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  1. OK Gibsonm, sorry for the delayed response. I didn't realize that this would cause a problem with the snap routing. I personally never use that as I just create a route and align it as closely to the bridge as possible and never have problems with AI crossing bridges. And I did test the bridges with AI crossing to make sure they would all do so. Just so you know though, I didn't spend a lot of time just making the map look pretty as you stated it. The bridges in a lot of cases didn't even span the water so they were literally impossible to cross. I'll pay better attention to the bridge issue in the future though. It's too late to correct this problem in this version but when you span a river with a road and then use the create bridge tool, it should rectify this problem so I'll look into creating an updated version. Unfortunately the road problems in the old maps that have been converted are so extensive it's impossible to fix everything. But I did try to merge roads and clean stuff up as much as possible. UPDATE: OK, I figured out what the problem with the bridges. It's because of the type of bridge which I did not set in the map editor. This is a problem with the updates to legacy maps. When the map is converted there are substitutions so if you have any roads that are mismatched, or if the bridge was the incorrect one to begin with, then the route path finding over the bridge WILL NOT WORK!. Instead, it will reroute the path to a bridge the editor recognizes. In order to fix the problem, all the roads have to be rejoined and then use the automatic bridging tool to insert the correct one. I will go through both maps I'm working on and replace all of the bridges that are incorrect with the correct ones. So please hold off on downloading this map package. I will ask Sean to replace this one with the correct version once it's done. I will test all of the bridges in the editor before I submit the new version.
  2. Sorry Gibsonm, just read your comment. You might want to ask Sean because the UID is auto-generated when you publish the Delta. I did confirm that it is the correct UID though. When I open the map now it shows as a published map rather than an unpublished one.
  3. OK, file package has been submitted. Crap, I hope I didn't mess that up. The folder inside should be labeled "Hannover-Weserbergland-M1BT-Camp". If not I'll have to resubmit it.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MAP! It was pointed out to me that there is a problem with AI route pathfinding over bridges that needs to be fixed. I'm working on a replacement and should have it done some time soon. 2-11-2020. This is an updated version of Manteufell's version of the Hannover-Weserbergland map with all of the bridges fixed. I went through very thoroughly and placed the appropriate bridges for the type of road or railway and also made sure that they didn't have leftover artifacts like partial bridges and also that they spanned the rivers appropriately. I have to add that this file says "M1BT-Camp" only because I started to work on the update for my campaign without knowing exactly how to save the Delta map package properly. This map only contains the fixes to bridges and some other minor road and rail line cosmetic issues. I will be releasing a whole new version of this map with military bases that I've inserted along with some other minor changes for the "M1 Abrams Battle Tank" campaign update that I put out several years ago. To download this map, enter 91ab4634-ec7e-46ef-966a-608b16fe4b5c as the map package into the steel beasts map tools UI.
  5. I'm completely done with all the bridges Ssnake but I have another question. Are there any map objects to represent railroad tunnels? I've looked through all the objects and can't find anything.
  6. How would I get it to you for approval and which file? The terrain file itself is about 34 MB. One of the base files is huge though. It's over 400 MB.
  7. Hey Ssnake, I wanted to send this to you personally since Michael Sielemann is no longer with us but you can't accept private messages at least from me anyhow. I want to edit the Hanover Weserberger map because there are some very minor issues with bridges. Mainly they're the wrong type in some places and they don't span the rivers properly. If I edit and fix the map, what is the proper way to send it back to the community? Should I keep the same name or rename it. Should I send it to you so you can approve it and replace the current version? Is there a marker in his map already to honor him? I have a lot of time on my hands and wrong or misaligned bridges can make it hard to complete missions and the visual aspect can be a little bothering to me and probably other people. The images I'm attaching are where the road crosses the main river in the Northeast. I also merged the two different types of roads into the same type of road and used the correct double overpass bridge and put rail bridges where they're supposed to be. The reason I'm asking is that I use this map in my M1 Battle Tank campaign and I'm updating all of the missions so they'll work with the new version. I use the Salisbury Plain and Michael's map. Thanks, Striker
  8. I know now. I was referring to the google search I did. It's showing really old dates like 2014. So obviously the indexing is way out of date. At least that's what I'm seeing.
  9. Got it, thanks. When I originally searched the date showing was from 2016.
  10. Is there anything like a digital PDF or in game library of available vehicles? I've done some searching and the only thing I found was a very old SB Wiki.
  11. Striker

    Text Flickering

    RGR, thank you for helping me out on that. Unfortunately I am getting a lot more of that stair step effect that Anti-Aliasing is supposed to mitigate. Any ideas on how to smooth it out some? I have the AA in the simulation set to 16. Also, I can't find anything on what Star Gamma is and what settings are optimal.
  12. Striker

    Text Flickering

    OK, thank you for the advise. It turns out that Antialiasing is actually causing the problem. when I turned them to default the text stopped flickering. Why would this be causing the problem?
  13. Striker

    Text Flickering

    Not running anything like that. And here are some screen shots of my Nvidia settings.
  14. Striker

    Text Flickering

    Please read my previous posts. I already posted that this is happening on two different monitors, one DVI, the other a brand new HDMI and with two completely different video cards, one a 970 and the other a 1080. I also posted that this just started happening with the latest release. I've been using ProPE since it was first released and this is a new problem.
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