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  1. Sorry about that typo on your handle Ssnake. I've got a question about my Joystick setup. I'm using a Logitech 3D Extreme Pro and I've got all the buttons (1-4 are hard-coded I know) mapped and the JS handle axes are working perfectly. However I'm trying to assign the throttle lever on the base to control the speed of the tank. Under the (Accel) window I changed the assignment from Y to Z and it shows it working in the config screen but it is not functioning in-game. Do I also need to make changes for the throttle under the (Brake) and (Wheel) windows? I must be missing something obvious here.
  2. Thanks SSnake for the reply and info. I've already read some of that post you've provided. I found the location of the map files with the packages, deltas, etc. Just now loaded one map that was required for a mission that now works. So, I'm on my way in learning all the new procedures. It's great that you guys provided all these tools to enable us to use our old stuff in the new version of SB.
  3. Wow! 4.167 is like a quantum leap from my old 3.025! I'm sorry I didn't upgrade sooner. So much more immersive. Additionally the entire install process is very intuitive and streamlined now. I may go from a casual to hard-core player as I'm really enjoying getting back into SB. I'm also realizing that I've got some homework to do regarding being able to play many of my old scenarios. Previously I've never done anything at all with maps. Perusing the support and maps forums here it looks like there are some documented steps I need to take to DL and install maps to be able to play the aforementioned scenarios. I'll get to work on these but I may ask for help here if I have any problems. All the same you guys have done a wonderful job with SB!
  4. Just came back to SB after a two-year hiatus and recently installed my old 3.025 version on a new PC. I'm interested in purchasing the new upgrade. Will all the old scenarios work with the upgrade and do they take advantage of the new graphics improvements? Also I assume that the multi-part maps download files as part of the new install are mandatory for running the current version? Are there any other major differences that I should be aware of as a casual player? I've read the latest release notes but just asking here in case I missed anything pertinent.
  5. Thanks guys for the info and how-to.
  6. I've got my Joystick setup and keys assigned. I want to save it and put it on my bkup drive for future installs. Where is my saved JS profile located and what is the file named? Thanks.
  7. My old PC died and I've just purchased a new one. I was running SB v3.011. I'm going to DL 3.025 for the new install. Is there a charge for the 3.025 upgrade? I understand that the latest codemeter software will now work with Chrome? I'm running Win7 Pro 64-bit. My install procedure as I recall should be as follows: 1) DL the latest Codemeter Software to work with the dongle. 2) Install SB v3.025. 3) Install the Codemeter Software. I can't remember how the new license upgrade thru Codemeter is processed. Is the license upgrade automatic thru the attached dongle? Just want to know if all of the above is correct before I start the installation process to avoid any problems. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for clarifying SSnake. Yes, I meant removing the old Codemeter Runtime Software. Will do and thanks again for the prompt response.
  9. I just installed the 3.011 update with included the new Codemeter Runtime Kit license v5.10a. As I now see two codemeter licenses in the program files I assume its' OK to uninstall the old runtime kit v5.00d without incurring any problems?
  10. Thanks Tacbat, I wasn't sure everything was OK.
  11. I can't seem to figure out how to save my mission progress. Has this feature been implemented yet? I thought this option was in SB 3.0. Usually in most games it appears as an option when you hit the ESC key.
  12. OK, I installed SB 3.0 today and the game is up and running great. However, I noticed I have two Codemeter Icons in my tray, one behind the other. When I bring up the Codemeter Control center under the license tab it shows the CM Stick and serial no. And on the right area it also shows I'm using ver 1.18 and the button shows it is enabled. Underneath the Cm Stick in the license tab area it also shows ESIMGAMES and another serial no. with the icon greyed out. On the right it says: Status: Empty license container. It has the button Activate License enabled and the other button Remove License greyed out and inactive. I not sure what I should do here and need info. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply SSnake. I think I'll wait until you guys get everything sorted out. I've waited this long...I can wait a little longer. Meanwhile, I can continue playing v2.552. I'll keep tabs on this forum until I see your post that everything is OK.
  14. With all the various postings about codemeter activation problems I would like some clarification on what I've gleaned from all of this as I'm preparing to buy the 3.0 upgrade and install. First of all I'm running SB v.2552 so its' been awhile since I've gone through the process. I'm also using the Codemeter Stick ver. 1.18 and running Win 7 64-bit. I have admin de-activated so that should not be a problem with the install. I've downloaded all the 3.0 files and I just want to know if my old notes on the license upgrade and install procedure are correct: 1) Uninstall the old Steel Beasts software. 2) Uninstall Codmeter runtime software. 3) Purchase and install new license and codemeter runtime software from the email link provided. 4) Install new SB 3.0 5) Verify that I have the latest DX9 installed. (I think I'm OK in that regard as I just updated Rise of Flight with a new DX9 version.) Sorry to add to the questions here, but with so many postings about what to do and what not to do I'm a little confused. I'm currrently suffering from a terrible sinus pressure headache and I'm not thinking too well, so please bear with me on this. Thanks.
  15. Will the new save game feature in 3.0 work with the existing scenarios or only with new scenarios created with save points?
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