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  1. OK, it's fixed Magnum. I also made some minor changes to 3 of the other missions but the others were not anything that affect current scenario play. I was missing the penalty zone and used the warning zone accidentally not realizing it would have to be inverted.
  2. Did you bring them into the repair zone? You can tow them back to base using the M88 as long as they're not destroyed. There's a delay but they'll be completely repaired. Move over the the Hemmit's to rearm.
  3. Try my campaign missions. The "Moselle Defense" has 4 Abrams, but all the rest only have 2, very manageable. And they're based on the old Dynamix console game so they're kind of old school. Build primarily for fun and nostalgia rather than training though. Oh, and I forgot to mention earlier that all the missions have randomization. Not crazy random but you can definitely play through them and some events happen differently giving you some good surprises. They'll take different routes depending on decisions you make or spawn in different places depending on which direction you take.
  4. Version 3.1 uploaded this morning. I finally was able to resolve the annoying and persistent problem (not esim's fault, my fault for complexity) of the AI convoy not being able to cross the bridge after the obstacles are breached in "The Road To Bonn". No changes on the other missions. Download the zip file to get the latest version of "The Road To Bonn" mission.
  5. Thank you Sean and Volcano for helping me out with some issues I was having. I was delayed in fixing a lot of the problems because of other obligations and an illness but they're done and back up on the server. Patch notes included in the updated information and text file in the zip folder. Please try them out and report any problems to me in this thread or feel free to DM me. M1ABT Campaign Download Page
  6. I have the missions done and ready to go. Apologies to anyone wanting to try them out. I did the bulk of the work at the end of 2020 and earlier in the year, but I ended up having an illness (not covid) that put me out of the picture for almost 3 months and I couldn't finish them up till now. Thanks to Volcano, I was able to fix the problem I was having with the events on the last two missions and now all is working fine. They're up on the server now. Please PM me if you run any of them and see a problem. I'll be available to fix them when necessary now. The new missions have a huge amount of updates and fixes, including sound files, and sounds for coming close to penalty zones. I've attached a list detailing some of the fixes but I'll also include it in the mission zip file. * All of the missions were optimized for path following. I found that there were a lot of routes that were out of alignment so the AI did some weird things, like trying to turn when not necessary, changing speeds, and stopping completely in some cases. Now, all of the AI units will follow the roads smoothly and respect the speeds that were set for them. * All of the player units and some of the AI units had their ammo updated. I noticed that because of changes to SB, that the ammo selections were set to odd levels. Now, all of the M1's have a good starting ammo setup based on mid 80's and proper fuel. Also, the Mi-24 Hinds have their ammo set to a more realistic setting that limits their Spiral missiles and rockets to what they would have carried at the time. * All of the scoring has been fixed as best as possible to have it make sense according to the scenario. Also, all of the "Mission Over" parameters have been set so that the mission will conclude properly. * All penalty zones where set will not result in the destruction of your engine. Instead, the main gun will get degraded slowly and you'll also get one warning that you are approaching the zone so you have time to turn back. * I split up the routes of the AI enemy on some of the missions because the groups were large enough in some cases for them to get bunched up, they will now come from different directions in some cases but also follow the routes smoothly. M1ABT Campaign V3 Changes.rtf
  7. I'm still working on fixing some of the problems. I've given up on trying t make the notifications repeatable but that's OK. It's only in some of the missions so if you get outside the zone you'll get ample warning. I also changed the conditions of the penalty. If you are in a penalty zone it causes main gun damage but only a percentage at so many seconds, so you have time to get back into the zone. I felt that dealing a death blow was really too much. Also, I'm just finishing up on testing everything carefully this time. I wan to make sure that all scenarios work under all possible conditions, so sorry it's taking awhile. They got really broken compared to how they were supposed to work so pass it on to delete the old ones. I'll try to have the new ones ready soon. Thanks for the support!
  8. Yeah, thanks! Not sure what happened to them but a lot of stuff probably got deleted on the events from the patching. They were missing a bunch of important things to make the AI work. I'm going through them with a fine tooth comb this time and testing the snot out of them. I'm almost done and should have them ready by the middle of next week. They include a lot of improvements. I've done a lot of work on the grouping, AI pathing, fixed the loadouts, fixed the repair logic, added sounds. After this I should be ready to put them together into an operation. I also removed some units on a couple because the vehicles had changed and the missions were just way too long. There's still one that's more than 2 hours but they're a hell of a lot more playable now but still challenging and follow the story line like they originally did.
  9. I actually like this as a solution. I could do exactly what you say by making them if 1 is true, the 2 can be true, then 3 and so on and so on. No need to do a video for me. I understand the concept. I could do a bunch of them and hopefully the person doing the mission gets the point before they run out of messages. By the way, I'm really sorry that my communication has been so bad on this. I didn't mean to turn it into a struggle to understand what I was trying to achieve. And I have played around with different options but was running out of patience on it. I've owned every copy of SB since the very original one and I still have the boxed version that I bought from Micro Center in 2000. I found that my M1 Abrams Campaign that I designed has a lot of event and condition problems because there have been a lot of major changes in the simulation so a lot of stuff is broken. I'm trying to fix them so I can post the update. I haven't used the editor for quite awhile so I basically have to learn it all over again.
  10. OK, so on a penalty zone, there's no way to get a message is there? I guess I could play around with that but I don't see any options to do that in the editor.
  11. OK, there is absolutely no need to be condescending towards me about this. I obviously have some trouble with reading and understanding some things the way they are written and I came here for help and not to be berated about it. And I've been completely respectful towards everyone and a long time SB fan since around 2000. So if you can't keep it positive and respectful then please don't bother to contribute to the conversation. And penalty zones don't do that unless I'm completely missing something. They damage equipment, I already checked that a little while ago. So unless there's some special function that can be edited or modified I don't see that as a solution to the problem I'm trying to solve.
  12. OK, so I read the manual very carefully over the weekend and again this morning and I'm still not getting this to work, or I'm just not understanding how it should be set up. And I was doing it the way that was recommended even though my terminology was all FUBAR. So I need to understand why I can't get this to work or if it's not possible. The scenario I'm attaching (part of map package) is very simple and has one region with the two tanks as 1/A and some shipping containers to visually ID the corners of the region. When the unit leaves the region they get a notification that they are out of bounds. According to the condition, if they re-enter the region, the condition is reset. Why can't I get this to repeat multiple times? Is it because the "event" can only be triggered one time in the scenario? Is there a way to overcome this limitation? Or should I be using a different method? Region Test.sce
  13. RGRT, I was trying to do it as an event, so my bad. I'll go over that in the manual and make sure I'm doing it the right way. Thanks!
  14. OK Ssnake, I misread that first response so my bad. I'll go over it again. Thanks.
  15. OK, this is actually helpful Gibsonm but my follow up question is this. Is the condition continuously checked for "yes" or "no"? I'm finding that it's not. The example I'm using is that I have unit 1-A driving across the terrain and hasn't gone into a square region called for example "empty space". Before the unit 1-A enters the "empty space" the obvious condition is "no", once 1-A enters "empty space" the condition is "yes". After unit 1-A exits on the other side does the condition get reset back to "no" again? I've found that when I create a region to do a condition that tells the human players that they've entered a region it only happens once and won't get reset back to the default condition. That's what I'm asking, is there a way to make it so that it does? Or are all conditions checked once and that's it? I'm really sorry about asking stuff like this. I know most of you are patient and trying to figure out what I mean so it's a little frustrating. I treat this more like a game than a lot of you do, I know some of you treat it like a hard core realistic training simulation and a lot of you are purists. I get it so thanks for trying to help!
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