoothe .... 👍
    Good work thanks 👍
  6. Graphically top line, feels better too. Not too keen on getting bogged down mind ya especially near bridges, but realistic all the same. A new lease of life all round, loving it 👍
  7. Wardog

    Chinese Type 99

    Don't know if you have got the Plugin, you can find it here HERE It's the trusted Download dark green on right
  8. Wardog

    Chinese Type 99

    What i do is change DDS file to PNG with Photoshop or whatever, then go into Gimp with the PNG version of the file cut the area you need to remove then go to save as DDS with Mipmaps in RGBA8 format and DX3 compression. Should be good then, anything else don't hesitate to ask. PS place it in both the Nation AND Seasonal root mod folders 👍
  9. Some good vids there Grenny.. Cheers 👍
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