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  1. The Legacy Map Installer: SBLegacyMapsSetup . exe, It had no option to install in another location, all the other installers had the option to install in a different location.
  2. It would have been better if that installer would let you install it on another location other than C:\ it is only one of the installers that does not let you install to another location. I keep a separate SSD for simulations and such to keep them off of my C : drive.
  3. Mine arrived this morning in Belgium, no customs duty to pay
  4. I suppose that last night was the wrong time to discover Absinthe Licence update email has arrived, but have to wait until the weekend when I get home before downloading the torrents. Where I have to sit to get any sort of internet connection
  5. 1 licence + 1 additional purchased Will have to wait until the weekend when I'm back home from the Vosges and have a "proper" internet
  6. If not tomorrow then I'll see in a week or so, off on holiday into the wilds of France where there is no internet, phone, or mobile phone coverage where we will be staying ... withdrawal symptoms setting in already!
  7. Had me reaching for my recipe book... A bit of practice
  8. What will the Map Editor coming with 4.0 allow you to do with older maps? Are there any things we have to watch out for if we want to continue to edit a map begun in an older version?
  9. Well the copyright on the work expired on the 1st of May this year
  10. Click on the pic in KT's post, it plays the video
  11. I quite enjoy the short videos that Lindybeige posts, I find that his delivery style is quite humorous, anyway, here he is re-telling a couple of anecdotes from Foley's Mailed Fist book about his exploits in a Cromwell tank during WW2
  12. When my wife and I went down to Stelvio in 2007 to cross the pass there we were surprised by the number of fortifications built into the cliffs etc. especially between Austria and Italy
  13. Ah change, well it keeps everyone on their toes And pop-ups too, when someone replies to the topic you are reading Well done people
  14. Alicatt


    Here we can get Guinness West Indies Porter which is a very nice dark porter at around 6%abv and the Guinness Special Export Stout is 8%abv rather than the 4.8% you get in the UK. When I was in Brugge a couple of weeks ago I had a stout called Hercule after Hercule Poirot it was very nice and came in at 9%abv washed down the burger I had just a treat http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/635/1694/
  15. Can't speak about the vehicle itself, but I did have an ex HMMWV 6.2l V8 diesel in my 6x4 off roader, great engine with bags of torque and could rev quite high for a natural aspirated diesel. My truck weighed in at 5.25 Tonnes and with the 6.2 engine returned about 25 to 26mpg compared with the 3mpg the 4.2 V8 petrol that was in it before. The later 6.5l V8 turbo is a lot more powerful but the only experience I have of that is a quick run in a Range Rover that had one fitted... it was scary fast! The truck was used and abused but the engine soldiered on without complaint. Cant say the same for the auto gearbox tho, it was not designed to run those levels of torque and burned out the clutches and drive bands, the gearbox was not a HMMWV one, it was for a single deck bus.
  16. The radio operator is from just north of Glasgow
  17. Depends if you wore black shoes or brown shoes
  18. Alicatt


    In remembrance of the great war:
  19. Alicatt


    Why yes, I have some Grimbergen in the fridge just now, but much prefer Kasteel Donker or Rocheforte, which are also in the fridge Wifey loves Guinness or Chimay Bleu. As an occasional beer, when in season, Tactical Nuclear Penguin is quite nice in moderation. The wife and I will sit down to enjoy a Kwak together when watching a film in the cinema Come on over Crusty, I have some just right for drinking
  20. A long past relation was involved in that little storm in a tea cup over there too. He left Scotland to go fight against the English for the Americans, in fact he served in the navies of three countries after leaving Scotland, he was also in the Russian and French navies. In 1906 the US Navy had his body shipped from Paris back to the US where he lays in state at Annapolis. From Wikipedia: When reading about his exploits along the coast of Nova Scotia, it reminded me that when I was in NS I found that a lot of the Native Americans there of the Micmac tribe have the same family name as him and I, he added the Jones after he left Scotland.
  21. Nope, some of it was filmed in Glen Nevis near Fort William and in Glen Coe, a friend was the paramedic on duty during the filming there. Edit: Filming Locations http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0112573/locations
  22. The wife's laptop was just under £400, it has an i5 CPU with the Intel HD Graphics, still has 8GB ram and a 500GB HDD, also has inbuilt GPS, and a much smaller battery, there are a few differences between her laptop and mine but a big difference in price, you can add about £1k to the price of hers to get mine, the difference of a couple of months and a sale! The i5 is a lot less power hungry than the i7 and her smaller battery pack lasts almost as long as mine. I used a Dell for about 4 years before the Lenovo, it gave good service too, I still have it as it has a serial port that I use to control my radio and my telescope.
  23. Chris (Ells228) from VEAO mentions that he is looking at an augmented reality system for DCS, sounds promising and could have a lot of aplications in other fields too. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2032116&postcount=1103
  24. Been using a Lenovo convertible laptop/tablet X201T - 2985EZG since 2010 and it is great, now tho it does struggle with SB 3.XX but apart from that it was a great investment and it has worked better and longer than any previous laptop I have had. It has an older version of the i7 the 620M with Intel integrated HD graphics which is the real limiting factor in the laptop. The first and best mod I did to it was put in a SSD, that really transformed the laptop. I wish you long and fruitful use of your new Lenovo PS. the wife also went with a similar model Lenovo as mine and she loves it as do the grandkids, they use it in it's tablet format and from that they pressured their dad into getting them an iPad
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