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  1. Roger, otherwise good scenario, lots of variables and yet quite simple.
  2. Exactly, since Harpoon Classic is not updated anymore AFAIK, i'm hoping to do some Cold War Scenarios when CNAO comes out. It does look a bit complicated though. :cool:
  3. New stuff from the naval sim. http://www.warfaresims.com/ Looks like they are talking of a v1 release soon.
  4. Hi Zipuli I just tried the scenario with the Leopard 2A4 platoon. I destroyed most the enemy counterattack and only serious tank casualty was my driver but the mission still ended before the time was up and i received a 20 out of 100 resulting in an incomplete mission. Is this correct? Unfortunately I don't have the AAR.
  5. Ehmmm....Tjay again? Connection shouldn't be a problem for me. But in case it happens, I'll appoint a new one from the company/battalion.
  6. Agreed, this was more just in case Marko dropped out of the session and Tjay needed an XO. And not an excuse just to receive the PM. Planning is of course up to you guys.
  7. And just in case he's not available nor is Hedge, I will happily be XO for Brit Force.
  8. lol. Yes, we deserve some attention too. :biggrin:
  9. I agree, T-64A/B and some of them T-64BV were mostly on the frontline units. T-72B more on second-line along with T-72A. Some T-55AM on the frontlines, but most were part of third line formations.
  10. And again, my plan was to participate and again, it didn't happen. Ellers super fin kvalitet! :thumbup:
  11. Cool, And you will decide which, what and where it is? Awesome, hmm yes the Pizarro is already taken as stand-in and is a little too powerful. Maybe just go with ASLAV-25s for Brits also?
  12. Just read through the Red Tide rules, and I was wondering what could a limited objective be? Seize this particular terrain, defend this area longer than XX.XX minutes? Something like that? And regarding the Recon battle, is it dedicated reconnaissance units for BLUFOR or just tank and mech platoons taken from the companies? Otherwise keep it up Volcano, this looks to be a lot of fun! :biggrin:
  13. Put me under UK-Battalion, no particular preference but either 1 COY, 3 SQN or 4 COY. Just put me on something shiny! :bigsmile:
  14. Sounds interesting! If time permits, count me in. :cool:
  15. Actually I think they were focused on a much more realistic approach than ArmA 2 with weakpoints and different armour strengths depending on where and which tank. But yeah, it doesn't look that convincing to me either, compared to what you see in Steel Beasts. Still +1 for effort! They way they did in Red Orchestra 2 seems more realistic, despite it being much more infantry-focused than tank.
  16. PincerDK

    Canadian OOB

    http://www.kotsch88.de/f_pzb200.htm I would presume this is the one. It does look a bit like the T-72's night sight, although far better quality. Does image intensifier qualify as TIS or as part of a IR-search light combination? Actually now that we are talking about stuff that is on a Leopard 1, other than this one, what is the purpose of the big box, to the left of the Leopard 1 turret? If A2 is admin/resupply, does A1 Echelon correspond to a reserve force? Of course that makes sense. The battle captain (which I first stumbled upon in "First Clash", is he an commissioned officer or senior enlisted?) It does seem like a vehicle that never actually had a real purpose? That is one beauty I must say! A divisional recce regiment, maybe like the british recce regiment? Could have been interesting how that one would turn out. And the Lynx is just an M113 with some small changes right? Thank you very much for your input Tango29, interesting to hear how you Canadians operate. That's a shame, combining 76mm HESH and quiet tracks could have been useful in COIN operations, especially in A-stan. I have read somewhere that the 5th CMBG (French) in 1989 had a regiment of Cougars? the 12e Rgt Blinde du Can? Can anyone confirm this?
  17. PincerDK

    Canadian OOB

    1. Well three would of course increase the odds but I think the british thought it was lacking during the Falklands War. 3. But I mean, does the C1 have any limitations or advantages? IIRC the Leopard 1A3 did not have TIS for example. 4. And it is 8 people per section? Anyway thanks Tacbat. There's no 2IC for the recon squadron? No i don't think either there would be that big of a difference. What about the Cougar? was it used as a recon vehicle? And do you know if there were any divisional recon units? Or was it only brigade recon squadron and each infantry battalion's recon squadron? Thanks for the information Tango, the structure does seems fair for a reconnaissance unit.
  18. PincerDK

    Canadian OOB

    Hello guys! I have a couple of short questions regarding Canadian Order Of Battle during 1989ish? 1. What were there of Air Defense systems? ADATS was that fielded yet in large numbers? Blowpipe was still quite relevant, but how effective was it? EDIT: Just read that ADATS were only fielded in larger numbers after the Cold War and Javelin were starting to replace the blowpipe. 2. How were the the tank regiment's recon squadron organized? 20 lynx divided up into 4 vehicle platoon's and further divided into 2 vehicle sections? 3. Would the Leopard 1A5 be a suitable proxy for a Leopard C1? 4. How was a infantry section organised? 8 persons equipped with FN FAL and M72 LAWs?? Was the Carl Gustav part of a separate weapons platoon? Hope anyone can answer these questions. Esben.
  19. that is pretty cool. :shocked: Hmmm, what would the original colours had been?
  20. Goddamn that's impressive.
  21. No problem, I have already port forwarded when I attended TGIF. So if it works for TGIF, it would probably also work for tonight.
  22. Looks very interesting. :shocked:
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