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  1. My wish list in order (it's a wish list, not a feasibility list):

    Playable M2A0/A1/A3

    Playable M60A1/A3

    Functioning white light/IR searchlights

    Playable T-64 series

    Playable Chieftain Mk 5/Mk 11

    Playable Challenger 1




    AMX-56 LeClerc



    T-12 AT gun


    Hear hear! :)

  2. That's a lot of stuff.

    I'm putting it all on the map in SB, and, er, I'm running out of companies....

    Got the 3 tank regiments, and 1 battalion of the 290th

    Can probably get the other 2 inf regiments on, but they won't have much support.


    (And let me get this straight, the Soviets had this, times 7 based in Europe.......Ouch)

    Did you use all the slots in each company.

    I have gone away from using 1/A, 2/A, 3/A, CO/A instead to use 1/A 2/A 3/A 4/A (Simulating the CO), 5/A 6/A 7/A 8/A (CO) etc. all the way to the Battalion commander who is CO/A instead of the company commander.

    Then you have a battalion for each company with nearly all slots in each company used.

    That's 9 battalions A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M for 3 regiments but yeah, as I write this I can see that might be too little for so many units.

    But then you can always create a new side and repeat the process :bigsmile:

    PM sent, I might be happy with some recce/recon :)

    Question? Were the map in First Clash based on any real location? I know Rastatt is part of the terrain but after thoroughly looking at the area, I can see that the cities don't line up as on the map in the book, so it looked like a fictional account of the map.

    Any info on that? is that true?

  3. I really love the BM-21..."grad" its GRAU-index number (9K51 GRAD)...where grad means "hail" or "hailstrom"(?) in russian. I name that I find quiete fitting.

    Too bad that the 9M22D warhead is not modeled :-(


    Can't seem to find any information on it, other than the german wiki, so I'm going with:


    Leaflet something IIRC?

  4. http://www.orbat85.nl/reference/unit-organisation-and-equipment.html#verkbat

    Of interesting note, mostly for myself since I'm quite interested in how the reconnaissance units in different countries operate, is the different task organisations for the Dutch Reconnaissance Battalion (Het verkenningsbataljon (Verkbat): Regular, POSO and EOSO.

    Regular divides the units into platoons with 4 M113C&V and 2 Tanks, while POSO collects them into platoons of 7 M113C&V and a single 6-tank platoon for the Leopard 1Vs.

    EOSO does it even further and collects all the tanks into a squadron of 18 tanks.

    Interesting options, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

    Do you want to punch with the fingers spread or a closed fist? :sonic:

  5. Dear mapping experts,

    I have been rather seldom in this forum in the past but scrolling through all new items of 3.0 (T-64, more LEO 1 variants, Unimog and other) I got tempted to look for an even more "North" German map which I could not find in the available maps.

    Then I remembered some map which could be found in the great website on the German Panzergrenadierbrigade 16 hosted by Erazor.

    Following the link http://www.panzergrenadierbrigade16....e/auftrag.html you can open a map of the intended operation area of the brigade.

    Their opponents would have been the 94. motor rifle division of the GSFG (equipped with T-64) and some motor rifle division of the NVA (likely the 8.) plus 9. tank division in the 2nd echelon as part of the 5. army (NVA).

    So Leo 1 (though the Leo 1 A1 employed by PzGrenBrig 16 is not available in SB), Leo 2 (if the scenario wud be in the early 90') Marder, Jaguar, M-113, BTR, BMP, T-64, T-55 and other vehicles of that era could meet and greet.

    For more in-depth information in the WP's intentions the following link may be rather interesting for the German speaking or those who know a German who could translate


    The area is really interesting for cold war scenarios as you find a lot of rivers, lakes, forests and any obstacles which offer a lot of scenario possies and a lot of headache for potential attackers from the east.

    To cut a long story short, my wish would to have a map with following dimensions (abt 60 x 40 km):

    upper left corner near Tremsbüttel 10.24E 53.74N

    lower left corner near Wentorf 10.24E 53.54N

    upper right corner near Demern / Carlow 11.00E 53.46N

    lower right corner near Camin 11.00E 53.74N

    I could be really happy if someone would be able to. Time and my skills allowing I would then do some gardening on it.

    Many thanks in advance for your considerations...

    Looks interesting :)

  6. No, I'm from South England, apparently I sound like I come from London according to a Brummie girl I met. :S

    I believe that Katie's ancestor Vikings paid us a visit back in the day.

    When longboats were all the rage and the Naval vessel to be seen in. :)

    Katie's ancestors was in the Baltic, Finland and I think Russia, plundering, killing and being generally uncivilized. :diable:

    We, the real Vikings on the other hand, were more civilized, giving you Danelaw and everything, whilst taking your women and doing the more occasional plundering and killing.

