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  1. I have the same issue of dj1, yesterday post anniversary update, and now Cmcontainer does not work ..... Repair licence does not work.... How can repair my Steel Beast??? Sorry for bad english...
  2. T-80

    Fm 100-2-1

    Very good!!!!!!! Finally the elettronic version of the FM 100-2-1 is on line!!!!! Tanks!!!!
  3. T-80

    Fm 100-2-1

    ah OK!! Tanks for the link!
  4. T-80

    Fm 100-2-1

    Hello! I have watched the site Gary's, is a lot interesting, but i search also the disposition of artillery battery and air defence AAA and SAM for protect main attack force! Tanks a lot!!
  5. T-80

    Fm 100-2-1

    Thanks for the info! To me they interest the figures with the outlines of attack or defense with the disposition of the mechanized, tank and artillery platoons or battalions! If you have the possibility to scan some outlines sends them to me via email! If I found the FM 100.2.1 I put on hand of the SB community Thanks!
  6. T-80

    Fm 100-2-1

    Thanks for the answers! I try original FM 100-2-1 suit in order to create scenes in the period ' 80-' 85 exist a version pdf? I possess already FM 100 2-2 and FM 100-2-3 but I lacks the first book!! Sorry for the orrible english!!
  7. Hi all!! I search a pdf of FM 100-2-1 Soviet tactics for building a scenery! Tanks for the attention!
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