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  1. Yeah, thanks! Not sure what happened to them but a lot of stuff probably got deleted on the events from the patching. They were missing a bunch of important things to make the AI work. I'm going through them with a fine tooth comb this time and testing the snot out of them. I'm almost done and should have them ready by the middle of next week. They include a lot of improvements. I've done a lot of work on the grouping, AI pathing, fixed the loadouts, fixed the repair logic, added sounds. After this I should be ready to put them together into an operation. I also removed some units on a couple
  2. I actually like this as a solution. I could do exactly what you say by making them if 1 is true, the 2 can be true, then 3 and so on and so on. No need to do a video for me. I understand the concept. I could do a bunch of them and hopefully the person doing the mission gets the point before they run out of messages. By the way, I'm really sorry that my communication has been so bad on this. I didn't mean to turn it into a struggle to understand what I was trying to achieve. And I have played around with different options but was running out of patience on it. I've owned every copy of SB s
  3. OK, so on a penalty zone, there's no way to get a message is there? I guess I could play around with that but I don't see any options to do that in the editor.
  4. OK, there is absolutely no need to be condescending towards me about this. I obviously have some trouble with reading and understanding some things the way they are written and I came here for help and not to be berated about it. And I've been completely respectful towards everyone and a long time SB fan since around 2000. So if you can't keep it positive and respectful then please don't bother to contribute to the conversation. And penalty zones don't do that unless I'm completely missing something. They damage equipment, I already checked that a little while ago. So unless there's some speci
  5. OK, so I read the manual very carefully over the weekend and again this morning and I'm still not getting this to work, or I'm just not understanding how it should be set up. And I was doing it the way that was recommended even though my terminology was all FUBAR. So I need to understand why I can't get this to work or if it's not possible. The scenario I'm attaching (part of map package) is very simple and has one region with the two tanks as 1/A and some shipping containers to visually ID the corners of the region. When the unit leaves the region they get a notification that they
  6. RGRT, I was trying to do it as an event, so my bad. I'll go over that in the manual and make sure I'm doing it the right way. Thanks!
  7. OK Ssnake, I misread that first response so my bad. I'll go over it again. Thanks.
  8. OK, this is actually helpful Gibsonm but my follow up question is this. Is the condition continuously checked for "yes" or "no"? I'm finding that it's not. The example I'm using is that I have unit 1-A driving across the terrain and hasn't gone into a square region called for example "empty space". Before the unit 1-A enters the "empty space" the obvious condition is "no", once 1-A enters "empty space" the condition is "yes". After unit 1-A exits on the other side does the condition get reset back to "no" again? I've found that when I create a region to do a condition that te
  9. You are not understanding me! But partly because of my original phrasing of the question. It's super simple. I want to know if it's even possible as a general rule to have a continuous switched condition. "Enter the zone, condition on, exit the zone condition is off". There is no endstate, there is no scenario. This is just a general question regarding the possibility of using the the conditions to be able to make it so it's either on or off as a continuous system rather than having to create the same condition over and over again using a long list of follow up conditions. But it's looking lik
  10. Already did give an example: "Unit inside region-condition on; Unit outside of region-condition off". My question is can this be continuous on and off using the same region and condition.
  11. Units are fine, again, I referenced player but I mean "unit enters or exits region".
  12. RGR Ssnake, rephrasing again. I mean nameable condition that can be switched on and off continuously. Sorry, I'm used to saying "triggers" because that's what a zone is for in Arma and DCS, we call them trigger zones. In SB they're regions. I want to know if a region can be used to have a continuous action like player in, switch on, player out, switch off.
  13. OK, so none of what you have said applies to my original question and I probably could have phrased it a little differently. I was asking specifically if there is a way to make a trigger act like a switched condition like they can indefinitely in DCS. "in zone on", "out of zone off". I'm very familiar with the way that the trigger system works in SB otherwise.
  14. Is this possible? I've looked through all the documentation and done a bunch of searches but from what I've seen triggers can only be set once. I want a trigger that infinite repeats when someone enters and leaves a zone.
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