    Happy 4th of July by the way! :biggrin:

  7. Servus,

    Hey PincerDK you are welcome too.

    If you need accomodation no problem, we have 2 houses and space for 1 more.

    best regards


    Thanks Duke!

    I might consider, I'll send a PM if it so happens. :)

  8. Wow! Thanks guys, and especially Mogwa for skinning them. They look amazing! I've got a full TO&E for the New Zealand Army's regular cavalry squadron, Queen Alexandra's Squadron from 1983, when both M113A1s and Scorpions were employed so I'll have to develop a scenario using them to do the skins justice. I'm assuming they'll be available to download at some point?

    Thanks again guys, very, very cool. Sometimes this community just blows me away! :drink:

    1983, NZ vs North Korea or something similar??

    Cool, sounds awesome.

    Can't wait to try it. :)

  9. Panzerleader, I would recommend, like Ssnake, to use it with Polish Forces instead. :)

    It's more historically plausible that they were used for the Invasion of Denmark and it's easier to do.

    Here is a screenshot of the OOB from Danube Front 85'.

    The author behind is Tazzaron, who spend a lot of time, putting this OOB in the game.

    It's part of his modded Scenario called Bolt out of the Blue, which I would recommend to anyone who is Cold War fanatic and know the game.

    His sources are amongst others, the OOB from MicroArmorMayhem, which I would also recommend, since it's highly detailed and is a compilation from many different authors.

    It's the 7. Landing Division from the Polish Army and were, in the game and possibly in real life, marked for a seaborne invasion in Denmark, either on Jutland or maybe on one of the Islands, Funen or Zealand.

    As you can see, it has 3 Battalions, 4, 34, and 35. Each is equipped with TOPAS-2AP (BTR-50) and a recon unit of 10 PT-76's.

    It also has the 11. tank Battalion of 40 PT-76.

    It also has ATGM units and artillery units etc.

    Since we have all these units, the TOPAS-2AP is mostly a BTR-50 with modifications and artillery can be simulated, you should be able to use this in a 1989 scenario.

    The Leopard 1A5DK could be used as a stand-in for the 1A3, I don't think, it makes a big difference, whether it's a 1A3 or 1A5.

    Although I would recommend that we get an M41 Patton on The_List *Hail Hail Hail* since it was used in the recon units. :)

    There are some pictures on wikipedia of the units involved:


    As I said, a BTR-50 with some modifications ;)

    Just a suggestion, if you wanted it :)

    I have another Screenshot now of the 336 Naval Infantry Brigade of the Soviet Army.

    It's comprised of 6 battalions:

    887 recon battalion, 26 PT-76's

    877, BTR-80's

    878, BTR-80's

    884, BTR-60's

    879, landing battalion, paratroopers, I believe they are supposed to be dropped inland.

    112 Tank Battalion, T-55AM's

    This Brigade is also supposed to be used in an amphibious assault, but I don't know where, possibly Zealand or maybe Jutland.

    As you can see, since we only have T-55's, the T-55AM (or is it AD?) would have to have T-72's as stand-in, maybe even the upcoming T-72BV.





  10. What makes you say it's not the 1991 version but is 1984 version? What do you see to state that? I'm looking at my copy and it states June 1991, which states "This publication supersedes FM 100-2-3 16 July 1984".

    I seem to be mistaken, sorry.

    I have my own version of the 1991 and the 1984 version.

    I'll post it later so we can see which is the correct version.

  11. Search for books by David M. Glantz.

    You cannot fail with Glantz, period.

    I have heard there seem to be some problems with Glantz. :confused:

    Something with him favouring the Soviet side compared to the German side.

    I consider him to be one hell of an military historian and I haven't experienced what other people are talking about.

    What is the prevailing opinion regarding him?

  12. In the late Soviet era wasn't it also usually, though not always, the case (in GSFG at least) that each Motorised Rifle Division had one Motorised Rifle Regiment equipped with BMP and two with BTR?

    Yes. In theory.

    In reality, it would have been different and some divisions were probably equipped with 3 BTR regiments.

    The TOE also says that every BMP regiment would have an SPA Battalion of 2S1 Gvozdika but I would guess in real life, some of the Category B and C divisions would instead be equipped with towed artillery like the D-30.

    The D-30 is in theory only supposed to equipped in the BTR regiments though.

    They would have wanted them all to be equipped with 2+1+1, BTR+BMP+ Tank but if you don't have the right numbers to fill them up, it is of course not possible to do that.


    TOE (or is it an OOB?) for a Soviet Motorized Rifle Division.


    For more interest, look here. Panzer Leader posted it and it is IMO the holy grail of Soviet OOBs and TOEs of the 1980's.

    Although it is not the 1991 version like it says, but the 1984 version.

    Any opinion on which version would be the most accurate?

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