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  1. http://coldwardecoded.blogspot.dk/search/label/Battle%20Plans Also recommend this site for some extra Cold War goodies. It is linked to on the Cold War Gamer site. But yeah, Cold War Gamer might be THE definite page for CW info. :luxhello:
  2. AT-4 Spigot. Fits more with the range, penetration and controls.
  3. http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=3441322 Handy tools for those wanting to see the battlefields of World War 3. Showing borders, corps borders and the scenarios in FC:RS. Can also be used along with SBmaps.kmz for visualizing a scenario in Steel Beasts PRO PE. It is found in the Docs folder. :heu:
  4. http://www.mil.be/cav/subject/index.asp?LAN=nl&FILE=subjectmenu&ID=1991 Might be useful for those making scenarios depicting Belgian units.
  5. Did you use all the slots in each company. I have gone away from using 1/A, 2/A, 3/A, CO/A instead to use 1/A 2/A 3/A 4/A (Simulating the CO), 5/A 6/A 7/A 8/A (CO) etc. all the way to the Battalion commander who is CO/A instead of the company commander. Then you have a battalion for each company with nearly all slots in each company used. That's 9 battalions A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M for 3 regiments but yeah, as I write this I can see that might be too little for so many units. But then you can always create a new side and repeat the process :bigsmile: PM sent, I might be happy with some recce/recon Question? Were the map in First Clash based on any real location? I know Rastatt is part of the terrain but after thoroughly looking at the area, I can see that the cities don't line up as on the map in the book, so it looked like a fictional account of the map. Any info on that? is that true?
  6. 9M22D? Can't seem to find any information on it, other than the german wiki, so I'm going with: Thermobaric? Leaflet something IIRC?
  7. IIRC, a CRP could also include units from the regimental Recon Company or even the divisional Reconnaissance Battalion, depending on the situation.
  8. http://www.orbat85.nl/reference/unit-organisation-and-equipment.html#verkbat Of interesting note, mostly for myself since I'm quite interested in how the reconnaissance units in different countries operate, is the different task organisations for the Dutch Reconnaissance Battalion (Het verkenningsbataljon (Verkbat): Regular, POSO and EOSO. Regular divides the units into platoons with 4 M113C&V and 2 Tanks, while POSO collects them into platoons of 7 M113C&V and a single 6-tank platoon for the Leopard 1Vs. EOSO does it even further and collects all the tanks into a squadron of 18 tanks. Interesting options, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Do you want to punch with the fingers spread or a closed fist? :sonic:
  9. http://www.orbat85.nl/ Comprehensive information regarding planning, tactics, organisation etc. of the Dutch Army during the 1980's. Especially useful since we have the Leopard 1V now and a reskinned version of the YPR. :biggrin: Check it out!
  10. So that's how you destroy an old and respected tank AND an old and respected franchise? :decu:
  11. Katie's ancestors was in the Baltic, Finland and I think Russia, plundering, killing and being generally uncivilized. :diable: We, the real Vikings on the other hand, were more civilized, giving you Danelaw and everything, whilst taking your women and doing the more occasional plundering and killing. Happy 4th of July by the way! :biggrin:
  12. Thanks Duke! I might consider, I'll send a PM if it so happens.
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